B&B Monday Update 5/22/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/22/17


Written By Anthony

On his jet, Bill hands Brooke a glass of sparkling water. He says it is for his wife. Brooke knows that would be her. Bill cannot believe the pulled it off. Brooke thinks it was worth the wait. Bill believes that he will make her the happiest woman on the planet. Brooke believes he already did that. Bill believes that today was great. It started with their wedding and ends with their trip to Paris. Brooke explains that Rick and Maya have business in Paris so she said that they could catch a ride. Bill asks if they will be on their jet. He thinks that this is their honeymoon plane. Brooke won’t last one more minute of their trip. Rick and Maya are not here yet. They start to kiss.

Nicole asks Rick and Maya at Brooke house, if the wedding really happened. Zende wonders if there were no interruptions. Rick thought it was touching. He never thought he would say that. Rick has to get to Paris. He has to deal with some fires in the company thanks to the Spectra debacle. Maya has a photoshoot so off they go. Maya says that Brooke was nice enough to offer them a place on the Spencer jet. Nicole asks about Lizzy.

In the bedroom of the jet, Brooke and Bill each other passionately. Bill has waited a long time to call her his wife. He never will give up on her. When she stepped in his archway she never saw anything more beautiful. Brooke was sure of things. No more doubts or wasting time. The two of them start to undress each other and clips are shown of their romance. Bill gets on top of Brooke in the bed. Brooke kisses Bill.

Maya gets off the phone. Rick asks what is going on. Maya explains that Theresa had a family emergency. They might need to take Lizzy to Paris. Rick guesses they could but it will be such a busy trip. Nicole is standing right there she mentions. Maya doesn’t want to put her in the position. She asks if she would be willing to take care of Lizzy for a few days. They will get a nanny so she doesn’t get overwhelmed. Nicole thinks that is fine. She asks who else she was going to get to take care of her. Their parents. Maya knows that this is a lot to ask. Nicole thinks that Lizzy is in safe hands. Maya thanks them for putting their lives on hold to take care of their little girl.

Bill thinks that Brooke has a radiance inside that flows out of her. There is a goodness that she will always have. He sees the love she has for him. It almost makes him feel like a good person. Brooke doesn’t think he needs that. Bill needs her for everything. Brooke thinks it is amazing to make love with him as husband and wife. Bill would love to her the entire trip. The only problem is that someone invited a couple of extra passengers. Brooke should have thought about it twice. Bill knows they are family though and it is the least they can do. They will be on their honeymoon though.

RJ guesses it finally happened and Brooke married Bill. Nicole wonders how Ridge is taking it. RJ feels that he has had better days. Zende believes that at some point he just has to let go. Coco wonders how it is settling with him. RJ guesses better. He knows they are still a family. He wants whatever makes them happy. He asks where Rick and Maya are. Nicole tells him that they are on their way to Paris with Brooke and Bill. RJ assumes they are watching Lizzy then. Nicole states only until they find someone. The nanny had a family emergency. Nicole forgot about her doctor’s appointment. Zende wants her to go. Coco and RJ can stay and help. RJ is happy to pitch in. Nicole thanks them. Zende asks if she is nervous. Nicole is but an excited kind of nervous. She will go and get the good news and it will inspire them for tonight. She tells Nicole she loves her. She leaves.

Bill and Brooke walk back into the other room. Brooke wants them to pause a lot in Paris. Bill thinks that is if they ever get there. Brooke promises they will get here. Time means nothing. Bill is going to chill and turn over a new leaf. Rick and Maya walk in. Maya is sorry they took so long. Rick thanks them for letting them take a ride with them. Maya knows they would have rather been alone. Bill claims he is happy to have him. He offers Rick a drink. Brooke asks about Lizzy. Maya says that the nanny had an emergency but Zende and Nicole are watching her for right now. Maya will find someone else to do it. She doesn’t want to impose on their lives any more than she already has.

Nicole shows up at the doctors office. She was so happy when she was pregnant. She wants the whole experience. Nicole tells the doctor she is still late. She took a pregnancy test but it kind of threw her.

Maya looks at pictures of Lizzy. Brooke can see that she is missing her baby girl. Bill thinks that babies are hard not to love. He was a fool for Will at her age. Maya asks if Lizzy misses them. Rick is sure.

Coco thinks that Lizzy is so beautiful. RJ just thinks that it is such a long way away for him to have a child. Zende used to be the same until he met Nicole. Now he cannot wait to have a family. He wants to have one as soon as possible.

Nicole wasn’t miserable during her pregnancy. She had morning sickness but after that she felt amazing. She had tons of energy and she couldn’t get over the fact that she had a baby inside of her. She loved being pregnant. The doctor thinks it is a transforming experience. She was scared at first but it was more beautiful than anything else. The doctor wonders if it was difficult giving Lizzy up. Nicole had Lizzy for her sister and her husband. Lizzy was always their child. She was been trying to have a baby with Zende. The first time she was pregnant right away. She wants to get ready right away. Nicole wanted to make sure that everything worked out perfectly. The doctor asks if she has missed a few periods. Nicole has been working out a lot. She has been experiencing a little pain. She assumes it was her pelvis. The doctor explains that Nicole has a condition.

Coco thinks that Lizzy is such a good baby. He thinks that Zende is so good with her. Coco knows he won’t care about this because he is off the market but women like men with babies. She thinks that he will be an amazing dad. Zende is ready to be a dad.

Brooke thinks her granddaughter is so energetic. She doesn’t think she ever takes a bad photo. Rick knows that Zende and Nicole will take really good care of things until they get back. Bill wonders if it is really a good idea for Maya to let Nicole the birth mother watch Lizzy. Maya knows that Nicole loves Lizzy like she is her own. Bill knows that Lizzy is Nicole’s own. He is just stating the obvious. Brooke thinks that is Bill’s way of showing her concern. Maya knows that she loves being Lizzy’s aunt. Nicole will make a great mother one day.

Nicole is confused. The doctor says that Nicole has an abnormal amount of menstruation. She has missed a few periods and there is pain. They are symptoms. The doctor thinks the pregnancy hurt her. She has scaring and it makes it difficult for the egg to get picked up. She might have a condition called secondary infertility. She might not be able to conceive again. She might not be able to carry a baby again. Nicole asks if she cannot ever. Nicole is going to have a family. If she had one baby then she can another after that. Nicole is young and healthy and had Lizzy. She will have another child. This cannot stop her from having her child.

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