B&B Wednesday Update 5/17/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/17/17


Written By Anthony

Bill had the property in the palm of his hand but his son had to go and run his mouth. Liam cannot keep something like that from Steffy. Bill believes he could have but he didn’t and now it is out. Liam is sorry but writing that article wasn’t right. Bill isn’t going to sit here and debate this with the king of all hall monitors. He has bigger and better things to discuss. Wyatt wonders if it is bigger and better than the skyscraper. Bill admits he wanted to close the deal before he married Brooke but he isn’t waiting any longer. They are getting married today.

In the CEO officer, RJ asks if Brooke is really getting married today. Brooke made plans with Bill last night. RJ guesses that means she will be wearing the tacky ring for all eternity. He wants to know what happened with her and Ridge anyway. He wants to know why the broke up. Brooke will always love Ridge. RJ guesses she will marry Bill, knowing how she feels about Ridge.

In the design office, Quinn says go for it. Their clients like to be a little edgy. Ivy thinks it is really beautiful. Katie wonders if Quinn happened to look at her designs last night. Quinn did and it looks like she spent a lot of time with it. Katie knows she isn’t a designer like them. Katie would love to get their opinion and then show Eric. Katie sees that time is flying by. Quinn asks if she has somewhere she needs to be. Katie explains that Brooke is getting married today. Quinn is assuming it is to Bill. Katie confirms that of course it is Bill. Quinn knew that Brooke and Bill recently got engaged but she also knows that Ridge isn’t giving up. Katie says he isn’t and wonders how she feels. Quinn doesn’t think it matters. She just didn’t know she was marrying today. Quinn is going to go and talk to her before she leaves. She needs to go over some of the new designs with her. Katie found that odd. Ivy assumes by the way she asked who Brooke was marrying like it might have been someone else. Katie asks if she still has feelings for Ridge. Ridge walks in. He asks if they have seen Brooke. Katie hasn’t yet but she is coming over to her house because Katie is getting her ready for her wedding. Ridge thinks if he has things his way she will marry him and not Bill.

Bill feels that Brooke will make an honest man of him today. Wyatt finds that impossible. Even she couldn’t do that. Bill wants him to zip it. Bill wants them all there. Liam guesses they can try to fit it in. Wyatt will have to rearrange his schedule. Bill has actual feelings. Wyatt is very happy for him. Bill doesn’t think anyone is more happy than he is. Bill is marrying the woman of his dreams.

Brooke knows it is hard to hear but she does love Bill. RJ knows she also loves Ridge. He doesn’t want to make her feel bad. He just doesn’t want her to realize that Ridge is the one who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. A part of him knows that Brooke knows that already. Quinn walks in. She can come back. RJ says that is ok. He wants Brooke to remember what he said. Quinn asks if everything is ok. Brooke says yes. She asks how things are with Eric. Quinn feels they are wonderful. Brooke told Katie not to say anything about her and Ridge. Quinn thanks her. Brooke asks if it is really over. Quinn has had no contact with Ridge. Brooke finds that very hard to believe since she let him move into the Forrester guest house. Quinn points out it is his family’s property. It wasn’t even her choice. It was Eric’s. She tells her that what happened in Australia scared her. She doesn’t want to lose her husband. She wants to know why she is being asked this question. Quinn asks if Brooke is thinking about going back with Ridge.

Backstage at Forrester, Coco wonders if there will be a band at Brooke’s wedding. RJ doubts it. They threw it together last minute. He only found out this morning. Coco finds it crazy that Bill will be his step-father. Coco asks if he is really as he seems. RJ says he has a macho routine but he isn’t that scary once you get to know him. Whatever makes Brooke happy. He will just be shocked if Brooke goes through with this given how she feels about Ridge.

Katie thinks that Ridge seems confident. Ridge knows they will be together if it wasn’t for his mistake. He thinks it is time for Brooke to move on. Katie doesn’t think she is ready for that and she might never be. Ridge knows her better than anyone. He just needs to find a way to make it happen. Ridge just needs a way to stop it. Ivy feels he is running out of time because the wedding is happening soon. Ridge knows it hasn’t happened yet.

Brooke says that Ridge will always be a part of her life. Quinn asks if she still has feelings for him. Brooke wants to know how she can ask her that. That is a stupid question. She does have feelings. She was going to marry him until she found them kissing on the beach. Quinn says it was nothing. Brooke knows it wasn’t nothing. It was enough for her to risk her relationship with Eric. She will never understand it. It will never make sense to her. Brooke finds that Quinn and Ridge very much alike. Quinn cannot argue with that. All this talk about Ridge. She hasn’t answered her question. She asks if she is having second thoughts about marrying Bill. Brooke wonders what she thinks she should do.

Justin tells Bill that when you say you will do something you do it. Wyatt knows he doesn’t mess around. Bill knows that is because he is driven. A man cannot have too much passion. Wyatt knows he didn’t give up on Brooke. He never lost hope. Liam knows he charmed his way back into her life. Bill knows that there is a lot to this marriage. He knows Ridge screwed up and wonders what he did.

Ridge cannot lose her or let this happen. Katie asks how Brooke is supposed to forgive him. Ridge made a mistake. This isn’t just about him. It is about RJ as well. He wants a break.

RJ knows that Ridge is still madly in love with Brooke. Coco asks how Brooke feels. RJ knows that she said they will always love them. RJ knows that Ridge can turn on the Forrester charm like no one can. The two start to kiss.

Brooke believes she is asking to many questions Brooke has two men that are interested in her. They both have a history with her. She asks what Quinn would do in her position. Quinn thinks that is a ridicules question. She never got a long with Bill. She knows that Brooke has a long history with Ridge. Brooke asks if it wouldn’t upset her if she married Ridge. Quinn sees Bill’s engagement ring on her finger and she is marrying him today. There is nothing between her and Ridge. Quinn says nothing will ever happen. She needs her to believe her. Quinn asks if Brooke is having second thoughts about Bill. Ridge walks in. Quinn should get back to work. Ridge tells Brooke not to do this. She will regret this.

Bill wants a triple berry cake from the place on Melrose. He wants twice as many dogs on his property. He wants roses. Bill wants only the best for his bride. Wyatt thinks he is acting like this is a royal wedding. Bill says that Brooke is his queen. Liam asks who he invited. Bill only invited them. Bill wants this to not be complicated. This is about spending the rest of his life with her.

Ivy tells Quinn that Ridge isn’t giving up on Brooke. He was just here talking to her and Katie. Quinn asks why that matters. Ivy thinks she can be honest about her feelings for Ridge. Quinn only has regret for betraying Brooke. Ivy wonders if she really would be ok if Brooke ended up marrying Ridge today. Quinn wants to know why everyone asks her that. Ivy asks if Brooke asked the same thing. Quinn told her it wouldn’t bother her. She is committed to Eric. Ivy wants to know if she has truly gotten over him.

Brooke has already spoken to RJ. He seems to have gotten over it. Ridge thinks that is RJ. He isn’t going to guilt trip anyone. Not his style. It isn’t his style either. Plus, he is in no position to guilt anyone. He just wants one more chance. He made a mistake. He made a huge mistake. If he could go back in time he would. Ridge knows they have made mistakes over the years and the shouldn’t make another one she cannot come back from. Ridge wants to get married. Ridge is going to go to the house and wait for her. When she gets back she will wait at the fountain. That is where this last chapter started when he got back from Paris. He knows she remembers. Ridge wants her to come home to him. They will make memories together. He wants to commit to them and say their vows. Ridge thinks it has always been Brooke. He wants to spend the rest of his days with her. He loves her. He wants Brooke to be his wife.

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