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Brooke tells Steffy that Ridge needs to sign off on this. Steffy will do this. Brooke knows that Ridge and Thomas basically just spend their days designing. Steffy points out it is all because of the Spectra’s. She knows it is challenging to say the least. Brooke knows the Forrester men will get through it. Steffy mentions that Zende wanted to try his hand at designing. Brooke thought that Zende was a photography. Steffy guesses he wants to expand his interests. Brooke asks if he shows promise. Steffy thinks he is good but he needs to learn and grow. It cannot just happen overnight. Brooke is sure he understands that. Steffy thinks he is upset and was acting in a way she never thought he would.

Zende wanted to prove to his family that he could do more than just take pictures. That despite his lack of design experience he would be able to do this. Nicole suggests he talk to Eric or Ridge. Steffy isn’t a designer Zende reminds her that Thomas is. Nicole doesn’t think he said that he was talentless. Zende reminds her that he didn’t offer a helping hand or anything at all. Nicole feels that right now they are trying to get the designs out at warp speed. Zende went to them for that reason. Forrester is in need of designs more than ever. He just needs one chance. He is trying to have a future with her. He is starting to realize that it will always be someone else. He needs to know that he is not an afterthought to his family.

CJ tells Bill that Sally is out on bail. Wyatt walks in. Bill explains that Sally has been sprung. Wyatt asks what this means for his building. Bill doesn’t want Wyatt to ever refer to the building as it. Wyatt wants to know what this means to the project. Bill will have the property no matter what happens. CJ explains to him that under the current contract he has, so long as Sally comes up with a hundred thousand she can stay in the building. Bill asks what the chances are. Bill thinks that Sally should be broke and he should have the land. He wants to know who he will invite to the ground breaking ceremony or if he should hog it all for himself and the building.

Nicole suggests that Zende call Kristin and she can talk to Ridge or Eric. Zende needs to do this on his own. Nicole knows but Ridge and Eric might feel differently. Zende doesn’t want to involve his mom. He doesn’t think she would listen. Part of the reason she never had a chance at the company. She was all about him coming here to know the rest of the family. He had expectations. He wanted to be accepted as a Forrester even though he isn’t.

Bill wants CJ to run back over once the contract is up. Bill thinks that if he hadn’t written the review on Sally then this would never have happened. Wyatt asks if Liam knows that. Bill doesn’t want Liam to know that. Liam walks in and asks what he has missed. Wyatt was going to ask Bill when he was going to do the deed with Brooke. Liam hopes he means by getting married. Wyatt wants to know when he is so they can plan a bachelor party.

Katie walks into the CEO office and asks if she got her email. Brooke hasn’t. Katie says that it was from Quinn. She needed her to answer it. Steffy thinks that Quinn has Pam for that. She thinks that Quinn could find a better use of Katie’s time. Katie thinks that they are still trying to find out what she can do. Steffy still thinks it is really weird. Katie asks where Ridge is. Brooke thinks he is hiding somewhere designing. Steffy guesses that gives him an excuse to not answer her questions. Katie asks what questions. Steffy says that he isn’t giving up on Brooke. She doesn’t know what stopped them from getting married. She wants to be clued in.

Nicole still wants Zende to talk to Eric. Zende asks why. He will say he is making a big deal over nothing. Nicole knows he will do the right thing. Zende knows he will say that he is proud of him. As much as they all want to say he is a Forrester he is not like them. Nicole thinks he is a Forrester. Zende wonders if he will ever be fully accepted. Nicole thinks that he is a wonderful guy. She knows that Zende will figure this out. She believes in him. She knows that their dreams will come true.

Liam doesn’t want to take this the long way but he wonders if Bill really is sure about this. Bill asks if Liam is trying to antagonize him. Wyatt thinks they both know that he never stopped loving Brooke. Bill doesn’t think she ever stopped loving him either. No more woman in the middle. The poser blew it and they are done for good.

Katie sees that Brooke is still wearing the ring. Katie didn’t think she would stop but things change so quickly. Brooke knows. Like her coming to work here. Katie hopes that it doesn’t bother her as much as it bothers Quinn. Brooke doesn’t think it would bother Quinn anymore if she meant what she said. Katie guesses that if Quinn and Ridge stay away from each other she will have nothing to say. She will not say anything to Bill because he would love to hold this over their heads. Brooke knows they all have had enough drama. Katie wonders if she is really to let Ridge go. If not then it doesn’t really do well for her drama free future.

Steffy tells Nicole that her followers keep asking about her wedding photos. She was thinking if they release them they could tie it into the new collection. They could show her wedding dress for hype. She asks if Nicole is ok. Nicole spoke with Zende and she knows that their meeting didn’t go as he hoped they would. Steffy was definitely shocked. She thought he was happy here. Nicole thinks that he is. He just wants to tackle new things. Steffy gets that and she loves them both. They are family. If he wants to design that is great but the timing is off. She hopes Nicole can see that.

Zende is sitting at a bar and CJ spots him. He asks if he is Zende Forrester. He is Sally Spectra’s cousin. He wonders if he can sit. He sits. He asks if he can have whatever Zende is having. He knows there is a lot of drama going on right now. The rivalry he never expected to see again. Zende reminds him that his cousin stole their entire collection. CJ had nothing to do with it. He does understand she did. Everything she had is on the line. He will have to close the place because he has no one to run the fashion house.

Wyatt will run this by legal before they show Bill. Liam wonders about the meeting Bill has outside the building is about Brooke he assumes. Wyatt says of course. Liam asks why he wouldn’t just say that. Wyatt doesn’t know. He just wants to keep it under the table. Liam doesn’t think it is a secret he loves her.

Brooke doesn’t want to do this. She has feelings from the past. Ridge doesn’t want to give it up. Katie knows she is here yet again caught between two desirable men. Brooke really thought they had one last chance. Then Australia happened and there is no way she is going to overlook what Quinn and Ridge did. Katie knows that when Bill proposed this time… Bill walks in and says that Brooke proposed to him. It doesn’t matter who asked whom. The dress maker would pop a gasket if he found out though. He wonders who should tell him that.

Steffy gets what Nicole is saying but they are still recovering from the Spectra hit. They just don’t have time to train him properly. She wants Nicole to help him understand that.

Zende asks what CJ’s take is on Spectra closing up shop. CJ knows it isn’t what his mom wants but there is someone who wants the property. He doesn’t think there is a way to save the place unless he knows someone who wants an entire fashion house ready to go. All it needs is a designer and a dream. Plus, some cash to keep the old girl a float. He really thinks that there is still a lot of value in the Spectra brand. He doesn’t have to worry about that though being a Forrester. Zende isn’t sure about that. CJ has to go. It was nice chatting with him.

Wyatt feels they have to admire Bill. Liam doesn’t think they have to do that because he isn’t here. Wyatt is serious. He never gives up. Liam does respect him for that. He is proving his loyalty to him. Wyatt knows that they will be together.

Katie is going to get back to work. She says goodbye. Bill kisses Brooke. He says hello to her. they have wedding plans to make. He wants to meet up to discuss the details. He has a meeting right now. He would love to have Ridge walk in though. The two look at each other. Bill would have waited forever and never gave up. Even when they were about to get married. He needs to believe that it will happen. They are one step closer to being married. All the incredible times they have shared together. Bill promises that he is hers forever and a day. The two kiss each other.

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