B&B Wednesday Update 5/24/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/24/17


Written By Anthony

Maya poses for a fashion shoot at International. The photographer wants her to take five. She is clearly distracted. He assumes from the flight. Rick thinks that this has nothing to do with that but she is thinking about their daughter back home.

Coco and RJ are playing with Coco at Brooke’s house. Zende walks in and asks how his favorite niece is doing. Coco thinks fine. They are just about to have her go to bed though. Zende will help them with that. He just needs to get this champagne on some ice. RJ asks if he is celebrating something. Zende is celebrating life and how awesome it is. He wonders where Nicole is. Coco explains that she needed to go and take care of something but would be back soon. Zende thinks that there is a lot he needs to catch her up with.

Nicole is at Forrester with Vivienne. She wants her to get out with it. She can tell she is holding back tears. She asks if it is Zende. Vivienne hopes she isn’t already having problems. Nicole believes he has been wonderful. She had a doctor’s appointment today. Vivienne asks if she is sick. Nicole isn’t. She is just broken. She might not ever be able to conceive.

Maya takes photos and seems to be more into it. Rick watches as the photographer smiles. He tells her that should do it. Rick gets a phone call. He thanks her for agreeing to this. When he heard that she was going to be here he needed to take advantage of it. Maya doesn’t think it is a problem. Rick has a lot of fires to put out because of the Spectra situation. The photographer knows that could take time. He has big plans for her if she is willing to extend her stay.

Zende asks if Coco is ok with putting Lizzy down by herself. Coco took classes and has the certificates to prove she is good with children. Zende will have to remember that when the time comes. Coco hopes he does. RJ needs to know why he is so happy. Zende got some good news today from Ridge. RJ is glad. He asks if Nicole knows. Zende explains that they will celebrate when she gets back.

Vivienne tries to put together that Nicole cannot conceive. Vivienne doesn’t think it makes sense. She already has. Nicole knows and that might be why. She and Zende have been trying since they got married and haven’t succeeded yet. Vivienne thinks that it takes time and they only just got married. Nicole knows but she got pregnant with Lizzy during her first try. Nicole got worried so she made a doctor’s appointment. She said that she has scarring. It means that she doesn’t know if she will be able to have a child of her own. Vivienne holds Nicole’s hands.

Maya asks why she should extend her stay. The photographer knows she isn’t in Paris all that often. He wants to take advantage. Maya asks what he has in mind. He wants to take photos of her all-over Paris. Multiple shoots in front of iconic landmarks and possibly other countries. Maya wonders about permits. He guesses it will take time. Maya knows that this isn’t necessary. He realizes that she is already a famous face at Forrester. An international shoot like this would be good for their careers. Maya will talk to Rick and see what he thinks.

RJ is thrilled but Ridge firing Thomas he feels for him. Zende had to say yes though. RJ agrees that he should have. Coco thinks that he shouldn’t try to feel bad. He did earn it. Zende thanks them both. He thanks them for taking care of Lizzy. Zende hopes that is an Avant trait. He is trying to have a baby. RJ thinks that he is going to have a baby in nine months with his ideas. Coco feels like it is time for them to leave. RJ wishes him good luck.

Vivienne suggests that they get another opinion. Nicole asks why this is happening after all they have been through. Zende was so upset over her giving up her body for Lizzy. Vivienne thinks that she means she could be infertile. That is what she said. Julius walks in and asks what is wrong. He wants to know what happened. Nicole explains that she and Zende have been talking about having a baby. She can’t though. She had a doctor’s appointment today and she found out she might not ever be able to get pregnant again. Julius wants to know what fool doctor told her that. She has been pregnant and given birth. Vivienne notes that there is supposedly scarring from the first pregnancy. Nicole feels so terrible. Not just for herself but for Zende. Vivienne doesn’t think she has done anything wrong. Nicole wants cousins for Lizzy. She was fed the fantasy. They even talked about baby names. She never thought she wouldn’t be able to carry. Julius doesn’t know about scarring but he does know that she will have a baby. She is too good. She gives and she gives. Lizzy is living proof of that. She is too kind and loving and caring. She is going to have the baby. They will talk to the doctor and find her a specialist. She cannot give up. Not never. Julius hugs Nicole.

Rick tells Maya that by tomorrow he will have met with everyone he needs to and then they can head back the day after that. Maya suggests they might not.

Nicole stands outside of Brooke’s house. She walks back in and Zende is wearing swim shorts and has music on. Nicole asks what this is. Zende explains that they are celebrating. Nicole should go and tell RJ and Coco she is home. Zende thinks she is fine. They went out to dinner. He was thinking that since they are all gone they should take advantage of it. Zende was thinking that they could go for a swim. She doesn’t have to wear a bathing suit though. He toasts to their future. It is brighter than ever. She is looking at the newest member of the Forrester design team.

Maya explains the situation. Rick knows it wouldn’t be hard for him to schedule some more meetings. Depending how much time they have they could take a side trip to Milan. Maya just misses Lizzy so much. She knows she is in good hands. Maya thinks she should do this. The two hug each other. Maya is going to be modeling in Paris with her beautiful husband by her side. The only thing missing is Lizzy.

Julius cannot believe that Nicole ended up giving her life instead of nine months. Vivienne suggests that something else can be done. Julius guesses maybe. Vivienne knows they are finally together. They have come through so much. They have come through so much pain and understanding. This cannot be the end.

Nicole thought that this would take time. Zende says that Ridge fired Thomas. He knows it isn’t a good situation with him. He asks if it was supposed to let it stop him. Zende must have been a saint in his past life. They are getting married and starting a family. Zende takes her champagne. He knows that tonight might be the night. They can just take this upstairs. They don’t even have to go to the pool. Nicole starts to think of the doctor telling her she might not be able to get pregnant. Nicole says that she had the doctors appointment today. Zende got sidetracked today. He asks what she found out. Nicole says that the future he wants of a family. She may not be able to give it to him. She doesn’t know if she can get pregnant. She might not ever be able to give him a child. Zende wonders what she is talking about. Zende doesn’t think that it means anything. She will have a child. They will have their family.

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