B&B Tuesday Update 5/23/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/23/17


Written By Anthony

Ridge tells Pam to ring Brooke’s house and try to get someone on the line. Pam is afraid that she isn’t there. Ridge realizes that. Pam is sorry. He walks into his office. Steffy asks if he is going to hassle the newly weds. Ridge wants to know why everyone feels the need to remind him he screwed up. Ridge tells Steffy that he fired Thomas today. He is more committed to Spectra. He needs to get his money back and to put his head on straight. Steffy asks what they will do then. They need to get the collection out as soon as possible. Ridge will have to make a phone call.

Coco suggests that they get Lizzy a blanket. Zende knows what she wants and gives her a stuffed animal. Coco thinks that Zende is great with Lizzy. Zende thinks it is practice and it will happen sooner than they think.

Nicole wants to know how she cannot have children. The doctor claims it is more common than she thinks. Couples who have already had a child are the ones who suffer this the most. The scarring cannot connect to the egg. Nicole asks if she cannot have another baby.

Steffy asks if Ridge really thinks he is ready. Ridge doesn’t know but he is useful to them right now.

Zende gets a phone call. He says hell to Ridge and is almost done with the test shots for the weekend. Ridge needs him to get down to the office right now. Zende can do that. He is leaving right now. He asks if Coco and RJ can really take care of her. RJ feeds her all the time.

Rick and Maya are in their hotel room. Maya wonders if Rick has the Wi-Fi password. Rick doesn’t. Maya is annoyed. Rick thinks that they will be fine. Maya wonders if Brooke is as terrible at French as Rick is. Rick isn’t sure but Bill speaks the international language of money. Maya doesn’t think that Brooke even know where they are honeymooning. Rick kisses Maya. Maya will feel better once they find a replacement for the nanny. She thinks that they have to figure this out. They cannot put Nicole’s life on hold.

The doctor explains to Nicole they are talking possibilities not a diagnosis. The scarring may have something to do with it. They don’t consider anyone infertile until it has been a year without unprotected sex. She has only been married a number of months. It is too soon to call it secondary infertility.

Zende shows up at Forrester and says hello to Pam and Charlie. Zende says that Ridge is expecting him. Pam tells him to head on in then. She didn’t know he was supposed to be there. Zende walks in. Pam asks Charlie what she can make Ridge that would be really special. Charlie thinks that everything she does is special. Pam knows that he is devastated. He is her nephew and he has been loving Brooke for half a decade. She knows that Ridge loves Brooke. This only proves further that Ridge was never interested in Quinn.

Ridge tells Zende to have a seat. Zende wonders if anyone else is going to be here. Zende asks if Thomas is here. Steffy says that they are not waiting for anyone else. They fired Thomas. Ridge has an issue with anyone here giving money to the company that stole from them. Zende is sure that he didn’t mean to. Steffy knows that Thomas has expressed many times that he was unhappy. Ridge needs to put a line in production and they are short a designer. Zende doesn’t think he is Thomas yet. He has only modeled his work so far. Ridge doesn’t expect him to be different. He needs someone who can take direction. Ridge needs him to prove this to him.

RJ and Coco put Lizzy to sleep. Coco guesses he said he could do it. She thinks that Lizzy looks so much more comfortable. Coco thinks she will be waiting at least ten years to have a child.

Maya tries the WI-FI password. Rick asks if she is really trying to look for a nanny right now. Nicole is going to be fine. Maya just doesn’t want her to have to do more. She needs to focus on her own life.

The doctor sees she is upset. She needs to ease her mind. She needs to understand that sometimes things don’t work the way that they want them too. Nicole asks what she tells Zende. She thinks that Zende deserves to know that they might never have a child of their own. Nicole didn’t think twice. She got pregnant on the first try with Lizzy. She wanted her own child. She asks what will happen to them now.

Maya is on the phone telling Pam that she needs to find a new nanny. Pam can help. Lizzy and her get along together like biscuits and gravy. Maya thinks that would be great until they find someone else. Maya asks if Pam can call the references for her. Pam will get Charlie to help. Maya guesses if she thinks that is a good idea. Pam feels that he gets people to say things they would never say to anyone else. Maya thanks Pam and hangs up. Rick knows that Nicole loves Lizzy. They know they will be safe with Nicole.

Steffy shows Zende his contract. Ridge would need him on call until the new line is in production. There would be criticism and he has been told in the past he isn’t the easiest when it comes to telling people what he thinks. Zende asks if they have met Julius. Ridge believes that if he pays attention and works hard then he will be a Forrester designer. Zende knows he is ready. Steffy asks if he needs to speak with Nicole about this.

The doctor points out that Nicole’s health is the same as it was yesterday. Nicole knows but it isn’t the way she thought it was. She believes that Nicole has a happy marriage. Nicole did. This will change everything. She thinks that the doctor has been great to her. Nicole will make Zende a father and that is how things will be. The doctor knows that Nicole can be hopeful. Nicole isn’t old enough for this. She had a baby and she is healthy. There is nothing wrong with her. She gave her away. She cannot have lost her only shot at being a mother.

Rick tells Maya that she has been through this long enough. Maya is so tired she thought she was going to go check on Lizzy. Maya thinks they should have brought a baby monitor. Rick doesn’t think those things work over the Atlantic. Maya loves Rick. The two hug.

Steffy feels that Zende will find that when he goes through live that married life and work will be two separate things. Zende knows Nicole. If he doesn’t walk out of here not saying yes but hell yes she will be upset. Zende is so grateful. He loves this family. He might not be a Forrester in last name or have the blood of one. Ridge doesn’t either but he still is one. Zende thinks that they are all great. Steffy thinks that if she were to bring in a stranger to explain how they are all related they would be here until Christmas. Ridge thinks that Zende’s would be the easiest to tell. Zende is so excited to tell Nicole. They will celebrate.

Nicole stands outside of Brooke’s house and then walks in. Coco tells Nicole that RJ fed and changed her. He was awesome. He also had to change his shirt. Nicole wonders where Zende is. RJ says that he had to go to the office. Nicole looks at her phone. She got a text from Maya. She landed in Paris. They are still looking for a nanny. RJ thinks they should just enjoy themselves. Nicole wants them to go. She has things handled. They leave. Nicole walks over to Lizzy. She picks her up. Nicole asks if Lizzy ever dreams about Lizzy and all the time she was inside of her. She asks if she dreams about being born. She hopes it didn’t hurt her. It hurt her though. The doctor says that at least. She doesn’t think it is true.

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