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Written By Anthony

Bill wants to know what is taking Jarrett so long. If he summons him it takes him a very specific amount of time to get to his office. He timed it. Wyatt wonders if he is in a rush than usual. Bill asks if it is obvious. He wasn’t even paying attention to his profit talk. Bill has something more important than money on his mind. He is planning his wedding with Brooke.

Ridge sits down next to Brooke at a restaurant. He thinks she looks beautiful. Ridge hides her ring though to make it perfect. He knows neither of them want to look at the hideous thing while they are eating.

In the CEO office, Thomas asks Carter if Sally has a hearing today. Carter confirms it is a pre-trial. Steffy feels that is pretty soon. Carter knows it is Forrester influence. He is on his way if either of them want to join him. Steffy doesn’t want to stop Thomas if he feels like he needs to be there. Thomas doesn’t. He wants to know what happens though.

In a lawyer’s office Shirley explains that Carter said that Sally might be facing fifteen years. She hopes that isn’t going to happen. Saul asks if he has gotten people off for stuff worse than this before. The lawyer has but every case is different. Sally assumes that prison will be likely. The lawyer says it isn’t if they can get the criminal charges dropped. He brought his lucky penny. Things will go her way today.

Ridge asks if she wants to order an appetizer or if this is going to be a quick meal. Brooke is going to wait. Since her date isn’t here yet. She wants him to order what he wants but he should take it to go. Ridge thinks it is so fun to talk with Bill. Brooke is going to discuss her wedding.

Jarrett assumes that Bill wants this to sound like an obituary. Bill wants it to be one. Wyatt wants to wait a little bit to make sure it is certain. Jarrett thinks it is too bad Sally resorted to knock offs. Spectra didn’t have to die.

Thomas pours himself a glass of water. Steffy wonders if he heard about her going to see Sally after the showing. Thomas asks if he did. She told her how foolish he was. She didn’t have to do it. Thomas knows she could have asked for help. Steffy guesses that Spectra DNA is to strong. The art of steeling is in their nature and after today Sally will pay the price.

Sally and her lawyer sit before the judge. The judge asks if she is currently renting. Sally is. He guesses that means the building cannot be confiscated. All other assets will be taken though. He sees that she confessed. The lawyer confirms she has. Sally is sorry. She has said sorry. Carter thinks that sorry can only go so far. The lawyer points out that Sally also canceled all orders and will not be making a dime off the stolen collection. Shirley looks angry. The lawyer wants the charges dropped. The judge knows that Sally has no priors. He thinks given the circumstances they won’t be looking at anywhere near fifteen years. It is more five years. He doesn’t think she should be expecting anything less given what she did.

Steffy gets a text from Liam. Thomas guesses it is too soon to get any news about Sally. Steffy really believes that Sally brought this on to herself. Thomas guesses perhaps. Steffy feels that actions have consequences. Thomas would have no problem if this was anyone else rotting in jail right now. Steffy believes whatever the judge decides it has to be done. Thomas agrees that Sally should pay but going to prison doesn’t feel right.

Shirley wonders if Sally will really go to prison for five years. The judge asks Carter if the Forrester’s wish to proceed. Carter reminds him that an entire line was stolen and months of hard work is lost in revenue. They want to proceed. The judge thinks a five year sentence is appropriate. She can get out in three years with good behavior. Sally guesses that is what she has coming.

Bill wants Jarrett to be careful. It almost sounds like he is a Spectra fan which is shocking considering his review. Jarrett reminds him it was the review Bill wrote with his name on it. Bill asks if he is ok with what Sally did to the Forrester’s. It really makes him question his judgment. He wants to know what kind of a man thinks it is ok to take someone else’s work. Yet here Jarrett is saying that Sally deserved a chance. Jarrett doesn’t condone what Sally did. He just thinks that Bill’s review hurt Sally. Bill believes everyone wins in the end. Jarrett reminds him that the Spectra’s went under and the Forrester’s are out a collection. Bill guesses him winning is all that matters. He gets his property and his building. He also gets his Brooke.

Ridge wonders if Brooke has picked a color scheme because he thinks that black on black is a favorite of his. Brooke thinks it is time. Ridge reminds her that she was planning a wedding with him five minutes ago. Brooke’s feelings for Ridge are complicated. She doesn’t need to make her feelings mean something. Ridge is here and part of her. She knows he will be there unsatisfied looking at every woman. Ridge knows they will end up together in the end. She knows that as well as he does.

Steffy doesn’t want Sally to go to prison. She wants her going for like a month or two just for entertainment. Thomas doesn’t think she should be going at all. He thought that there was a future and now she could be going to prison. Steffy thinks that is only if the judge thinks she deserves it.

Jarrett knows that Bill still gets his building. Wyatt wonders if that was ever in doubt. Bill gets what he wants eventually. It is the way he goes about it. Bill doesn’t grasp what he did. Wyatt knows he does see it but it doesn’t help to call him out on it. Jarrett needs to learn to keep his mouth shut. Wyatt knows that Jarrett is their best reporter. Jarrett thinks Bill has been more intense. He has been seeing his therapist weekly because of Bill. Wyatt thinks that Bill will be more mellow when he is married.

Brooke tells Ridge that she appreciates his belief in them. Ridge thinks that she shouldn’t give up now. Brooke asks how Ridge makes her laugh when she doesn’t want to. Ridge isn’t going to give up on her ever. Bill walks over and tells him to get out of here. He thinks he is so pathetic. He is harassing the woman. He doesn’t know what he did but Bill is with Brooke. Bill wants to know what Ridge did to finally get kicked to the curve. He wants Ridge to accept that they are married. Ridge has a history with Brooke and he will never understand. Bill knows he is looking to the future.

Carter would like the case wrapped up as soon as possible. The judge doesn’t think it should take long. He thinks they can get this over and done with quickly. Shirley doesn’t want Sally to go to prison. She wonders if they could get someone to speak on her behalf. The judge thinks the confession speaks volumes but they are welcome to present witnesses at the trial. Shirley can do it. She wants a motion filed. The judge suggests that she is wasting time. A bias family member isn’t going to carry much weight in court. Saul isn’t a relative. He will speak on her behalf. The judge sees he is a paid employee. The lawyer isn’t sure they need their testimony. He wants someone to testify for her. Thomas walks in and says he will testify. He is Thomas Forrester.

Bill asks what if Brooke says that there is no chance. He asks if he will stop embarrassing himself then. Brooke wants him to go. Bill needs Ridge to understand there is no future. Brooke tells him that he betrayed her for the last time. She needs to move on. She is wearing Bill’s ring and is going to get married. Ridge asks if there is no future. She needs to say that and he will back off.

The judge asks if this is Carter’s client. Carter confirms it is. Thomas has something to say. He wants Sally to pay for what she has done. She betrayed them personally but he has heard her explanation. He believes that she regrets what she did. He thinks she would take it back if she could. It may take a lot of people to go to prison to pay but Sally is already there. He thinks that Spectra should cease to exist. He doesn’t see what good it does to put a woman behind bars. That is all he has to say. Thomas walks out. Sally runs after him. In the hallway, she thanks him. She really doesn’t deserve it but she thanks him. He may have just kept her out of jail. Thomas hopes so. Sally loves him more than she has loved anyone ever. She kisses him.

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