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Ridge wants Brooke to look at him and tell him that there is no place in her heart for him ever again.

Wyatt guesses that Bill and Brooke are going to make it official. It is just a matter of when. Liam is shocked that they aren’t already married. Wyatt knows that Bill has an important piece of property he would like to buy first. CJ walks in and introduces himself to Liam. CJ spoke to Bill earlier. He is still trying to make this happen. Wyatt needs to speak to CJ without Liam. Liam assumes that this is the property that Bill wants to invest in. CJ explains he wants to develop the new Spencer tower at his building.

Steffy has Max take some paperwork to someone. Thomas walks back into her office and Steffy wonders where he went off too. Thomas had to take care of something. Steffy assumes he went to the pre-trial. Thomas doesn’t think that Sally should go to jail for this. Steffy thought they all agreed they were sending her away. Thomas changed his mind and said something on her behalf.

Sally feels that Thomas made an impact by saying something. Saul feels he should have done this before he pressed charges against her. Sally will always be grateful to him. Shirley wants to know where the fancy lawyer is. Carter walks back in and tells the judge that Eric has decided to no longer peruse criminal charges. Sally gets hugged by Shirley and Saul.

Thomas told the judge that Sally learned her lesson and deserved another chance. Steffy reminds him that she knocked off their designs and shouldn’t get away with that. Thomas agrees but she shouldn’t go to jail for that. Steffy bets that he is still in love with her.

The judge trusts that they can work this out amongst themselves. Carter explains that while they are willing to drop the suit, Spectra has to be done. All assets seized and Sally cannot be near Forrester again. Sally thinks that she will take the deal. The judge feels it a wise decision. The judge doesn’t want to see her in his chambers again. Sally thanks Carter. Carter feels that it is Thomas she should be thanking.

Liam wonders if CJ has been working on a deal with Bill. CJ has the last couple of months. His mom wanted Sally to revive the business but clearly it isn’t happening. Wyatt needs to call CJ in a bit. CJ thinks that is fine. He just assumed that Bill wanted to close this deal. Wyatt knows he is.

Brooke is committed to Bill. She is going to have a life together and they will be married.

Liam knows that this has been Bill’s big dream with the sky scrapper. Wyatt knows it is pretty much all he has been talking about these days. Liam asks if that is not a conflict of interest. The reason he wants Spectra to fail is to get the land. That is a little iffy. Wyatt doesn’t think that is the only reason. They are bad for Forrester. He is getting married to Brooke. Wyatt doesn’t know. Liam reminds him that they are a media empire. They published a bad review which hurt Sally’s reputation and all the while Bill has wanted this property. Wyatt thinks that the area is hard to come by. Wyatt doesn’t think that this is a big deal. Liam believes it is questionable. Wyatt feels that this is why Bill tells him nothing. He needs to stop reading into this. Liam asks if there is really no reason to look into this. Wyatt wants Liam to forget about this. They can handle this.

Bill wants Ridge to leave. He doesn’t know what Ridge did but he lost the best woman of his life. He wonders if it was worth it. Ridge isn’t giving up on her. He leaves. Bill understands she has a history with him but she needs to put that relationship in the proper perspective. It is all about the two of them now.

Carter tells Steffy and Thomas that Eric decided to drop the charges. Thomas asks if that means that Sally won’t go to jail. Steffy wonders if this means that Sally is off the hook. Carter is still putting together the damages they have to pay. Steffy assumes that amounts to nothing considering they have nothing. Carter thinks that this is the end of Spectra.

Darlita hugs Sally. She is so happy. Saul thinks that they all are. Sally thanks her lawyer for all his help. The lawyer feels that she should be thanking Thomas. Shirley thinks that he should do this for free then. He will be in touch and he leaves. Darlita asks how it feels to be free. Shirley wants Darlita to go and get them a big box of wine. Sally thinks it is fine. They can’t afford it. Shirley asks when they ever could. Sally points out they have nothing left. Saul tells her she has freedom. Sally only has that. Spectra is finished.

Brooke asks if Bill and Ridge will ever get along. Bill doubts they will ever be good golf buddies. Brooke would like if they could have some kind of peace for RJ. Bill promises to be a much-needed influence on RJ. Brooke knows he has warmed up to him a bit. Bill wants to teach him how to be a gentleman and be truly committed to a woman. He kisses Brooke. Bill wants to make a plan for their wedding. He has a little business to deal with first.

Saul knows that they may not have this place anymore but they have each other. That is what matters. Sally thinks that is sweet of him. She tried to resurrect the business but they failed. They are taking everything from them. Saul thinks they can find a little office somewhere. Sally doesn’t think it makes a difference. She is leaving town. Spectra is just a memory now.

Thomas knows that things could have ended up so much worse for Sally. Steffy hopes she is grateful. Thomas wants her to admit she is a little happy she didn’t end up in prison. Steffy wants him to forget Sally. She asks how he can be with someone he doesn’t trust. Thomas thinks things would be different if she didn’t cave. Shirley and Sally Sr. were both involved. Steffy knows he is in love with Sally and she earned him more respect. Thomas knows that Sally wanted to do things right but it didn’t work out for him.

Liam talks with Jarrett. He was just talking with Wyatt and CJ. He knows it is no secret he wants Spectra to fail. He is starting to assume he knows why they failed. He guesses it is a conflict of interest but Wyatt won’t say anything. Liam demands to know what Jarrett knows right now.

Sally makes a call in her office. Thomas picks up his phone. Sally just wanted to thank her. His family dropped the charges. Sally thanks him for coming through. She admits Spectra is done. There is nothing left here for the company or her. She is leaving California. She is leaving him to his new future. She would like one more favor. She would like to see him one last time before she goes. Thomas would like that. Sally thinks he saved her life. She will never be able to thank him enough.

Bill gets a phone call. It is Wyatt. Brooke wants him to take it. Wyatt tells Bill that he just go done speaking to CJ. The building will be theirs. There is just one problem. Liam was there and was asking a bunch of questions. He thinks that Bill needs to keep things quiet. Bill agrees. Brooke asks if everything is alright. Bill claims it is.

Liam knows that Jarrett wrote the first harsh review of Sally’s preview. He asks if it was even that bad. Jarrett was the only reporter there. There was something raw about it. It was unique. He thought she could be a wonderful designer. Liam asks why he didn’t write that. Liam did. Liam reads the review that Jarrett originally wrote. Bill wouldn’t print it. Liam asks if Bill wrote that article. Liam thinks that this changes everything. It sent Sally into a downward spiral. It ruined her. Liam cannot believe it is all because of a stupid building.

Bill thinks that he has heart burn or the stallion in him. He is a little crazy. He thinks it works for him. Everything he wants is coming to papa. He guesses good karma is coming. He wants to get married as soon as this deal closes. Brooke wonders what makes it so unique. Bill is buying the Spectra fashion building. Brooke thinks that place is falling down. Bill just wants the property. It is the perfect spot to put his tower. It is spectacular. Bill thinks that this is for their future. Sally robbed her.

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