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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/16/17


Written By Anthony

Ridge demands that Sally get out now. Thomas tells Sally to stay. She is fine. Ridge thinks that Sally has him exactly where she needs him. She steals form them and he pays her to do it. Thomas doesn’t want her to leave. Sally isn’t going to come between him and his father. She walks out. Ridge asks what is wrong with him. She stole millions of dollars from them. Thomas thinks that she only stole from them because Bill ruined her career. Ridge asks if that makes it ok. Thomas doesn’t think that it does but she knows that. Some people learn from their mistakes and some don’t. He knows that Ridge thinks that he is a love-sick idiot. And he is an idiot for never thinking he would make it out of his shadow. He does all the grunt work. Yet, Steffy gets promoted. She has never even designed before. He asks how that makes him feel.

Steffy tells Charlie that Sally had no idea that Bill wrote the article about her. Charlie suggests that Sally might have deserved it. She isn’t that good. Steffy doesn’t think she is that bad either. Charlie guesses she is really good at stealing. Steffy isn’t defending Sally. Steffy is worried about Thomas. Her brother is under a spell not to mention what this girl has done to the company. Charlie suggests that someone needs to straighten that boy out. Steffy has a feeling that someone is right now.

At Brooke’s house, Brooke cannot believe that Bill wrote that review. Bill did and he doesn’t regret it one bit. Brooke reminds him that Jarrett thought that she showed promise. Bill thinks that is because Jarrett is a sucker for an underdog. The designs are horrible. Bill thinks that she stood in his way of his biggest conquest. Thomas rode in like a knight on a horse. In reality he is like a gesture on a donkey. Bill will build his building though and get his bride. He may need to rename it Brooke tower. Brooke laughs. Bill knows she will be by his side by all of it. Brooke guesses it is all coming back now. Bill thinks because Liam has loose lips. Brooke doesn’t think that there is any secret in a marriage. Bill guesses there are no secrets at all in that clan. Steffy told Thomas and Thomas went to give Sally a check for a hundred grand. The dress maker wasn’t pleased. He doesn’t blame him for being furious. If one of his children did this to him they would be over.

Ridge cannot believe that this is all because he was passed over at Forrester. Thomas did this because of respect. He has done everything he has asked him and more. He asks what happened to working hard. Ridge thinks that Steffy is very good at what she does. Thomas assumes that he means publicity stunts. He isn’t bashing his sister but she isn’t a designer. Yet, Steffy is running the company. Ridge thinks that he will get his opportunity in time. Thomas feels he will always be second or third to run the company. Thomas has plans of his own.

Steffy is on the phone with a buyer. Charlie walks in saying that he did his best but she snuck by the gate. Steffy asks what is going on. Sally walks in. Steffy sighs. Sally needs to talk to her about Thomas. She was just at Thomas’s place when Ridge showed up. He was furious. Sally needs her to talk to Ridge. She needs to make sure she is not anymore trouble for Thomas.

Brooke asks if Bill is sure that he is not going to be too busy with the wedding. She knows how important his building project is to him. Bill believes that is business. Brooke assumes she is pleasure. Bill thinks that is well put. Brooke feels that one thing she has to say about Thomas is he is a romantic. He is in love. Bill feels what she calls romance he calls stupidity and he bets Ridge is taking him to town right now. Steffy has no time for Sally’s brand of romance.

Sally means it. She will never cause trouble for Thomas or any of them. Steffy knows she got what she wanted from him. Sally thinks he went up against his family for her. She never had anyone show her that kind of love or support. She will never hurt anyone again. Sally is going legit. She will repair his faith in her. Sally wants them to all get along but she feels things are going in the opposite direction. She asks if there is any chance if they can all just learn to respect one another. She wonders if they can someday be friends.

Ridge doesn’t think that this is about talent. This is about him selling out his family. He lived a life of privilege. He has had every advantage in the world. Thomas thinks that he got there based on his talent and not his last name. Ridge asks where he got this ability. Ridge knows he hasn’t been a great father but he was there. Ridge was Eric’s shadow for decades. He had respect for the company. Thomas wonders about respect for him and respect for how he feels about Sally. Ridge thinks that Sally stole from them. It was one of the best collections they have had in years. Thomas knows she stole but she is willing to pay it all back. Ridge asks how and with what. He wonders how much money he has because she is a Spectra and they have been stealing for years. They did it even before he was born. He cannot take him turning his back on the company that his grandparents built. He doesn’t respect the family at all. He is a spoiled brat and his relationship with Sally proves that. Thomas thinks he talks about betraying the family and yet they have favoritism. Thorne at one point wanted the position that Ridge has but he was passed over. So was Felicia and Kristin. So was he. He doesn’t see it because he is the favorite. So is Steffy. He knows what it is like to be Thorne. Ridge assumes that is why he sabotaged the company then, because he is bitter. Thomas didn’t sabotage the company. He saved Sally so she could have a real shot. Thomas asks if he is always going to be a second-class citizen in his own family. He wonders if there is somewhere else for him.

Steffy thinks if she wants to be her friend then she will rip up the check that Thomas gave her and get out of fashion. Steffy doesn’t want her to come between her brother and his family. She will not do that though. Ever since she came to LA it has been about publicity stunts with her. She crashed her wedding. Sally didn’t crash her wedding. Thomas invited her. Steffy is glad she isn’t in prison but she took advantage of her family. She has no concept of how to act and Coco is proof of that. Sally knows what she did was wrong. Sally wants what is best for Thomas. Sally has had a few hard knocks. Bill’s article took away her self-confidence. Steffy doesn’t think that there is any excuse for what she did to them. Sally made a bad choice and she paid for it. Steffy doesn’t think that she paid for it. Thomas did. It is like Stephanie used to say. The Spectra’s fight for respect but her MO is lying and stealing so it won’t happen. Sally might not have her class and integrity but she is trying. Steffy will not let her get away with this. She promises that.

Brooke asks if Bill really sees no romance between Thomas and Sally. She does think what she did was horrible. Yet, Thomas was able to get past all of that. Bill will help her as well. She can go rob a bank and he will be there for her. Brooke thinks he is her hero. Bill is just the man who cannot get enough of her. The two kiss passionately. Bill wonders how RJ is dealing with things. Brooke knows he just wants her to be happy. Bill wants the same thing. He will go the extra mile for him. Brooke will do the same for him. Brooke asks what happens now. Bill wants to get married now. Brooke asks when and where. She will become his wife. The two kiss each other passionately. Bill thinks they can live at his place. Brooke likes that. Brooke thinks that this is one of the countless things he loves about her. Wherever they are it will be very significant to both of them. Bill doesn’t want to wait any longer. They have waited long enough.

Ridge asks if he has any idea what it takes to be CEO. Thomas imagines he has the same idea that Steffy does if not more. Ridge doesn’t think he does. He is missing one key ingredient. He doesn’t have good judgment. Thomas thinks he has made plenty of sketchy business plans based on love. He wouldn’t be shocked if the reason Brooke isn’t marrying him is because of a bad judgment call. Ridge at least has never given money to a business that has stolen from them. Ridge asks if that is because Sally says so. Ridge asks how Sally will pay them back. Thomas asks if it matters if he loves her. Ridge doesn’t think he can do this. He cannot talk with him. Until he can figure this out he can take a break from Forrester. Thomas asks what he is saying. Ridge tells him he is fired. He cannot just do this. It will not happen. Ridge tells him to get back the money and get rid of Sally. If he does that then they can talk about him coming back to Forrester.

Sally asks if she is really vowing to get rid of her. Steffy knows her brother deserves better. Sally cannot give him fancy things. Steffy doesn’t care about superficial things she deems important. She cares about integrity which is something that Sally doesn’t have. Sally assumes she is the poster child for all of that. Steffy draws the line at stealing. Sally might not be good enough for her. Spectra isn’t the gleaming monument that Forrester is. She started at the bottom. Steffy is done here. Sally thinks that what she has with Thomas is special. Steffy knows it is special for her. Steffy will point out her flaws. Sally was hoping she would show her some sort of charity. Steffy thinks she shouldn’t be talking about charity and virtue when she lacks it. Sally had to scramble and claw and hustle. She admits that what she did was wrong but she doesn’t want to declare war on her.

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