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Zende wants to know exactly what the doctor said. Nicole may have a condition called secondary infertility. Zende points out she already had a child. He wants to know how that is possible. Zende thinks the doctor is wrong. This is ridicules. Tonight, she will prove them wrong.

Julius thinks that this is a damn shame. Vivienne asks him to watch his language. Julius still thinks it is. What Nicole wanted more than anything was to give Zende a baby of her own. Vivienne thinks it is devastating but they have to have hope. It rips Julius’s heart in two too think about this. Vivienne does as well. Julius realizes how much babies mean to the Forrester men. Vivienne suggests they could adopt. Zende was adopted. Julius still has to wonder. He asks if she remembers how Zende acted when Nicole was pregnant. He wanted it for him. He only talks about the wonderful family that he and Nicole will have for themselves. He has to wonder how this will affect their marriage.

Sally shows up at Thomas’s loft. Sally thinks that it is a little late and he just showed. Thomas feels she will have to work on her timing. Sally tries but he hasn’t been answering his texts. Thomas has been trying to recompress. Sally assumes since he and Ridge had it out after she left. She asks how it went. Thomas explains they talked about them. Sally wonders if he calmed him down about everything. Thomas admits he was fired. He is no longer employed at Forrester Creations. Ridge feels he betrayed him and the company. Sally cannot believe he fired his own son. Ridge is angry that he helped her out and bailed her out of prison time. He is just angry at the entire situation. Sally thought he needs him to design after all that has happened. Thomas guesses he has Zende now. He is going to give him a chance.

Vivienne hopes that Nicole is alright. She is with Zende now. Julius assumes this will be the first test of their marriage. Pam and Charlie walk in. Pam is sorry. She didn’t know anyone was in here. Vivienne hopes it is ok. Charlie guesses it is so long as they signed in downstairs. Otherwise, he will have to fire someone. Charlie needs to know if Tim cleared them. Julius explains that Nicole cleared them. Pam thinks that everyone is following protocol. Pam thinks that Nicole is a beautiful young woman and if the rumors are true soon to be a beautiful mom.

Nicole doesn’t think that the doctor got it wrong. Zende feels it isn’t like a cold. He thinks she can have a baby. Zende thinks that Lizzy is proof of it. Nicole believes that is what caused it. The test showed she has scarring. Zende thinks that Nicole gave to her sister.

Sally asks if Zende even has any design skills. Thomas thinks he needs work. He knows that Ridge will do what he wants to do. He is co-CEO. Sally asks if Steffy has any say in this. Thomas doesn’t think that Steffy really likes him very much right now. Sally wants to know if anyone is on his side right now. Thomas guesses RJ. Not that he can do anything but he knows a thing or two about Spectra women. Sally kisses Thomas. Sally asks what he will do. Thomas will let Ridge cool off and hope he reconsiders. He doesn’t expect to hear anything. Sally asks if he is reconsidering what he did for her.

Pam tells them that they all love Nicole around here. Charlie points out they love Maya as well. Pam thinks they must be proud of their daughters. Charlie thinks that they must be really proud of Nicole for what she did for Maya. Pam guesses now they will have a family of their own. Charlie didn’t mean to interrupt. He has rounds to make. Pam offers them some coffee. She has a fresh batch of lemon bars. They thank her but no. They leave. Julius tells Vivienne that everyone is waiting for the next member of the tribe. It might not be in the cards. Vivienne knows that Zende and Nicole will be fine. They love each other. Julius just wishes… Vivienne asks if he means that he wishes that Nicole didn’t give up her only baby to Maya. She did it out of love. Julius thinks it if it turns out that Nicole gave up her only child and she cannot have one of her own that would be the greatest injustice of all.

Nicole doesn’t think that you can just ignore medical signs. She has scarring due to giving Maya and Rick a child. Zende wants them to think positive. They are both healthy. There is no reason not to think that she cannot have another baby. Zende promises that they will have a baby. Everything is going their way. They got married and they have a huge opportunity to ahead of them. Lizzy starts to cry. Zende feels that is the sound of their future for many years to come.

Julius doesn’t know what he was thinking. Vivienne thinks most of the time she doesn’t know what he is thinking either. Julius claims his gut told him not to go along with it. He didn’t listen though. He said she could do what she wanted. He should have fought her more. Vivienne tells him to stop it. She gets that he is frustrated but they are not going back to the past. He is a better man than that. Julius thinks that this choice could haunt her. Not to mention what it will do to her marriage.

Nicole loves Zende. Zende wants them to get a second opinion. He asks if the doctor said under complete certainty that she would never have a child. Nicole says no. Zende guesses that is not definitive then. Nicole doesn’t think that they cannot take this seriously. Zende doesn’t think this matters. She is of one mind. Zende knows that she will get pregnant. Zende doesn’t care what anyone says. Zende doesn’t think that God would punish her for doing something selfless and beautiful. Zende refuses to believe it. She is an angel. She gave Maya a child she could never have. Zende knows the world can be cruel. It isn’t that cruel though.

Thomas thinks that Sally is giving him an out. Sally doesn’t think that is her style and he knows that. Thomas has nothing to worry about. He is a Forrester. They don’t do that. Thomas knows that things are good. Sally doesn’t want this for him. Thomas doesn’t either. Sally loves him. She isn’t going to come in between him and his family. It is his family and his future. He has already done so much for her. If he needs to pull back on this he can. She knows how much his family means to him. It is ripping him a part that Ridge did this. Sally understands if he needs to be back in good graces. Thomas does want to be accepted. Thomas is trying to figure out what his life means without Forrester. All the things that matter to him are hard to deal with. Bill Spencer robbed her at being a designer and he intends to keep his commitment. Sally thinks he keeps surprising him. She has never met anyone she can compare him too. She may never be the person his family wants her to be but if that is ok with him. Thomas of course thinks it is. Sally loves Thomas. The two kiss. Thomas and Sally get on the bed and Thomas gets on top of her.

Vivienne begs no more of this. They have a crisis in this family and they will come together as a family. Julius feels that Nicole’s family is coming a part. Vivienne doesn’t think that this is anyone’s fault. They have to believe this.

Zende wants Nicole to believe that there is no one better than her. Nicole just doesn’t want to disappoint. Zende doesn’t think she will. Nicole asks what if she cannot. Zende doesn’t want her to have any doubts. They will have a family. Nicole asks what if she is not meant to be a mother. Zende thinks she was born to be a mother. She has always told him that love conquers all. He thinks that they have a lot of love. More than two people can handle. They have to spread it around. They are waiting for their love. Zende thinks it will be a landmine of diapers in here. All she needs to do is believe. They will have their family. Nicole loves him. Zende loves her too.

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