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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/18/17


Written By Anthony

Bill stands in his living room and looks at the million flower around the room. The caterers are putting things together. Bill cannot wait to say his vows in the same place he calls his home. He asks Brooke on the phone if that sounds good. Brooke knows that he has thought of everything as usual. Bill asks if she is on her way to Katie’s to get ready. Brooke is still at work. Bill points out that it is her wedding day. Brooke knows but something came up. Bill thinks that Steffy can take care of it. That is why she makes the big bucks. He wants her here now.

Ridge asks Brooke if that was Bill. Brooke confirms it was. Ridge guesses that he thinks she is getting married. Brooke never said she wasn’t. Ridge doesn’t want her to make a decision based on that. The two of them have a history. Ridge thinks that if they love as deeply as they have it doesn’t just go away. Ridge is going to go to her house and wait for her. When she gets there, they will start their life together. Her, him, and RJ. Brooke leaves without saying anything.

Liam tells Bill that this is nice. It looks like Bill is getting to be an old pro of putting together weddings super fast. Justin thinks he is acting like this happens every day. Wyatt thinks it be nice if this is the wedding that actually worked out. Bill thinks that they are bringing the comedy routine from the office to his wedding. He informs them that they are both out of the will. Wyatt wants him to learn how to take a joke. Liam says in all seriousness that it is time for Brooke and him to be married. Bill thinks that Liam is back in the will. Bill tells them that Brooke is headed over to Katie’s right now. Wyatt wonders if Ridge is going to do one final pitch. Justin suggests that Ridge could show up once again.

Ridge is on the phone. He is going to be out of the office for the rest of the day. Quinn walks over. She says that Pam is not at her desk. Ridge knows. She is on her phone wandering around the office. He gave her the instruction to do that. Ridge will be gone the rest of the day. He will be at Brooke’s house. Quinn asks what is going on. Ridge thinks if things work out then they will be married today.

Brooke shows up at Katie’s house. She is sorry she is late. Brooke was speaking with Ridge. Katie understands. Katie saw him earlier and it was pretty clear he hasn’t given up on her. Brooke is getting married today and she is happy that Katie is here to help her. She asks if she should leave her hair down or put it up. Katie suggests that her groom might have an opinion. Unless, she has decided not to marry Bill.

Wyatt wonders when the minister is getting here. Liam hopes that Bill remembered to hire one. Bill completely forgot but is just being sarcastic. He hired one. It is Justin. Justin explains that anyone can be a minister for a day. It just requires a trip to city hall. Bill thought he would have to pull some strings. Justin gets a chance to marry his oldest friend to the woman that makes him happiest. Wyatt asks if he has written vows. Bill wants to know what is wrong with speaking from the heart. Liam is shocked he wants to do that. Bill tells them to watch and learn. He is fully committed to Brooke unlike Ridge. Bill isn’t going to be like that. Brooke knows that Bill will trust and support her. He will protect their marriage until one of them chokes. Bill doesn’t think that anything compares to the love he has with Brooke. Ridge will never have another chance with Brooke.

Quinn asks if Ridge really thinks that this will happen. Ridge thinks that things can change. Quinn asks if Brooke really wants a future with him. Quinn thinks that she kept turning the conversation on to her. Quinn had two incredible men and who she would choose. The thought of picking Bill made her stomach turn. She also asked how she would feel if Brooke married Ridge. She had to remind her whatever it was between them was over. Ridge said the same thing and today was possibly the first day she believed him. Ridge doesn’t discount their relationship but they would be together if he didn’t screw up. Ridge is going to show up to her house and they will start their life together.

Brooke wants to know if she needs something borrowed, something, new, something blue. Katie asks if she is serious. Brooke is just kidding. Katie doesn’t think she has answered her. Brooke is focusing on getting married. Katie asks who she is getting married too. She wonders if Ridge has changed her mind. Katie asks if she wants Ridge or Bill.

In the design office, Ivy is trying to show Quinn a design. Ivy asks Quinn what she is doing. Quinn gets on her phone and tells Bill that she knows he is getting married and wonders if the ceremony has started yet. Bill asks what it is to her. Quinn will take it as a no. Bill thinks if she is trying to wrangle a last minute invitation she can forget it. Quinn knows they are not besties. Bill says goodbye. Quinn also knows how committed he is to Brooke. He loves her and had proven it over and over again. Bill has and Ridge has let her down. He doesn’t know what he did but wonders if Quinn knows. Quinn asks why she would. Bill knows that she is Eric’s wife and Ridge is his son. He thought maybe he told her. Quinn tells him that didn’t happen. Eric knows as much as Bill does. Bill will find out. Quinn wants him to focus on making her his wife. With Ridge trying to impress Brooke earlier. She knows that he isn’t giving up. Bill asks why she is telling him this. Quinn knows how much they have overcome to be together. Just like her and Eric. If Ridge is going to play on their history to pull any last minute doubts… Bill asks if they are together now. Quinn says no. Bill knows that the wedding is happening.

Brooke tells Katie that Donna called. She was checking to see if the wedding was a go. Katie wonders how dad is doing. Brooke thinks he is much better. He has come to rely on her so she will stick around there for a while. She probably thinks that this is like last time where Ridge was upstairs with her while Donna was with Bill waiting. Katie asks if Brooke is going to be with Ridge or Bill. She has to be honest that Ridge and Quinn really aren’t together. She just sees her devotion to Eric. Ridge loves her and she knows she loves him. She knows that RJ is a big reason as to why she didn’t marry Bill in the first place. Katie asks what she is going to do. Brooke takes her wedding ring off and looks at it.

Quinn is working on something and Ivy tells her it was kind of hard for her not to hear the conversation she was having with Bill. She asks if she really thinks that Brooke might choose Bill after all. Quinn doesn’t know. Quinn is happily married to Eric. Ivy assumes that she is over with Ridge. Brooke might have changed her mind. Quinn has a lot of work to do. Ivy is going to get the supplies that they need.

Ridge looks outside of Brooke’s house. He thinks of coming back from Paris to Brooke.

Wyatt doesn’t understand why Quinn called him about his wedding to Brooke. She couldn’t care less about his personal life. He doesn’t understand that. Liam suggests that she is trying to stir up trouble. Justin knows he isn’t going to go and stir things up with Forrester. Bill is only thinking about Brooke. Not the Forrester’s. Bill knows that Ridge will just talk about their destiny. Brooke’s destiny is with him.

Ridge stands in Brooke’s living room.

Bill knows that Brooke should be here by now. Someone opens the door.

Ridge turns and someone opens the door.

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