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Steffy begs Thomas to come back to Forrester. Thomas wonders if she really wants that when he is financing the enemy. Eric has big issues with his investment. Steffy understands why he did it, and maybe it was a good idea. It doesn’t matter though. He belongs right here. They want him back. Thomas asks what Ridge thinks.

Saul doesn’t think they need Thomas here. He wants to know why Thomas is even around here. He should be playing basketball. Sally asks if he means the Clippers or the Lakers. Saul suggests a European league or maybe a far east team. The Antarctic would be good. Sally knows as much as he would like to ship him off, he has helped them out a lot. Saul reminds her that he is meeting with his family right now. Enough about that. He has designs and money. It is modest but enough to keep them a float for a few weeks. He wants her to forget about Forrester and partner up with him.

A maid tells Rick and Maya in their hotel room that they are all set. If they need anything they can just call. Maya thinks they need a few more towels. Rick doesn’t want her to pay any attention to Maya. Sometimes when she is looking at pictures of their child she tunes the rest of the world out. The maid is the same way. She asks if they have a son or daughter. Maya explains they have a daughter. She shows her Lizzie. Maya cannot wait to go home to her.

Vivienne knows that she will get through this. She knows Nicole will. The doctor didn’t say never. Nicole reminds her that they went too two different doctors. She is scarred. Vivienne points out that is only possibly. Nicole knows it is only because she brought this angel into the world.

Rick asks what Maya is working on. Maya is making Lizzie’s schedule. She doesn’t want any one person to be overburdened. Maya hopes that Vivienne will be able to take an evening or two. She makes a call to Vivienne. Vivienne asks how Paris is going. Maya states it is beautiful but the shoot she went on turned into a huge campaign might turn into something longer. Vivienne asks how much longer. Maya isn’t sure. It might be another week. Maya knows it is terrible. She had to leave Lizzie with Nicole. She has been calling people frantically hoping they can help out. Coco and Pam have been live savers. Vivienne is trying not to take it personally that she would go to Pam and Coco instead of asking her. Maya is calling for that reason. Vivienne wonders if the photoshoot is that important. Maya cannot wait for her to see it. Vivienne is sure that it is a great opportunity. Nicole grabs the phone. Nicole asks what this is about a photoshoot. Nicole assumes it is something pretty epic to keep her away from her baby.

Sally asks if Saul really wants to be her partner. Saul means it. He inherited a lot of his grandfather’s savings. He wants to invest it in Sally. First, she needs to give Thomas his money back. Sally asks if he has a hundred thousand dollars. Saul has enough to keep the sewing machines turned on. He has something else too. He kisses her on the cheek. Shirley walks in and asks what else is going on in here.

Thomas assumes that the only way he can return to Forrester is if he gets all his money back from Sally and cut all ties. Thomas cares about Sally. He isn’t going to choose between love and family.

Maya thinks that is the hardest part. She thinks that Nicole will be blown away by the shoot. She has to imagine Forrester gowns all over Paris. It is going to be huge for her and Forrester. Nicole is sure that it will be worth every sacrifice. Nicole should let her go. Maya knows it is getting late. Nicole should get back to Lizzie. She is getting tired. Maya thinks if it becomes a hassle she can find someone else. Nicole doesn’t think it will be. Nicole wants her to enjoy whatever, she has everything under control. She thinks that Lizzie is in good hands. Nicole hangs up.

Saul is going to go order more fabrics. Shirley doesn’t want him to stop ordering the cheap stuff just because they have investors. Saul knows. Sally appreciates what Saul said. She thanks him. He walks off. Shirley asks if he was giving her pep talk. She feels like she was interrupting. Sally thinks that he really thinks that they could be something legit. Shirley feels that they can be with Thomas. Unless his family talks him out of it.

Ridge doesn’t approve of what he did. He isn’t going to ask him to choose though. He loves him. He wants him to be happy. It just upset him to find out he wrote a check. Maybe he didn’t handle it the right way. They need him here. Steffy doesn’t like him throwing money at Sally but she wants him here. She knows he felt unappreciated but they are going to make sure he feels appreciated. Steffy doesn’t want Thomas to walk away from this.

Maya thinks that the call was weird. Nicole didn’t sound like herself. Maya thinks that she was in a mood like she wanted her to feel guilty for being away. Rick thinks that she already feels guilty so she is reading too much into what people are saying.

Nicole hopes that Vivienne also finds it weird that Maya was asking Pam of all people to ask Lizzie. Vivienne didn’t want to feel insulted. Nicole thinks it is insulting. Vivienne doesn’t think that Maya wanted to burden them. Nicole doesn’t think that this child is a burden. She loves her. Vivienne thinks that both Maya and her know that. She knows it has been a difficult day for her. Nicole admits that it has.

Steffy wants to know what Thomas could possibly have to think about. She wonders why he wouldn’t want to come back to his family company. Ridge suggests that Sally is offering something they cannot. Steffy thinks he can see her.

Thomas shows up at Spectra. She asks how her meeting went. Sally assumes that they told him to rip up his check and never see her again. Thomas thought they would. They didn’t though. Sally asks if they don’t want him back then. Thomas says they do but he can come back under his own conditions. Sally thinks that is great. She wonders what he told them.

Nicole assumes that Vivienne thinks she is being too emotional. Vivienne knows being told that you cannot have a baby is not to emotional. Nicole cannot believe Mays is in Paris and not thinking that Lizzie is more important. Vivienne doesn’t think that is the case. Nicole doesn’t know what is happening right now. Vivienne knows she is hurting and it is understandable. Nicole suggests that Julius was right and she should never have given Lizzie away.

Maya just realized Nicole’s tone. It reminds her of when she first came to LA. She sounded angry and threatening. Rick knows she was confused back then and trying to piece together stories that she had been hearing. It is totally different between them now. Rick knows she carried a child for them. She loves her. Rick thinks that they have to worry about the maid. She did such a good job at turning down their bed. He promises that Lizzie alright and that everything is going to be alright.

Nicole holds Lizzie.

Steffy is guessing that they got through to Thomas. There is no reason for him not to come back. They told him that he can keep seeing Sally. They will be here for him even after his crush is over. Thomas has to know that.

Sally thinks that this is cool. He can go back to work. Thomas didn’t tell them anything. He wanted to tell her first. He thinks they should talk. Sally assumes he wants to pull his investment. Thomas promises that the investment stays. He stays too. Sally asks where. Thomas means here. He is tired for waiting for handouts. His time is now with Sally as his lead designer and investor and partner as well. Sally asks if he really wants to be her partner. Thomas thinks they will be the hottest design team in LA. He thinks that this is happening. The two spin in a circle and they imagine being a design team and having a fashion show together. Thomas thinks she came to LA with a dream. He will see that it comes true. He is giving her the one thing that that was missing. Sally thinks that was him. The two kiss.

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