B&B Tuesday Update 5/30/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/30/17


Written By Anthony

Eric and Quinn are kissing in the design office. Ivy and Katie walk in. Eric will let them have their meeting. Katie tells Eric that before he goes she just wants to thank him again. For letting her be a part of the team. It has worked a lot better than she had hoped. Eric is glad that this is all working out. He leaves. Katie meant every word. Being a part of the team is thrilling. She is excited to see her designs in the next collection.

Sally wonders if Thomas is sure about this. Ridge is sorry about firing him and he wants him to go back to Forrester. Thomas thinks that there is one good reason to stay which is Sally. He wants them to be a legit fashion house. Spectra Fashions will be the premier fashion house. Sally cannot wait. She just wishes that Coco could be a part of it. Thomas asks if she wants her to work her. Sally claims no. It is just that this is what she has always wanted for Spectra until she ruined things. Thomas knows that she will patch things up. Sally betrayed her and she cannot trust her. She wishes Coco knew how sorry she was. Thomas hugs Sally.

Eric and Ridge go over a design. Eric really likes what Ridge has done. Ridge thanks him. He wonders if he thinks they can do this. Eric is sure that they can do this. Ridge knows they are short one designers but Zende has been helping out. If everything works out, Thomas will be back at the end of the day. Ridge will fix what has been done.

Thomas doesn’t think that it was Sally’s idea to rig Coco with cameras. That was Saul and Shirley. Sally knows. She still went along with it though and risked things with her little sister. Thomas knows that Coco is coming by today. Sally doubts she wants to run into her. Thomas wants to try to get through to her. He would do anything for her. Sally thanks him. She thinks it would mean so much to her. She looks up to the Forrester’s with such respect. Sally wants that again.

Katie finds it so great to create something. It is great to be back at work again. Ivy loves working under Quinn. Katie loves Ivy’s stuff. Katie asks Quinn what she thinks about her designs. Quinn thinks that while Katie shows progress, they shouldn’t get to a head of themselves.

Saul throws out the trash outside. Sally walks over and Saul asks if they will be partners. Sally actually wanted to talk about that. Saul doesn’t need her to thank him. He has a lot of new ideas. Saul knows it will get hectic around here for a while but she will not have to rely on others for money. Sally appreciates his offer. It means the world to her. Some things have changed. Thomas is here and is coming on board as head designer and her partner. Thomas is going to devote his time to helping her. That is something they can all get behind.

Thomas sits in Sally’s office and Coco walks in. She asks what he is doing here. Thomas wants her to stay for a minute. Coco doesn’t want to run into Sally. Thomas wanted to talk about that. Sally hates what she did to her. He is going to try and convince her to forgive Sally.

Eric wonders if Ridge has spoken to Quinn about what jewelry she would like to use for the design. Ridge plans too. Eric is sure that she will have some good ideas. Katie too. Eric wonders how that has worked out. Eric thinks it is good. He is still amazed that Quinn reached out to Katie. It is almost as if… Nothing really. It matters that things are working out between them.

Katie wanted to show Quinn where she was coming from with this particular setting. Quinn doesn’t think she needs to explain herself. Katie thinks she does if she isn’t getting it. Ivy doesn’t think it is that. Katie asks if she has an issue too. Katie wants Quinn to see that she made the earrings with the bracelet in mind. Katie asks if she missed the mark. Quinn thinks that the earrings are good for a certain demographic but they are looking for a younger demo here. She and Ivy will be putting the earrings in the next collection. Katie asks why she only gets one piece. She thought that they would include all three pieces. Katie asks what Eric would say about this.

Saul guesses that it is Thomas to the rescue again. Sally thinks that this is a huge break for them. He feels that they can compete with Forrester. They will have designs of their own. Saul can see that this means a lot to her. Sally thinks that Thomas is committed to Spectra. He even told her that he would talk to Coco about her. Telling her how terrible she feels and how much she wants her little sister back.

Coco should get back. Thomas knows that Coco enjoys being back at Forrester. Coco does especially after what Sally did. Coco is glad the Forrester’s gave her a second chance. She will always be grateful. Thomas thinks everyone deserves second chances. Thomas thinks that Sally regrets what she did. He has forgiven her after learning why she did what she did. Thomas is the lead designer and partner here. Coco asks how he could do this after what Sally has put his family though.

Eric is going out to lunch. Ridge will join him after he gets he sketches from the guest house. Eric is enjoying this. It is nice to have him under the same roof as him and Quinn.

Ivy doesn’t think they need to get Eric involved in this. Quinn thinks her work is fine but her look is conservative and boring. Katie disagrees. She thinks it is refined and restrained. Ivy feels that she needs to take on criticism. Quinn thinks she is defending her point of view and that is a good thing. She also thinks that when you are a designer you want to push the boundaries. Quinn is sick of this. She wants to what is on her mind. Katie thought they would be working as a team and yet eighty percent of the collection is hers and she has thrown a few bones to Ivy. She gets nothing. She feels stoned walled. Katie knows what she is doing. Katie asks if she knows what she is doing crossing her like this.

Coco is shocked that Sally stole from him and now he is working here. Thomas believes in second chances. He loves Sally. Coco loves Sally too. She cannot trust her though. She took advantage of her. Thomas knows that Sally regrets that. He knows that Coco has been more than just a sister to her. Thomas knows she is her sister. She cares about her more than anything. She shouldn’t lose what they have. Sally walks in. She knows it is a lot to ask but she wants her little sister back. Sally begs her to say it is still possible.

Ridge is in the guest house. Quinn walks in. Ridge wonders what she is doing here. Quinn needed to talk to him. Pam said he was on his way home. Quinn needed to talk about Katie. She is freaking out. She thinks her pieces are better than what they are when she gave her opinion. She started with threats. Quinn is being blackmailed to feature Katie’s work. Eric doesn’t want her to get to her like that. Quinn is afraid of what she will say to Eric next time she sees him.

Katie finds Eric at lunch. She wants to join him. Eric would love that. He is glad she got away for a few minutes. He thinks that is good for her. Katie loves to work hard. What she doesn’t like is that she has been part of the line for a few months and she was there a long time before Quinn showed up. Katie just feels like she is being stone walled. Quinn is only going to use one design in the new collection. She will not give her real critique. Eric asks what else is going on with her and Quinn. Katie thinks about seeing Quinn and Ridge. Eric really wants to know what is going on. Katie thinks she will tell him exactly what is going on with his wife.

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