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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/5/17


Written By Anthony

In the design office, Katie is smiling. Ivy assumes that Eric is looking at her designs right now. Katie confirms that Eric and Ridge are having a look at them. Quinn is showing them. Ivy asks if it is all of them. Katie says just the ones that Quinn thinks are the best. Ivy hopes that Eric and Ridge like them. Katie is so nervous. She feels like she is in high school, waiting to see if the teacher liked her essay. It just is that working with her at Forrester has been the jolt she needed. She had a rough year last year and now she found it right here at Forrester.

Eric looks at Katie’s designs. Quinn told him. Eric now understands Quinn’s concerns were. Ridge doesn’t think the designs are bad. Quinn feels that they are bad. Ridge believes with experience she could be alright. Eric doesn’t think so. Eric feels that Katie belongs in a board room and not in design. He thinks that they all know what has to happen here.

Nicole is in the photo studio with Lizzy. She starts to think about her doctor’s appointment again. She calls Maya. Rick picks up the phone. Nicole thought she dialed Maya. Rick confirms she did but she is at a photoshoot. Nicole assumes she is skipping around the Eiffel Tower. Rick corrects her and says she is at Notre Dame. Rick cannot wait to see the proofs. Nicole asks if he can have the fashion model call her when she gets back. Rick wonders if something is wrong. Nicole doesn’t know. She wants him to tell her. She asks if there is something wrong with how she is taking care of Lizzy. For some reason Maya has Pam scheduled to take care of Lizzy. It is insulting. Nicole carried Lizzy for nine months before handing her over to them. It should have been understandable that she is the one who is supposed to watch her. She expected Maya to be a mother. Not fit her in, in-between chasing fame. Rick wants her to back things up. He wonders what she is talking about. Nicole believes if she wants someone to watch Lizzy, it should be the woman who gave birth to her.

Pam walks into the design studio holding a ton of boxes. Pam says it is mail call. She wonders if Katie bought out a ton of stores. Katie is glad. She got some hardware. She wanted to hit the ground running if Eric approved of the waste chains. Katie notices that Pam is holding a gun on her. Pam explains that Charlie went to use the steam room and she didn’t want it lying around. Pam looks at Katie’s chain. Katie wants her to try it on. She thinks it is something very casual. She could wear this with a gown. It adds a little sparkle. Pam wonders if she has any with pearls. An alarm goes off. She realizes it is her Lizzy alarm. Ivy asks what is going on. Pam says that Maya set up a schedule and she has to run. Ivy thinks that Pam liked it. Katie hopes that Eric and Ridge do too.

Ridge asks if Eric is going to fire Katie. Eric doesn’t want to but it makes no sense to keep her on just because she is their friend. Katie suggests they could find somewhere else for her here. Eric guesses if something comes up in the future but they don’t have anything here. Eric thinks it makes no sense to keep her in jewelry if she isn’t going to have designs. It make more sense for her to be at a company that would be up to her standards. Eric wants Quinn to let her to know. Quinn asks if she really has to tell her. Eric points out it is her department and it is protocol. He wonders if this is an issue. Quinn doesn’t think so. Eric is glad. Ridge feels that Katie will be surprised by this. Eric is sure that she will but that Katie will understand hearing this from one professional to another. Quinn guesses that is fine. Ridge wants to go with her. Eric wants her to do it alone.

Maya tells Rick that they had to stop for the day. Which is sad because she really likes this shoot. She misses Lizzy. She knows that Rick understands. Maya wonders if he is ok. Rick tells her that Nicole called up angry that they were asking others to babysit. Maya told her that she didn’t want her to feel responsible. Rick knows but she said that she gave birth to Lizzy and wanted to be the one that they turn to. Maya gets that. It makes sense. Rick feels her attitude made no sense. It was like she was questioning them as parents.

Coco finds Nicole and asks if she is ok. Nicole says she is. Coco overheard a little bit. She asks if she is mad at her for being asked to help with Lizzy. Nicole isn’t mad at her. She is mad at the situation. Maya is asking all these people to help out when she is the only one that needs to. Nicole feels that no one loves this girl more.

Eric can see that Ridge looks concerned. Ridge is just worried how Katie will react. Eric doesn’t think it is right to keep Katie in a job where she isn’t right for it. Ridge agrees but… Eric doesn’t need her in a position that they don’t need. Katie needs to be respected and not pitied. They need to let her go so she can find somewhere that she will work better at.

Quinn walks into the design center. Katie is glad she is back. She thinks it took a faster than she expected. Katie says that there was a lot to discuss. Quinn asks Ivy if she could give them a few minutes. Katie wonders what Eric said. Quinn explains that Eric took a long time to consider. Katie thinks that they could use some of the designs in the next collection if they need to. Quinn tells her that isn’t going to happen. They will not be using any of them. Katie knows that Eric said last night they would. Quinn says that was before Eric saw her designs. Quinn tells her that Eric thinks she is more of the executive type. Katie assumes her position is being changed. Quinn explains that Eric is letting her go.

Maya thinks that Rick must have misunderstood. Rick doesn’t think so. She said that Maya should be focusing on being a mother not fitting her in between pursuits of fame. Maya wonders if he is kidding her. Rick is afraid not. Maya is a working mom like countless women. Maya is sure that Nicole is just stressed out. Maya wants them to finish up here and get home. Nicole can focus on her life with Zende.

Pam runs into the photo studio and is sorry she is late. Nicole thinks it is fine. She was just about to put Lizzy down for a nap. Pam asks if she can wait for seconds. That way she can crochet when she is watching Lizzy sleep. Nicole thinks she can stay at her desk. Nicole has everything under control. Pam says ok.

Eric knows that Katie values honesty. He isn’t going to lie to her and tell her she has a future as a jewelry designer. Ridge agrees but he thinks that sending Quinn in alone could go terribly wrong.

Katie asks if she is fired. Quinn thinks that fired is a harsh word. She is just being let go. Katie knows that she is the one doing this. Eric would never do this to her. Eric assumes she would understand and realize that this wasn’t the right fit for her. Katie asks if there is a right fit for her here at Forrester. Quinn tells her not right now. Katie finds her unbelievable. Quinn doesn’t want her to take this personally. Quinn feels she is better suited for something that involves budgets. Katie tells her how dare she do this. She is the one who doesn’t deserve to step foot in this building. Katie asks how this keeps happening. She wonders how people like her who lie and hurt others keep getting what they wanted. Katie does her best to play by the rules but she loses. Quinn commits crime after crime and she gets to live in a house with a man that loves her. Katie asks for one thing. Quinn doesn’t think that everyone is cut out for jewelry design. Katie doesn’t think that this has to do with jewelry design. She thinks that Quinn ruins everything.

Maya assumes that Nicole didn’t want the responsibility of taking care of Lizzy. Maya understands why she is hurt. It is sweet that she wants to be involved. Rick suggests they call her back. Maya wants to let it stand for now. She will set things right when they get home.

Nicole tells Lizzy that no one is going to pass her around from person to person. Nicole tells Lizzy that momma is right here.

Ridge is worried he should be here unless there is a problem. Eric knows that it is Ridge’s instinct to run in and save the day. He needs to leave it to them though. They might surprise him.

Katie knows Quinn’s dirty little secret. She thought she knew she couldn’t just fire her. Quinn promises she will get another job. Katie is glad that she doesn’t have to answer to her anymore. Katie promises that judgment day is over. She tells Katie to just stop. Katie finds Charlie's gun on a chair. She points it at Quinn. She tells her that people like her go home to a beautiful house and a man who loves her. She has no idea what it is like to lose. She suggests she change that. She should just do it and get rid of her for once and for all. Quinn begs her not to.

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