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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/6/17


Written By Anthony
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Katie holds the gun to Quinn. Quinn begs her not to do this. Katie wonders if she is scared. Quinn is. Katie thinks that is a start. She puts the gun down. She asks if Quinn really thought she would kill her. Quinn knows how much she hates her so she did. Katie asks how it felt to be vulnerable at the mercy of someone else and helpless. Ridge walks in. Quinn begs him to take the gun from her. She says that Katie is trying to kill her.

Rick tells Maya that he can postpone his meetings and go back home. Then fly back to Paris once she is done. Maya feels like that is a whole lot of unnecessary back and forth. Maya decides she doesn’t need the shoot. She will just fly back tomorrow. Rick wants her to stick with this. Maya knows that this is stressing Nicole out. Maya hopes that Lizzy in in good hands.

In Brooke’s living room, Nicole is holding Lizzy. She tells Vivienne and Julius that it seems odd to be away from your child for days and days. Vivienne doesn’t think it has been that long. Julius asks how long it takes to shoot a few snapshots. He thinks it is ridicules. Vivienne believes it was a good opportunity. Nicole guesses people have different priorities.

RJ asks Coco if she is watching Lizzy tonight. Coco isn’t. Nicole has taken over watching her. RJ thinks that is a good thing. His favorite band is playing tonight. He was hoping she would be interested. Coco says sure. RJ wonders if something is wrong. Coco thinks that Maya and Nicole have different views on how to raise Lizzy.

Rick is sure that Lizzy is in good hands with Nicole. Maya agrees. She should stick with the plan and then fly back here. Maya is concerned with Nicole’s attitude. Rick suggests that it is just stress. Maya values how Nicole puts Lizzy’s needs first. She loves her so much. She cannot complain about that.

Nicole walks back downstairs. She tells Vivienne and Julius that Lizzy is sleeping. Vivienne informs her that she can watch Lizzy if she wants to spend time with Zende. Nicole is fine. Zende is going to be designing tonight. Vivienne asks how Zende took the news after what Doctor March said. Nicole knows he is so confident that he doesn’t worry. Julius points out that neither doctor said that it was impossible. Nicole saw impossible in their eyes though.

Ridge closes the door. He asks what Katie is doing. Katie promises that no one is getting shot today. Ridge doesn’t think anyone is getting shot period. Katie hands him the gun. Ridge notices it isn’t loaded. He hopes Katie actually knew it wasn’t. Katie claims she did. Quinn says that is bull. Ridge asks why she would bring a gun in here. Quinn says it is Charlie's and Pam left it behind. So much for Eric thinking that she would react alright to the news. Katie points out she fired her. Ridge asks who picks up a gun to that reaction. Katie reminds him that he said so himself that it wasn’t loaded. If she wanted to hurt Quinn then there are better ways of doing it. Katie leaves. Quinn is in a shock.

Maya thinks that the good news is that Nicole is going to be able to compress tonight. She isn’t going to be watching Lizzy again until tomorrow. Rick points out she wasn’t thrilled with that. Maya knows but she could use a break. She just doesn’t want to intrude. Taking care of a baby is hard on anyone.

RJ asks if this was a phone call. Coco confirms it was with Rick. She didn’t mean to listen in but Nicole was saying all these things. RJ asks like what. Coco says that she was implying that Maya shouldn’t take modeling gigs now that Lizzy is around. Then she took a tone with Rick telling him that no one else should look after her. Coco thinks it should be here because she is Lizzy’s birth mom. RJ finds that weird. Coco agrees.

Vivienne has to head to work. She asks if Julian is staying. Julius thinks he will hang for a while. Vivienne tells Nicole if she needs anything then she should call her. Lizzy starts talking on the baby monitor. Nicole is going to go check on her. Julius is really proud of Nicole. He has to say it. The situation is messed up. Maya has a baby. A woman who would just like to model. She would make a wonderful mother. He can see it. It just isn’t right.

Quinn thinks that Ridge should have seen the look in Katie’s eyes. She was coming at her. she was physically coming at her. Quinn doesn’t think there is any way that she knew that the gun wasn’t loaded. Quinn thought she was going to die. Ridge doesn’t think that Katie would do anything. She is just upset. Quinn doesn’t think that Eric has any idea what kind of a loose cannon Katie is. Ridge will talk to her and calm her down. Quinn thinks that Katie will tell Eric. Ridge thinks that she won’t do that because they aren’t having an affair. Quinn was so scared. She was thinking would never be able to see her son again or tell Eric she loves him. Ridge hugs her after starts crying. Ridge tells her it will be alright. Katie walks back in and asks if they are kidding her. She thinks that they disgust her. Quinn thinks he was trying to reassure her. Katie asks about what. She has a job and a husband to go home to. Quinn reminds her that she had a gun to her face. She keeps threatening her over something that hasn’t been true. Katie thinks that Brooke and Ridge were supposed to be married. Katie doesn’t think Quinn needs protecting. Ridge asks if she is aware what she did to Quinn. Katie is. She is going home. Katie walks out.

Julius answers the phone at Brooke’s house. Maya asks what he is doing over there. Julius is helping Nicole with Lizzy. Maya asks what he means by that. Pam is supposed to be with Lizzy. Julius wonders why she is reaching out to Pam when she has him, Vivienne, and Nicole. Maya points out that Vivienne and Nicole work full time and she didn’t want to intrude. Julius doesn’t think it is intruding. Maya wants to talk to Nicole. Nicole walks over and can hear her. Maya asks what is going on. She wanted to give her time to herself. Nicole doesn’t need it. She asks if Maya is coming home soon. Maya might have a few more days on the shoot. She heard about his call with Rick. She is concerned about what she said. She can have help with Lizzy. Nicole can help. Maya is worried about her. Nicole can handle this. Maya doesn’t want to put this on her. Nicole wants to be able to handle things. Maya tells her that she misses Lizzy. Nicole hangs up.

Quinn feels that Katie won’t stop. They cannot trust her to keep quiet anymore. Ridge wants her to take a breath. He wants her to go home. He wants to take her home. Ridge will deal with Katie. He thinks that things will be ok.

Katie traipses into her living room. She looks out her window. She suggests that she should just do it.

Coco wonders why Nicole would want to take all this on. She doesn’t know when Maya and Rick will be back. She should share the responsibility. RJ thinks that Nicole is a control freak. He wants her to stop worrying. Coco thinks that sounds better. Coco knows that this is one of his favorite bands he wants to see. RJ suggests that she wear earplugs.

Julius wonders if Nicole has told Maya yet. Nicole hasn’t. Julius suggests that she might want to inform Maya that she might never be able to have another child. Nicole will eventually. Julius understands. As far as he is concerned she already has a child. Nicole gave birth to Lizzy. Julius suggests that this photoshoot might have been meant to be. Maya is living it up in Paris and she is here. Julius suggests that Maya is living the life she is supposed to and Nicole is doing the same. Nicole always imagines her children looking like Lizzy. Nicole wants to be a mother. Julius knows she will be. Julius thinks that Lizzy adores her. She knows. She knows who she is. Lizzy knows that Nicole is her mother.

Katie crosses her arms. She starts to think of Ridge and Quinn spending time together. She goes over to her telescope and spots Ridge and Quinn talking outside. She thinks that they are liars. She says she hates Quinn. She continues to look in on Quinn’s face. The inside of the telescope looks like a gun.

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