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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/2/17


Written By Anthony

Eric wonders if everyone has what they need at the dinner party. Quinn is going to get him a drink. Eric thanks her. Quinn walks over to Ridge. Quinn cannot believe that Eric invited her over for dinner. Dinner was hell but after dinner drinks are too much. Ridge promises that things will be fine. Eric tells them that he has something important to say. Thomas is going to start working at Spectra.

Steffy walks into the CEO office. She got Thomas’s text. She assumes that he thought about their meeting with Eric and Ridge. Thomas thinks it is time they talked. Steffy knows she doesn’t always agree with him but she will make sure his contributions are heard. Thomas tells her that he is not coming back to Forrester. He is partnering with Sally at Spectra.

Shirley cannot believe that Thomas will be working here. Sally doesn’t think that they will be second class for long with Thomas working with them. Shirley thinks that this goes beyond their wildest dreams. Darlita knows they will get to see more of Thomas all day every day. Saul guesses this is great. Darlita thinks that Thomas has a real thing for her.

Coco will never forget what happened with the hidden cameras. Sally does regret what she did. She thinks the bottom line is that she forgives her. RJ thinks that is great. He wants her to be happy. He wonders what made her change her mind. Coco says it was Thomas.

Shirley doesn’t mean to be the voice of doom but she asks what happens if they fall apart. Saul thinks that Shirley makes a good point. Thomas is a playboy. If he gets bored where does that lead them. Sally guesses if it doesn’t work out then it doesn’t work out. She isn’t afraid of taking the chance. She asks if they know what else he did. He talked to Coco and she forgave her. He gave her, her little sister back.

RJ wonders how Thomas got her to change her mind about Sally. Coco says that he made he realize that they all mess up. They deserve second chances though. Coco thinks that she forgave her though. Coco mentions that Sally and Coco are partners now. Thomas and Sally will be running Spectra together.

Steffy asks if he is doing this to get back at her. Thomas thinks that this is about his future. He cannot wait around to be noticed around here. He needs to go and prove himself. Steffy doesn’t think that Spectra is a real fashion house. He is going there to help it grow. He wants it to have legitimacy and respect. He thinks that at least this way Spectra isn’t going to be stealing from them anymore. Thomas already spoke to Eric about this. Steffy walked in here expecting him to come back to Forrester instead he is turning his back on his family.

Ridge thinks that Thomas is a Forrester and cannot work for the rip-off artists. Eric explains that Thomas swears that they have changed. Katie guesses that with his designs the just might. Wyatt knows that Bill will just love this. Ridge wants to know what this does for Thomas. Eric doesn’t want them to spoil their evening. Wyatt hears that Ridge moved into the guest house. Ridge couldn’t stay at Brooke’s. Eric is happy with the results. He has his son and wife under the same roof. Quinn thinks about kissing Ridge. Katie looks at Quinn. Quinn smiles back at her.

Steffy will not let him turn his back on the family legacy. He is in way too deep with a woman who used him. She asks what makes him think that she will not do it again. Thomas went to her. She didn’t ask him. Thomas thanks Steffy for doing the right thing and telling him what happened with Bill. She put things into context. Steffy wants Thomas to be patient. Thomas has been for a long time now. Steffy asks if he will really do this. Thomas is sorry. Steffy wonders if he loves Sally that much. Thomas does. Steffy grabs her bag and walks out.

Wyatt wonders if Quinn is ok. Quinn wants to know why she wouldn’t be. Eric tells Katie that Ridge and Quinn have agreed to put more of Katie’s jewelry into the collection. Katie wonders if Quinn is ok with that. Quinn claims she is. Katie thanks her. Eric would like to see the pieces himself. Katie will set some time up. She thinks that this is great. Eric likes them all being together. Wyatt finds this crazy to him. He has a family for the first time. He thanks Eric for welcoming them in and seeing the good in his mother. Eric thinks she needed to feel safe enough and he couldn’t be happier. Wyatt knows that Quinn would do anything for him even if it meant making nice with Ridge. Quinn thinks that she would do anything for Eric. He has transformed her life. She cannot repay him for that but she can promise not to let him down. Eric doesn’t think he ever will.

RJ thinks that it will take a while to let Thomas working for Spectra in. Coco realizes that it is weird for him. He is really stepping up for Sally though.

Sally looks at a design and Steffy walks in. Steffy thinks that she knew that she would show up. Sally assumes she knows. Steffy does. Sally guesses she isn’t here to pop open the bubbly.

Eric thanks them all for coming. He has a conference call with Rick and some of their South African buyers. Quinn kisses him goodbye. Katie asks if she could talk to Quinn alone. Quinn says sure. She walks away with Katie. Wyatt wonders if Ridge knows why Quinn has been acting weird. Ridge says he has no idea.

Quinn wonders if she should be nervous. Katie just wanted to thank her personally for keeping her in the collection. Quinn points out it will be the next collection and Eric will have to approve whatever is put in. Katie is fine with that. She cannot wait to get his feedback. She knows no one knows more about fashion than Eric. Katie wants her to know how much being at Forrester means to her. She thinks that this has fulfilled a need she didn’t even know was there. She thinks that she has been really fair with her. Quinn knows that her success is Katie’s. Katie wants them to have a friendly work relationship. Quinn doesn’t see that happening. Katie knows she had some tense moments earlier. She has no intention of saying anything to Eric. Her secret is safe with her.

RJ guesses that Thomas must really love Sally. Coco thinks it goes both ways. RJ knows that having a go at Spectra is a long shot but there is something about the Spectra’s that is intoxicating. The two kiss.

Steffy feels that Sally keeps getting deeper and deeper with her relationship. Sally can see that she isn’t thrilled about her and Thomas being partners. Steffy knows that all she does is lie and steal. Sally learned a really hard lesson. She will never cheat the Forrester’s ever again. Steffy feels that is what she is doing with Thomas. Sally wants to help Thomas change his life. He loves her brother. He loves her as well. She says that Sally manipulated Thomas into being here but she didn’t. They never even discussed it. Thomas came to her and that was the end of it. Thomas can call his own shots here. She wonders if that is the case over at Forrester. Sally could flip this and ask why she is trying to get him back. She won’t do it anymore. She knows that this is all because of Bill. Sally thinks that Steffy likes her a little bit. Somewhere deep down she does enjoy the woman from the wrong side of the tracks. Steffy thinks she has lost it. Sally wants her to go out and grab a burger or whatever she eats. She knows it would put a smile on Stephanie and her aunt Sally. Steffy informs her that if she hurts Thomas, she will have to answer to her. Steffy calls her bestie and leaves.

In their bedroom, Eric is aware of Quinn’s tension with Katie. He appreciates how she has warmed up to her. Quinn says it is fine. Eric feels she is a good person. He thought it was a great thing having Wyatt here tonight. Eric loves having people here. Quinn wants to stop talking about everyone and wants to focus on them. She wants to be held. Eric wonders if she is ok. Quinn just needs reassurance. She needs to be held and never let go. She wants to be made love to and accepted for all her faults. Quinn just wants to be the best wife for him. Eric wonders what this is about. Quinn loves him so much. She really does.

Ridge is in his bedroom and sits down. He thinks about Quinn asking what they were doing after kissing.

Quinn is in bed with Eric still.

Ridge takes a sip of a drink. He looks concerned.

Quinn looks guilty in bed.

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