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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/10/17


Written By Anthony

Bill tells Emmy that he is planning on putting a parking garage in the back. Emmy wonders how people will find it. Bill knows that LA drivers will find it. All they will see from the street is a beautiful tower. Emmy thinks he has a thing for smoked glass and wonders what is so great about smoked glass. Bill thinks it is a perfect building material. You can see through it but you can’t. Emmy thinks it is like the right underwear. CJ and Wyatt walk in. Emmy better see what kind of trouble they having hanging around out there. Wyatt wonders if Emmy is being asked for architectural advice. Bill thinks she is the only one who tells the truth. Bill knows today is the big day. He happens to have a very handsome check that handles the purchase of the property if he is ready to do business.

Sally and the others pack up the Spectra building. Shirley cannot believe that this is happening. Coco walks in. She asks if today is the day. Sally guesses on the bright side that no one is measuring her for an orange jumpsuit.

Steffy walks into her office and is dealing with things for the line. She starts to think of Liam admitting that Jarrett wrote the review. Thomas walks in. She wonders how it went. Thomas says it went. She asks if Sally is sticking around. Thomas will not be seeing her again. None of them will.

CJ thinks that things are slightly more complicated than him just handing him a check. Bill doesn’t think that is true. He can count the zeros. CJ explains that Sally has a valid lease. She could get another loan. Bill doesn’t think that will happen. He understands that it is family and delicate. Bill tells Wyatt not to use his phone and pretend to be him. He leaves with CJ. Liam walks in. Liam asks where Bill and CJ just went off to. Wyatt thinks to pronounce Spectra dead. Liam knows what Bill did to sink them now.

Coco is sorry. Sally thanks her. Coco isn’t sorry for what she did but she is sorry she has to put her dream on the back burner. Sally thinks it was fun while it lasted. Sally knows it is better to have loved than lost.

Thomas shows Steffy the design that Sally made. Steffy thinks she had something. Steffy cannot believe that she didn’t just use her designs. Thomas thinks that Jarrett's review hurt her.

Emmy asks if these are the only wedding pictures Liam has. Liam was busy. Emmy asks what he was doing. Liam was getting married. Emmy sometimes catches Bill cradling his scotch with the tower. She wants him to send that to Bill. It is two of his favorite things. Liam knows that there are other sites that Bill could have built this. Wyatt believes that the damage was already done by the time he found out. He thought it was petty but Spectra would have gone down regardless. Liam told Steffy.

Sally tells Coco that her month’s rent is paid. When her intern packs back up though she should be fine. Coco wonders where she will be. Sally and Shirley are going to go and reopen the bakery. Shirley says that Sally has an idea to make multigrain dresses. Darlita has never met someone as nice as them. She gives her a gift card. Sally hasn’t been able to pay her for weeks. Darlita thinks it is ok. Some of the clothes she packed up went straight into her car. Shirley thinks that is the spirit. Sally sees a coupon for twenty percent off at Bed and Bath depot. She thinks that is sweet. Saul doesn’t want her to go. Sally doesn’t think anyone else wants her to stay. Saul wonders if she could use help at the bakery. Sally thinks he will do great things here in LA. CJ walks in and sees they are still here. Shirley is moving as fast as she can. Bill is assuming the debt. He walks in and is taking the building.

Thomas thinks that Sally is so different. It was not love at fight sight but it was after a while. Thomas wonders if he should go with Sally. He wonders where he could find someone else like her. Steffy admits that Jarrett thought that Sally had promise as a designer. Thomas asks why he didn’t say that. Steffy explains the review that ran under his name. He didn’t write it. Bill did. Liam found out. Jarrett thought that Sally’s work was raw and exciting. Spencer wanted the building so he told Jarrett to write a bad review. Bill scrapped it and published it under Jarrett's name. It makes sense as to why this happened. She just found out today this happened. Liam found out from Jarrett. They cannot change the past but it was Bill’s manipulation. Thomas walks out.

Wyatt doesn’t think that Liam will be happy with him. If he fires him then he will not defend him. Liam thinks that Bill secretly likes it when they hold him to a higher standard. Wyatt is shaking his head at him. Not everyone is Liam. He would have done the same thing that Bill did. He would have even did what Sally did as well. Liam asks if he would steal designs. Wyatt thinks that a dress is a dress. They are all made to do the same thing to be taken off. Liam asks why some are thousands and others are 20 dollars. Wyatt doesn’t know. He is practical. Cynical people always say that an end justifies the means. A practical person says to suck it up. Since Spectra is going to be a pile of rubble by the end of the week he doesn’t have to discuss this anymore.

Sally tells Shirley to move away from the door. Saul wants to walk right in there and give his piece of mind. Darlita wonders who Spencer is. Saul thinks it is everything she reads. Coco knows it is ran by one of the wealthiest men in the country maybe even the world. Coco cannot believe this is the end of the line for Spectra.

Sally asks what she needs to write. Bill tells her that she promises to make her past due payment today. Sally cannot pay it at all. Bill guesses she is in breach of contract and needs to be out today. CJ is sorry about this. Sally thought she had talent but she doesn’t. Bill doesn’t think she is the first person to make this mistake. Bill tells CJ he has some signing to do. He needs say it is ok wreck this place. Thomas walks in. Whatever it is he is they are doing CJ cannot sign it. Sally isn’t going anywhere.

Shirley knows that Thomas kept Sally out of prison but she isn’t sure she likes that boy. Darlita says he touched her. Saul thinks he pushed her out of the way. Darlita thinks he is so manly. Shirley asks why she is here. Coco thinks he is here for Sally. She thinks it is love.

Liam asks if she told Thomas. Steffy had to. She knows what she said but she needs him out of his life. Bill doesn’t play fair. Liam asks if this is Sally’s design. Steffy guesses that she is talented. Steffy guesses that this would have happened if she hadn’t stolen. She assumes Thomas is over at Spectra. Liam says that is where Bill is. He is putting the final nail in the coffin. Steffy thinks he knows what it is like when your nail is on the line.

Bill reminds Thomas that Sally is a rip off artist and he is her mark. Thomas asks if that is how it is with him. Bill thinks that this is grown up time. Thomas has known CJ for a long time but he is being hustled. Sally thinks it means a lot to her that he is here but his family already owns everything they had. She wants CJ to walk away with something. His only crime was believing in her. Thomas tells Sally that Jarrett believed in her too. He saw the same potential that he did. Sally doesn’t want him to rewrite history. They all know what the review said. Thomas reminds her who owns Eye on Fashion. It is owned by Spencer. Bill wanted the building for a project. So the decent review was sent to the shredder. Bill wrote the review. Bill isn’t going to debate with them. If CJ wants to believe something he needs to believe in money. Thomas wants him to believe in blood. Thomas thinks she is potential. She needs to stay here and he will never let her forget that.

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