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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/11/17


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Sally asks if Thomas really wants her to stay. Bill doesn’t think she can stay because the building is being demolished. Bill has waited long enough. He wants CJ to put Sally out of her misery and sign the papers. Thomas doesn’t think that Spectra failed. They were sabotaged. Bill thinks that this is typical Forrester. They want to ride in on their white horse but it isn’t a horse it is a donkey. Thomas is sorry to Sally. Bill is getting them out of this useless pile of rubble. This is the company stat stole his collection. Thomas doesn’t think they would have stolen his collection if he hadn’t trashed the preview. Sally doesn’t think this matter. Bill is right. It is too late. Spectra is busted and she has no future here. Thomas thinks that she has a future here and it is just getting started.

Steffy admits to Lima that part of her wishes that Liam didn’t tell her what Bill did. Liam is her husband and honesty is in the job description. Steffy doesn’t want him to expect her to say thank you. Liam thinks that Thomas deserves to know what happened. Zende and Nicole walk in. He asks if Ridge is around. Steffy asks if he has another sketch. Nicole tells her that he wants to show it to Ridge or Thomas. Steffy wants him to leave it with her. Ridge is in a meeting and Thomas is over at Spectra trying to save Sally and her business.

Jarrett walks into Bill’s office and asks if Wyatt wanted to see him. Wyatt heard that Jarrett and Liam have been a little chummy lately. Jarrett admits that they have spoken. Wyatt asks if they were enough to share secrets. Jarrett spoke frankly. Wyatt likes to be frank as well. He wants to know why he told Liam that Bill wrote the review of Spectra’s preview. Jarrett did because Bill actually did.

Shirley tells Darlita she needs to keep packing. Bill Spencer could come out at any second and toss them on the street. Coco doesn’t think that Thomas wants that to happen. Saul thinks that Thomas wants them out of business as much as Bill does. Coco doesn’t think he knows that. Darlita believes Thomas came here for Sally. It is possible that Thomas will carry her out of here like a movie. Shirley notes the only thing that is getting carried out of here are all the boxes. Shirley asks Saul to tape them up. Shirley would love to know what was going on in there if she thought anything good could come to them.

Wyatt thought that Bill made it clear that no one was supposed to know about the review. Jarrett thought that Liam being a Spencer made it alright. He asked him a direct question. Wyatt wonders if he said anything to make himself suspicious. Jarrett explains that Liam came to him. He said something was going on. He was determined to get to the bottom of it.

Nicole wonders what Thomas can do for Spectra. Zende thinks that Thomas wants to help. Liam says that it is only because there might have been circumstances involved. Zende knows that Sally confessed and they stole the entire collection. Nicole assumes that Thomas still has feelings for Sally.

Thomas knows that Sally has until the end of the day to keep Spectra open. CJ guesses if she can make a payment. Bill knows she cannot. Thomas wants to know how much it is. Bill knows it is more than she has. Thomas wants the number. CJ needs a hundred thousand. Sally knows that this is pointless. Spencer gets the building. This is all pointless. Thomas gets out his checkbook. He is making an investment in Spectra fashions.

Darlita continues to pack. Coco wants someone to say something. Shirley doesn’t think there is anything left to say. Coco thinks that this place used to be so full of energy. Shirley knows that now it is time to turn out the lights.

Jarrett doesn’t think that Liam is a fan of the Spectra’s. He didn’t see any harm in telling him about Bill’s role in things. Wyatt says that he told Steffy who then told Thomas. Jarrett sees. Wyatt thinks that this was a very sensitive piece of information. Jarrett is relieved. He is a journalist. He was never comfortable with what Bill did. He realizes he could lose his job over this. The truth had to come out.

Zende doesn’t think one good review is going to save Spectra now. Nicole knows that they cannot sell the collection the stole from them. Steffy doesn’t think it even justifies what they did. It does change how Thomas sees it. He will think that Spectra was sabotaged. Liam knows that they were though. Nicole assumes that Thomas doesn’t want Sally to feel like a failure. He wants her to realize that she has talent. Steffy thinks that this could all change everything. It concerns her about her brother.

Thomas has signed the check. He needs this money. Bill wonders what happens next month and the month after that. Bill will not let them back out of the deal. Thomas tells Bill that Sally has a check and it keeps her in this building. Bill wants to know what she will be doing. They don’t have a collection. Even if they get the clown shop gets off the ground no one will buy their rags. Thomas believes that this building is Sally’s legacy. Sally could have given this brand an entirely new face. Thomas knows that CJ’s mother wanted this. Bill reminds Thomas that Sally stole from him. Thomas believes that is only because she thought she couldn’t make it because of him. Bill is shocked that Spectra is being bailed out after what happened. Thomas demands another shot for Spectra. CJ is sorry to Bill but Spectra is still in business. Shirley walks in and asks where Bill is going. Sally explains that thanks to Thomas, Spectra is still alive. They need to unpack the boxes because Spectra isn’t going anywhere.

Zende doesn’t think the Spectra’s can be trusted. They gave them the benefit of the doubt and they burned them. Liam promises that no one is excusing what they did but they cannot deny what Bill did either. They need to think what would have happened if Bill had given her a real review. She is trying to be a legit designer. Steffy doesn’t think a real designer would have gone after her for publicity or stolen their designs. They had to sue. They couldn’t get away with it. Bill deserved a part of this though. Steffy knows that Bill will have his precious building built.

Bill asks Wyatt what is wrong with people. He wonders if anyone appreciates great architecture anymore. Bill thinks that Sally is a rip off artist who stole a collection. He cannot believe that Thomas said his review was sabotage. He couldn’t trust Jarrett to keep his mouth shut. Wyatt doesn’t get it. CJ bailed on the deal because of the review. Bill says he bailed because Thomas wrote a check. A hundred large. Spectra lives another day. Wyatt is shocked that Bill would have offered two times that. Bill isn’t giving up on Spencer tower. Thomas didn’t save Spectra. Spectra will be a pile of rubble and he will take great celebration.

Saul is happy that they are back in business. Sally says that Thomas paid the debt. Shirley wonders why he would do a foolish thing like that. Thomas isn’t afraid of a little competition. He just wants it to be a fair fight next time. Shirley thinks he is nice human being. Thomas wasn’t going to let Bill get away with this. Bill wrote the review. Jarrett liked the preview but Bill didn’t like it. Saul thanks Thomas. Thomas knows how much they all mean to Sally. Shirley takes back every bad thing she has said about him. They start a conga line. Sally thinks that Thomas brought them back from the edge of destruction. She really cannot thank him enough.

Liam knows that Steffy told Thomas the truth but she cannot control what he does with it. Steffy knows that Thomas will excuse Sally of everything and he will believe whatever he wants because it is exactly what he wants to hear. Liam knows that Steffy loves her brother too much to think of that. Steffy thanks Liam. She wants to know why her brother has to be such a superhero. Liam doesn’t think he is the only do-gooder in the family. Liam knows what Bill did was selfish. The two kiss.

The group continues to conga in the lobby. Shirley needs a refill. Shirley didn’t think that the designs were that big. Coco didn’t think that what was said was that bad. He spoke up though the way that RJ did and they hope that is a lesson to everyone here. Shirley toasts to Thomas and everything she has done for their girl. Coco wonders if they will get back together.

Sally watched them celebrate. Thomas wonders if she needs help unpacking. Sally is good. She thought it was over and she ruined everything. Thomas doesn’t think it was just him. Steffy is the one who told him about the article. Thomas guesses that she thought he should know. He saw her promise as a designer. Sally was just shocked by the review. Thomas knows that Bill never saw her designs. Jarrett believes in her and so does he. Sally wants to believe that. She hated giving up. She wants to create something beautiful and honest and real. It is all because of him. She thinks it is the most romantic thing he has ever done for her. The two kiss each other.

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