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Written By Anthony

Bill builds a Lego building of the Spectra property. He wheels a toy truck over it and smashes the thing. Wyatt walks in and Bill wants him to talk down. Bill is taking visualization in his mind. Bill promises that this will come to pass by the end of the day. Spectra will be rubble.

At Spectra, Shirley cannot believe that this is happening. A week ago they were soaring and now they are packing up and getting out. All that hard work for nothing. Sally knows they made a wrong choice and this is the price. CJ is coming by later to pick up the keys. Saul thinks that Sally has nothing to feel guilty about. No one forced them on this ride. They all did this willingly as a team. They made choices as a team. It is a good thing she isn’t rotting away in prison.

Steffy is aware that Thomas is under pressure. She has been piling up on him. Tomas doesn’t want her to worry. His latest designs will be on her desk in the morning. Steffy hates that they have to rush designs. She thinks they are doing amazing work. Especially, him. Steffy asks why him. Steffy knows he has been under a lot of pressure. Thomas couldn’t let Sally go to jail. She asked him to go and visit her one last time. They are closing up shop today. Steffy wonders if they are going. Steffy knows that he is still in love with Sally after all she has done.

Wyatt thinks that Sally dodged a bullet. Bill knows that there is no prison time. Wyatt finds it odd that Thomas spoke on her behalf. Bill doesn’t think so. They were pretty close in Australia. Bill has nothing personal against Sally. He just wants the building already. He is going to head over there later and take the building off CJ’s hands. He doesn’t want the tower to worry. Daddy is about to take him home.

Shirley runs into the other room telling someone to be careful with the picture of her sister. LA hasn’t seen the last of Spectra fashions. Sally isn’t sure if she should hug or slap Shirley. Saul wonders what she means. Sally reminds him that Spectra is dead. They have to face reality. At least she got her silver lining. Thomas came through for her in a good way. She told her that she was leaving town. Nothing is left for her now. Saul thinks that there are people who want to help her in the world. He hates her being alone in the world. Sally promises that they can keep in touch. Saul wants to do better than that. Sally has to do this on her own. Saul asks why she cannot do that here. Sally promised she would disappear. She isn’t sure if Thomas is going to come.

Thomas knows that Sally had a real shot at resurrecting Spectra. Steffy assumes that she didn’t really have a real shot. Liam walks in and says it was Jarrett's review that killed her confidence. Thomas was there when it got posted. He saw the hit she took. It was painful to watch. He is going to go say goodbye to her. He leaves. Liam asks if Sally is leaving. Steffy wonders what else there is to do. Liam asks if she would feel any more forgiving if he told her that Sally was sabotaged.

Wyatt wonders if Bill has a save the date planned out yet. Bill doesn’t have the date picked out yet but soon. They will be ready to roll. Soon the building will be all ready to go. Wyatt hopes he realizes that this is all due to the review he wrote. Bill assumes he means the review that Jarrett wrote. Wyatt does think it was cold of him to rip her up. Bill wants it to remain that only three of them know about this. Wyatt, Jarrett, and himself.

Steffy asks what he means by Sally was sabotaged. Liam guesses that Bill and CJ have been in talks for months involving a purchase of a building. The building in question is the spectra building and Bill wants the land for his downtown expansion. It has to be the biggest building possible. So Bill needed them to fail. Bill pushed her to fail. He believes that Bill is the reason that Sally turned into a knock off shop.

Darlita knows it is awful that they lost the business but what is horrible is that they will lose the four of them at work every day. Saul knows they will keep in touch though. Sally promises they will. Thomas walks in. Sally thanks him for coming. Shirley thought he did a great thing for Sally. Saul guesses they appreciate it. Sally and Thomas go into her office. Saul and Darlita are looking in through the window. Sally wasn’t sure he would come.

Bill built the business this way. Spectra has to go. Wyatt is just wondering how different things would be for Sally if she had been able to build things on her own. Jarrett saw her talent. Bill is about to fall asleep in his drink. He needs to get to the point. Wyatt feels he is building this on someone’s fallen dreams.

Liam wanted to tell Steffy last night. He just wasn’t sure how. Steffy asks how he came to this conclusion. Liam says that CJ showed up and he had no idea. Wyatt started acting weird. He put the pieces together. Sally stole the designs because she thought they weren’t good enough. It turns out that Jarrett liked Sally’s designs. Jarrett didn’t write the review. Bill did. He wanted to get the property by sinking Spectra.

Thomas saw the truck outside. Sally doesn’t know how to thank him. She would be in jail. She is free to go about her life. She hopes she lands on her feet this time. She asked him here to say she is sorry again. She knows he may never forgive her. It was wrong of her and she will always be grateful. Thomas cannot forget what she did. Sally is going back home. She will work in the bakery with Shirley. It turns out she had one last design in her. She wants Thomas to have it. It is for him. Sally Spectra’s last whatever. She hands it to him. It is a multicolor dress. Thomas thinks it is elegant. He wants to know why she would ever doubt herself as a designer.

Bill wants this to be a lesson. If Wyatt ever wants to be successful he has to dream big and take what he wants. The building was a vision for him and it will be real to him. Wyatt asks if it matters at all that he is getting this for what he did to Sally. Bill doesn’t care.

Steffy is shocked Bill wrote a review and published it under Sally’s name. Liam says yes. Steffy asks if he has seen the original. Liam guesses that it wasn’t a rave but it wasn’t the pan that Bill made it to be. He isn’t even excusing what Sally had done. Sally could have possibly done something different if it were not for Bill. Liam knows how much this hurt everyone. Steffy wishes that he hadn’t told her this. This is something that Thomas would want to know. They are not telling him. Liam asks why not. Steffy thinks that Sally still did what she did. She wants them to let it go. Liam thinks that this is Thomas’s choice. Steffy wants Sally gone and out of Thomas’s life. Liam asks if she really can keep this from Thomas and live with herself.

Thomas thinks that this is so good. He wonders what her inspiration was. Sally thought it was him. It is how he makes her feel. He wonders why she ever doubted herself. He wants her to believe in herself. Thomas thinks she should stay. She can find a job for a little while and then get some forgiveness. He might be able to see them getting to that point. Sally thinks it would be wonderful. She could never forgive herself though. He could do so much better though. Sally knows they had fun. He has given her some really great memories. He was so handsome when they met. Then when they bumped into each other. Thomas had been building up to that moment. Then Australia. She will never forget him. For a minute, she was living her dream. The best part is it was with him. She kisses him. She says goodbye. She will never forget him.

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