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Written By Anthony

Thomas wakes up in his bed. He turns around and Sally is in the kitchen. He says good morning. Sally says it back. He wonders if she slept ok. Sally has no complaints. Thomas could order them some breakfast. Sally should probably get to work. Thomas forgot it was a work day. He doesn’t have a job. Sally thanks him for not giving up on her little band misfits. She just wishes that he wasn’t at odds with her family.

Ridge explains to Steffy that Thomas is in bed with the enemy. Steffy thinks they need more help and Thomas back. Ridge feels they have help and Zende has stepped up to the plate. Steffy doesn’t think they can do this without Thomas. She thinks he is being stubborn. Steffy thinks that Thomas cares about Sally. She doesn’t think he deserves to be fired.

In a doctor’s office Nicole tells Vivienne that Zende doesn’t know they are here. She doesn’t want him to worry. Vivienne hopes they have some good news for him. Dr. March walks in. She thinks it is good to see her. She knows about the issues. Nicole hopes that she has better news for her.

Darlita suggests that they could send Thomas a fruit basket to say thank you. Saul doubts that he needs anything else in his perfect little life. Shirley thinks he did bail them out and expose Bill. Darlita thinks he is their hero. Saul doesn’t want his money here. Shirley thinks that someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Saul thinks he is just using his money to move in on Sally.

Sally really likes lying here with him. So much that she will call in sick to work. Thomas doesn’t think she needs to do that. Coco suggests they lounge around and watch TV. Thomas knows how much she wants to get the business off the ground. He appreciates that she would stay around with him to do. Sally is willing to try it at least once. Thomas promises her that his schedule is pretty clear.

Steffy really thinks that they need Thomas. Ridge guesses that maybe he went too far. Steffy isn’t going to let it go further. She is calling in a meeting. Her position here as CEO. They need to come together as the Forrester family.

Doctor March will start the ultrasound now. Vivienne promises whatever the issue is they can get through this.

Charlie plays peek-a-boo with Lizzy. Pam wants to take the baby for a little bit. RJ thinks it is fine. Nicole has an appointment and she asked them to babysit. Pam knows but Maya called and asked if she could look after Lizzy while she was in Paris. Charlie thinks that Pam needs her baby fix. Pam kind of adores babies ever since her dog Tiny died. She misses having someone to love on. Coco guesses she can take her. Lizzy starts to cry. RJ gives Lizzy peanuts. Coco isn’t having children for like ten or twenty years. RJ thinks it is Zende and Nicole’s turn to have a child.

Doctor March explains that unfortunately there are several signs of scarring. It is more than likely due to the previous pregnancy. Vivienne asks how they can fix it. Nicole will do whatever she can. Doctor March thinks it is pretty bad. This could be very difficult to do. Vivienne wonders about surgery. Doctor March tells her that she could still use a surrogate. She probably cannot carry a child. She wishes she had better news. She is sorry. Vivienne thanks her. She leaves. Vivienne is so sorry.

Shirley has some bad news for Saul. Now that Thomas has invested all this money into the company he will be hanging around a lot more. He needs to buck it up. Saul doesn’t trust him. He doesn’t want him around. Darlita thinks that Sally has herself one hot guy.

Sally is sure that Ridge will come to his senses. Thomas doesn’t think that will happen. Sally knows he is way too talented to get fired. Thomas gets a call from Steffy. Steffy asks if he is free today. She is calling Eric for a meeting. Thomas asks if Ridge will be there. Steffy confirms he will be. Thomas doesn’t want to be there then. Steffy is trying to work something out. She wants him to say he will come. Thomas says fine. Sally asks what she said. Thomas explains they are calling a family meeting. Sally assumes that they want him to come back. Thomas guesses they will see about that.

Pam and Charlie play with Lizzy. Nicole asks what is going on. She thought that RJ and Coco were watching Lizzy. RJ confirms they were but Maya called and asked Pam to watch her. Pam is playing with Lizzy and Nicole looks uncomfortable. Pam could play with her all day. Charlie thinks they should take her to the zoo. She can see real lions. Nicole takes Lizzy from them. She holds Lizzy tight.

Shirley tells Sally that it is nice of her to enjoy them. Sally asks if any of the new machines have arrived. Shirley says not yet and asks if she was wearing that yesterday. Sally claims no. Darlita wonders if she got any of her texts last night. Sally did she is sorry she didn’t have a chance to text her back. Darlita asks if it was fun and if she got any sleep. Saul thinks this is a work place. Shirley asks how Thomas is. Sally explains that Thomas was fired by Ridge. Sally doesn’t know what is happening. He is going in for a meeting. Sally guesses that if he changes his mind she will probably never see him again.

Steffy thanks Eric for coming in. Eric is glad they are doing this. Eric doesn’t want Ridge to ruin his relationship with his son. Ridge thinks that Spectra stole from them. Thomas gave them money. It is unacceptable. Steffy thought that his involvement with Sally was temporary but his feelings are not just going to go away. Eric doesn’t think he can fire Thomas because of Sally. Steffy cannot allow Thomas to get closer to Spectra.

Pam reads that babies cannot eat lemon bars until at least age two. Charlie thinks that two years is far too long. Thomas shows up. RJ thinks it is good to see him. It isn’t the same without him here. Thomas explains that Steffy called a meeting. Pam says they are inside waiting for him. Thomas walks in. He says hi to them. Eric thinks he looks good. Ridge thinks it is good to see him. Thomas reminds him that he took his job. He has nothing to say to him. Steffy thinks he made a mistake. They want him back here at Forrester Creations.

Nicole tells Vivienne that both doctors said the same thing. She asks how this could happen. Her pregnancy with Lizzy was so easy. She cannot believe it. Zende was trying so hard to be supportive but they heard Doctor March. She may never be able to have a child. Vivienne thinks she already has one. She may be Maya’s but she will always be her little girl too. Nicole calls Lizzy her sweet little girl.

Sally is sure that they are trying to convince Thomas to change his mind. Shirley doesn’t think they can do that. If they do then they will go under. Saul doesn’t think he owns them. Shirley believes without him then they could be out on the streets. Sally doesn’t know what the meeting is about. Darlita is shocked that he was given the boot. Saul doesn’t want them shocked when Thomas ends up leaving them high and dry. Sally guesses they will find another way to survive. Shirley thinks that Thomas is their only hope. Darlita wonders if Sally wants Thomas. Saul thinks she will be fine. Darlita knows she loves him. She cannot lose him if she does.

Eric doesn’t condone what Sally did. She is very lucky she isn’t in prison. He does think that Thomas made a questionable choice. There is a lot of that going around these days. He is head of the family. He wants him back at work. Eric needs him now more than ever. Steffy thinks this is going on way to long. She is the one who should have kept her mouth shut. Bill used Sally as a pawn. She thinks that there is no excuse for what Sally did. They want him here. Everyone even Ridge wants him here. Eric needs him where he belongs. He is a Forrester and this is his home. She wants him back at Forrester Creations.

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