B&B Thursday Update 6/1/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/1/17


Written By Anthony

Quinn and Ridge are kissing each other in bed. Quinn says Ridge’s name. She tells him to wait. The two are kissing passionately though.

Eric finds Thomas in the CEO office. Eric wants to know why Pam’s desk says out sick when she was here this morning. Thomas thinks she got her hair done and she hated it. He thought that it looked the same. He sees that Ridge isn’t with him. Thomas texted him. He hopes he doesn’t mind that he waited for him. Eric thinks that this unfortunate estrangement cannot be over soon enough. Eric assumes that is what this is about. Thomas confirms it is.

Katie asks if Ivy will be home tonight. She ran into Eric earlier and he invited her to dinner. Ivy has a date. Katie thinks that is nice. She assumes it will just be a cozy little group. Ivy assumes it will just be her, Eric, and Quinn. Katie points out Ridge will be there too now that they are all living under the same roof.

Thomas suggests that it is just as well that Ridge isn’t here right now. They seem to be speaking through a cloud of shattered expectations. Eric knows that sometimes with father and sons, anger is and love is hard to tell apart. Thomas isn’t angry. He wishes that Eric would have stood up for him more. He is tired of being angry. It is exhausting. He is tired of waiting for his turn. So, while he does, he appreciates the olive branch they extended, he isn’t coming back to FC.

Ivy points out that they are not under the same roof. Ridge is in the guest house. Ivy notes it is his home. He grew up there. It has been good for them to be under the same roof for the collaboration. Katie knows but Ridge has a track record with Quinn. Ivy has been paying attention. There has been no need for concern at all. Katie knows that Ridge is wounded because of Brooke. If Ridge is close with Eric that if great. If Ridge is close with Quinn then not so much.

Ridge continues to kiss Quinn. Quinn asks what they are doing. Ridge wishes he knew. Quinn wants to know what they are doing.

Ivy thinks that Katie is to suspicious. Katie has learned from experience. If you expect the worst then you will never be disappointed. Ivy goes with the answer that makes the most sense. Ivy sees no reason why Quinn and Ridge should be together. Katie suggests that they are both incredibly self-sabotaging individuals. Ivy wants to drop this subject. Katie realizes she has been made the slow person around here. Ivy doesn’t think anyone is saying that. She is working hard and it shows. Katie doubts Quinn agrees with that. She realizes that she is only here so that Quinn can shut her up. She is making her pay for it. If she is setting her up to fail, she has a real simple way of putting a stop to that. Ivy wishes she would stop thinking like that. Katie asks why not. She wonders who deserves their loyalty. Eric or Quinn?

Eric wants Thomas to take some time to think about it. He can fly off and be by himself. Eric wants him to then come back and they will talk. He asks if he can do that for him. Thomas is sorry but he cannot. Thomas is so sick of himself here. He is tired of being the disappointed one. He suggests he is an over entitled ass who is not as talented as he thinks but there might be won’t know until he starts over somewhere else. Eric has a good idea he knows where that is. Eric knows he has invested a lot into Spectra. He assumes that he has also invested a lot emotionally as well. Thomas believes they make great partners. Eric thinks that money hurts relationships. Eric thinks the only people who don’t care about money are those who don’t have to earn it. Thomas just wants him to be happy for him. Eric asks what kind of a partnership it will be. He brings all his talent and what does Sally bring. Thomas came here to tell him his choice not to have his opinion. Eric will always wish him well. Thomas thanks him. Thomas will talk to Ridge another time. Eric thinks that he is a lot more like Ridge than he thinks. Thomas sees it sometimes and sometimes he doesn’t.

Quinn asks what is wrong with them. She only came for a conversation. She asks if they are sick. Ridge thinks sometimes the way she looks at him. Quinn tries to never look at him. They almost had… Ridge knows they didn’t. Quinn doesn’t think they can call this a meaningless kiss. They were on his bed. She is going to go shower before dinner and try to wash this off. Quinn tells him never again. Ridge nods in agreement.

Eric asks if Thomas knows. Thomas doesn’t think yet. He will tell her though. Eric is disappointed but not surprised. All his children came to him many times asking to do things on their own. He isn’t going to ban him from Thanksgiving or tell him he can never come by his door again. Go with God and test himself. He needs to know that this is home and home is the place that will always take him in.

Ivy doesn’t think that Katie is a spiteful person. Katie wonders why she thinks that spite would be her only reason for telling Eric what happened. Ivy feels she knows exactly what the circumstances would be. Eric would divorce Quinn and then banish Ridge from the company. She asks if that is fair just because they had a kiss or two. Katie reminds her that Ridge is Eric’s son. She asks at what point this will be outweighed by what is going on. Katie knows that her relationship with Eric feels tainted. She cannot stay complicit in this situation. She cannot forget what she has seen and learned. She cares about Eric and he is her friend. She asks if she cares about Eric by keeping him in the dark. She asks if he deserves to know the truth.

Quinn walks downstairs in the mansion and Ridge is there. Quinn tells him he shouldn’t even be there. Ridge thinks that everything is fine. Quinn doesn’t think it is. They know that she can never be in the room with him again. Ridge lives here. He asks if that is realistic. Quinn wants to be the best wife she can be for his father. Eric walks in. Ridge claims they were sorting out an issue. Eric doesn’t want them to look shocked. She tells him everything. He asks why they don’t.

Katie has to go home and change before dinner. Ivy wants her to promise she will not make a scene. Ivy knows she is angry at Quinn and not Eric. Katie has looked up to Eric her whole life. She felt more protection and support from him than her own father. He needs her. She asks what she is supposed to do. She asks if she is supposed to look the other way. Katie thinks that lying to people has caused more misery than the truth. She wants her to ask how she knows that.

Ridge feels that Katie has an issue with blowing things out of proportion. Eric will grant him that. Quinn knows that Katie hates her. Ridge doesn’t think she listens. She just threatens to go to him. Eric knows neither of them have had diplomacy as a strong suit. Eric asks if her designs are really that bad. Ridge thinks that they could both use one of her pieces. Eric asks if they could use more than one. Ridge thinks so. They even spoke about giving her a signature line. Eric is glad. He knows that they are a great team. They can tell Katie this tonight. She will be here for dinner along with Wyatt. Quinn cannot do this. Katie will know what they did this afternoon. She will know something has changed because it has.

Ivy is working in the design office. She starts to think about Katie telling her that they are incredibly self-destructive people. She asks who deserves their loyalty.

Quinn thinks that she should leave. She was in his bed this afternoon. Ridge thinks that it is different to be on the bed than in it. Katie walks in. She asks if Eric is here. Ridge says he is upstairs getting ready. Ridge wants her to make herself at home. Ridge is going to make a fire.

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