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Ridge tells Steffy that Zende is the son of two designers. It is about time that he took an interest. Steffy knows he wants to be involved but with the Spectra nonsense… Ridge agrees. He shows talent but there is no time right now. Steffy tried explaining him the other day. Ridge wants to explain it to himself now. Ridge tells Coco that they are grateful to Coco. RJ wonders if that means she can keep her internship. Ridge says she can stay if she likes. Coco would love too. She promises she will not take things for granted. RJ asks if Ridge heard about what Bill did to Spectra. Ridge did hear and as wrong as it was it doesn’t condone what Sally did. Steffy agrees but they are glad to have Coco here. She has a future in this business. Sally doesn’t though.

Thomas takes Sally to the loft. Sally guesses that this is bachelor living. He wants her to close her eyes for a second and he can have it cleaned up. Sally thinks it is fine. He should see her place. Thomas wonders what she thinks. Sally thinks she is incredibly lucky. A little while ago she was ready to leave LA and now she is able to stay.

In the design office, Zende tells Nicole that he cannot believe this happened. He knows it wasn’t a job offer though. Nicole knows it was close enough hearing a shout out on his designs. Nicole hears that Coco has her job back as well. Coco is just glad the Forrester’s didn’t hold her accountable. Nicole knew that they wouldn’t. Nicole asks Zende if that is right. Zende guesses. She wonders if he has something he wants to say to Coco. Zende admits that the conclusions he jumped to were wrong. Her sister however he will never trust.

Thomas guesses that the truth is out. Sally only likes him for his loft. Sally believes that there are worse reasons to like a guy. Thomas guesses that Sally is keeping points. He wonders how many Sally points he has. Sally thinks a lot. She would be in jail if it wasn’t for him. Sally believes that he helped her again today after he came to her rescue again today. Thomas is keeping points as well.

Ridge guesses that should have made Zende’s week. Steffy bets his year. She wonders if Ridge has heard from Thomas. She texted him but she hasn’t heard from him. She knows that when he heard about what Bill did he took off for Spectra. Bill storms in. He wants to know what the hell is wrong with his son.

Zende tells Nicole that this design was one of his favorites. RJ asks Coco if she is ok. Coco is and wonders why. RJ knows that Coco cannot help thinking about designs right now. Zende doesn’t want Coco giving these designs to Sally either. He is just kidding. Coco can take a joke and she suspected her jewelry before coming in. Nicole doesn’t think that there really is a Spectra anymore. Coco admits that it looks like Spectra isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Zende wonders how. There is no money. Coco says that there is. Thomas gave them money. Spectra is still in business because of them.

Thomas hands Sally a glass of wine. Sally asks if Thomas was nervous handing CJ the check earlier. Thomas believes it was a wise investment. Sally means because of Bill. He totally could have gone off on him. Thomas has been watching him huff and puff around town for years. The guy has always been like this. Thomas is glad that CJ took the check. Bill doesn’t deserve the property after what he pulled. Sally doesn’t deserve it either. Thomas isn’t happy with what she did but he understands it. Sally was Bill’s victim. She really appreciates that. She isn’t sure his family will be ok with this though.

Ridge feels that if Bill is going to be RJ’s step-father he needs to calm down. Bill doesn’t think this has anything to do with RJ. He wonders if he has any idea what Thomas has been up to. Ridge knows he has been designing like crazy because of Bill. Bill asks when a little exaggeration is bad. It was just business. He would think that they would understand what he did. Ridge assumes that Bill will get that building up right away now that Spectra is a thing of the past. Bill guesses you would think so. Steffy asks what the tone is. Bill just came from there. CJ was ready to take his check. Bill will ask again what is wrong with his son. Prince poser Jr. showed up on his white horse. Steffy knows he went over to tell her what Bill did. Steffy doesn’t think that stops him from closing the deal. Bill says that Spectra has a new benefactor. Thomas is keeping Sally in business.

Zende asks Coco if Thomas just handed over a check for a hundred thousand dollars. Coco knows it is crazy. Zende cannot believe that Spectra is alive and kicking. Zende reminds them that Spectra stole their entire line. There should be no last minute saving like this. Zende thinks that Thomas is out of his mind. Coco gets why they are upset but Thomas is upset.

Ridge knows that Bill is lying. Bill never lies… He isn’t lying about this. That property was supposed to be his. He has no patients for wannabe hero’s trying to save the day. Steffy wants to know what exactly happened. He thinks it is simple. Thomas wrote a check to save the day. Ridge doesn’t believe it. Bill knows it is the truth. He asks how stupid a person can be. He thinks anyone with common sense wouldn’t let this happen to them again. Thomas wrote them a check with Forrester money. Steffy reminds them that Sally didn’t go to jail but Spectra was supposed to close down. Bill wants her to tell Thomas that. Bill thinks that something has to be done. Ridge promises that something will be done.

Sally wonders if Thomas has thought about what his family will say. Thomas hasn’t. The deal is done though so it doesn’t matter. Sally knows they will be furious. Thomas believes that his family knows that he is very charming. People were angry when he invited her to Steffy’s wedding. She came to LA to start a real fashion house and she hasn’t been given the chance to yet. Sally did steal from them. Thomas did forget about that. He knows she was forced to the corner. He promises that will never happen again. Sally promises her days of stealing are over. Thomas believes her and eventually his family will too. Sally thanks him. The two kiss each other.

Zende doesn’t care what feelings Thomas has for Sally. She should have gone to jail. RJ knows the only reason that he didn’t was because Eric dropped the charges. Zende knows that Eric was under the impression that Spectra would be folding. He thought that was part of the deal. Nicole doesn’t think that they ever made that legal. Coco knows that stealing is wrong but she asks how else Sally would go legit. She is getting a real chance. She knows it is a shock and they will be furious. She knows that this will be the start of things.

Steffy asks Bill how Thomas could do this. Bill is not giving up. The property will be his one way or the other. Spectra is going down. Steffy doubts that Spectra will write anymore checks after Ridge is done with him.

Sally thinks that the way he trusts her and believes in her is a new feeling. Thomas knows that Shirley believes in her. Sally believes it is the way he looks at her. He is actually showing that he forgives her and she can feel it. Thomas knows that it is new for him to give. He believes because she makes it possible for him not to. Sally thinks it is funny because that is how she feels about him. Thomas thinks that there might be something to this and they should figure it out. Someone knocks on the door. Ridge screams and bangs to open it. Thomas goes to open it. Ridge asks what Thomas has done. Ridge cannot believe that he did this. Her family has done nothing but take from them since day one and he gave her money. Thomas invested. Ridge asks what is wrong with her. He wants to know what it is about Sally. No one wants her here. Ridge says she can stay until she pays the money. Then she needs to get out. The romance is over. Thomas doesn’t think it is. Ridge tells him to be quiet. Ridge will not let any Forrester associate with this criminal. He will not stand for it.

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