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Written By Anthony

Eric can tell that something is going on with Katie and Quinn. Katie thinks that she and Quinn have different outlooks. Katie does her best to play by the rules and she doesn’t. Eric knows she is an unconventional person. Katie realizes he wants to think the best of her. Eric agrees he does but if something isn’t working then they need to deal with that. It isn’t just work. She said she wanted to tell him. So, she wants to know.

Quinn realizes she shouldn’t be here at his place. Ridge points out that technically the guest house is on the estate so it is on her property. Quinn thinks he knows what she means. Quinn thinks that Katie is making threats and they have to do something. Quinn asks if they are going to believe that Katie isn’t going to say anything. Ridge knows she won’t say anything to Eric. She doesn’t want to hurt him. Quinn knows that she wants to hurt her. Katie is becoming a dangerous threat to them.

Sally begs Coco to stay and talk to her Coco was talking to Thomas. Sally needs Coco to hear this from her. She knows what she did was beyond wrong. She doesn’t have a right to ask but she needs another chance. She has already been given way more forgiveness than she deserves. Thomas is going to let them figure this out on their own. Coco asks if he is really working here. Sally says he is head designer and wants to be her partner. There is only one other person who has ever had as much faith in her as he does. Her little sister. She hates herself for the way she betrayed her.

Eric knows they have always been candid with each other. Katie knows but she also knows that his wife is a delicate subject for him. Eric knows they have had tension in the past. Katie really tried to move on from that. Eric is happy that Quinn wanted her to work at the company. Eric knows first it was Steffy and Ridge and now her. Eric sees her trying to get everyone to come together. Eric understands she wants more in the company. Katie is a part of it though. The family is all together for once. Now they are practically under the same roof together. Ridge is in the guest house. Katie finds that convenient.

Ridge wants Quinn to just give Katie a bracelet or something. Quinn asks what else she has to give. Her pieces don’t fit the collection. Katie’s pieces are pedestrian. Ridge reminds Quinn that Eric cannot find out about this ever.

In Darlita’s office Saul sees that Thomas is leaving. Thomas is giving Sally and Coco some space. Saul doesn’t know how things were over at Forrester but here they have an open-door policy. Thomas doesn’t think it is a good time. Sally is trying to patch things with Coco. Thomas knows he is the one who used Coco as a spy. Thomas knows if they are going to be working together then that will never happen again. From here on out he needs Saul’s best judgement. Saul will do whatever Sally needs him to do. Thomas appreciates that Saul is loyal to Sally but he made a mistake in using that little girl in there to spy on Forrester. He forced a wedge. He better hope that he can fix that.

Coco is glad that Thomas came in and fixed Spectra but it doesn’t fix things. She is she is her sister. She loves her but she used her. Sally knows she let her down. Sally thinks she could trust her, their entire life. Coco never felt alone with Sally. Sally knows she made a mistake. She knows it won’t happen again. She hurt her future. She thought Sally wanted better for her. She would never do that to her ever. Coco asks how she could ever trust her again.

Katie doesn’t want what is going on between her and Quinn to hurt the company. She is so grateful to have been brought on. This is exactly what she needed. She didn’t realize how much she needed a job. She was stuck in that beautiful home all alone. Eric asks if she is dating. Katie hasn’t been lucky with men. There was Bill who was obsessed with her sister and then Ridge is the same. Katie wants a good man. There aren’t many like Eric.

Quinn knows it was her dumb idea to bring Katie back to Forrester. Ridge thinks she must have realized that Eric would say yes. Quinn thinks she is taking advantage. Ridge feels she gives her that power. Quinn will not do this. She will not be blackmailed. She asks how this happened. She asks how they let it come to this.

Saul thinks that Sally knows that he is here for her. Thomas isn’t questioning how much he is here for Sally. He should never have made Sally betray her little sister.

Sally misses her little sister. She hates the distance between them. Coco needs to protect herself. She could have ruined her chance in the fashion industry. Sally is happy she still has her relationship with Forrester. Sally panicked. The company was going under. She felt like she had to do something drastic. Horrible and thoughtless but not unforgivable. Sally was willing to go to jail for what she did. She made sure everyone knew she has nothing to do with it. Sally wants a chance to prove that. Sally isn’t going to stop trying to fix things. She begs her not to give up on her.

Eric realizes that Katie was involved with two of the most eligible men in all of LA. Katie wants him to look how that worked out for her. Katie guesses that Bill and Ridge share a lot of the same qualities. They are both successful and good looking as well as good fathers. Katie wants someone who will stand up for her. She needs someone reliable. She knows it sounds boring. Katie wants someone who will be there for her no matter what. Katie doesn’t think there are that many men in LA like Eric. Eric knows as they grow up they start to look for different aspects in a partner. They want loyalty. Eric experiences that with Quinn and Katie. He likes that they can be so honest with each other.

Ridge wants Quinn to just give Katie what she wants. If they have to pay the price then so be it. Quinn asks why they did this to themselves. Ridge thinks they kissed and that was it. Quinn knows they risked everything. He lost everything. Ridge doesn’t think about it. He asks if she does.

Coco doesn’t think she knows what she is asking. Sally is begging. Coco thinks that Sally was her rock. Sally knows she destroyed her faith. Sally thinks that she always came first for her. She had one job growing up and that was to make sure Coco was safe and happy. She couldn’t imagine what Coco thought when she saw the Forrester designs on their runway. Sally betrayed her once. Never again though. Coco knows she says that. Sally means it. Coco asks how she can be sure. Sally wants her to think of everything they have been through. Sally asks what she always said to her. Sally thinks she is way too important to her. Sally wants them to put this behind them. She wants them to find a way to move on. She wants that more than anything. Coco agrees. The two hug each other. Sally will never let her down again. She can count on her always.

Eric has to get back. Katie does too. Eric wants Katie to talk to Quinn. She will listen. Katie hopes so. Katie feels this was the highlight of her day. Eric suggests that Katie come for dinner tonight. Wyatt is coming for dinner and Ridge as well. Katie guesses she can. Eric thinks it will give them a chance to calm down. Eric wants to hear about things good or bad. He expects loyalty from everyone now.

Quinn needs Ridge to talk to Katie. Ridge doesn’t need to talk to her at all. She just needs to give Katie what she wants. Quinn will not be controlled or feel guilty. She feels bad enough. If she could go back she would take it all back. Quinn would never have gone to San Francisco. Ridge has never liked Quinn. The two start, to kiss each other. They end up kissing in bed.

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