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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/3/17


Written By Anthony

In Steffy’s office, she looks at Thomas’s sketch book. She is shocked that Thomas got this all done last night. Thomas admits that Eric helped him with it. Steffy hopes that Thomas wasn’t too hard on him. Thomas notes that he left early. Steffy wonders about Thomas. Thomas has been working on the collection. Steffy reminds him that it is because of Sally and Coco. Thomas isn’t trying to think about that. Steffy thinks it must be working for him. Thomas isn’t so sure. He keeps thinking of Sally in handcuffs. She is facing jail time. Steffy suggests that might not be the case. Thomas knows she is out on bail. He would hate to see her go to jail.

In Sally’s office Darlita asks Sally if he police had to load their guns. Shirley doesn’t think she robbed a bank. Sally knows but she did rob Forrester. She thanks Saul for bailing her out. Saul wasn’t going to let her sit in a jail cell. Sally knows. Sally knows she is still facing criminal charges and fifteen years in prison.

In Rick’s office, Nicole tells Zende that it is called compassion. Zende does feel for Sally. He doesn’t want to see her spend the next several years in prison. He wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Zende isn’t sure what will happen. Zende tells Nicole that they will try tonight as much as possible. He thinks that speaking of trying, Sally will probably not be stealing from them again. Nicole asks if he has seen Thomas this morning. Zende thinks it looks like he hasn’t slept in days. Nicole doesn’t know how Thomas is doing this. Zende thinks that they can with help anyway. Zende shows Nicole a dress he drew. She asks what this is. She wonders if this is Thomas’s work. She hasn’t seen any. She wonders if he designed these. Zende asks what she thought he was doing every night while she was in bed. Nicole was wondering. Zende feels that this is his contribution to the Forrester crisis. Nicole knew he could draw. Zende assumes she likes it. Nicole wants to know if he has shown these to anyone. Zende hasn’t. He thinks that being a photographer has been great but he wants to design for this company.

Shirley doesn’t think that anyone is sending Sally to jail. Sally wants her to tell that to the Forrester’s. In the meantime, they are stopping all production and shutting this down. Shirley doesn’t think they are. Sally reminds her that they are being sued. They will take their money already. They are out of business. Spectra is closing its doors.

Steffy wonders if Thomas has spoken to Sally. Thomas hasn’t since she was arrested. Steffy thinks the two of them were in here for a while before she was taken away. Thomas had a lot to talk about and work out. She is miserable about everything that happened. Thomas would have helped Sally. She was under the influence of her grandmother. He knows that isn’t an excuse. She is stopping design on all their products. Steffy doesn’t know how that helps them. Their designs have already been shown. It is probably already shipped out. They need an entirely new collection. Thomas wishes he could help Sally through this.

Shirley doesn’t think that this is anytime to cut and run. Sally believes they are finished and Shirley needs to accept it. Saul cannot. This is her dream. He will not let it die. Sally feels that the dream is dead. Darlita asks about the orders they have. Sally points out that they couldn’t ship them out even if they wanted too. The cops are all over them. CJ walks in and asks what this is. Shirley believes it is halftime. Sally thinks it is over. CJ knows. She confessed. He doesn’t understand why she would do that. His mother would never have done that. Sally wants Coco and RJ to have a chance now. Sally wants everything sent to the warehouse. The Forrester’s can figure out what to do with it. This is the way it has to be. CJ hates to remind them but the building will be demolished. He is sorry.

Maya thought that Zende was a photographer. Nicole knows. He says that he wants designing to be his future. He seems passionate about it. She only found out about this a few minutes ago. Maya asks if he knows anything about design. Nicole knows he has been working on it while she was asleep. He has been sketching and studying. He really wants to do this. He just went to show Steffy and Thomas. Nicole has never seen Zende so pumped. She wonders how they will react. Nicole hopes that they will react good.

Steffy feels that Thomas has forgiven Sally. Thomas still feels betrayed. Steffy thinks he should. She played him. Thomas doesn’t think that she set out to screw him over. She was working on her own stuff when they met and then she wasn’t. He doesn’t want to see her in jail. Steffy doesn’t either but thanks to her they are having a crisis. She asks how much longer before the new collection is done. Thomas doesn’t know. Zende walks in and asks if he is interrupting. Steffy explains they were just talking about the new collection. Zende heard that Thomas has been putting in some serious hours. Zende wants to help. He knows how much they are going through. Zende shows him some sketches. Steffy and Thomas look through it. Steffy wonders who did these. Zende did. He figured they could use some help. He wants to join the team. Zende feels he is more valuable to them in the design room than in the photo studio. He wants to contribute. You work hard and excel. He knows he can do this. Zende feels that there is soon good stuff in here.

Shirley will not let RJ sell the building. CJ doesn’t want to but he has too. They cannot afford the rent. Saul needs more time. Darlita has been buying lottery tickets. CJ needs a hundred thousand for them to stay here. CJ doesn’t think this is his fault. He has an offer and they need to take it. CJ thinks that she could have kept going if she had stayed in the game. Sally isn’t her aunt and she knows that now. CJ wants her to be done with this then.

Maya wants to know if Zende is being practical about this. He does realize that you cannot just become a designer overnight. Nicole doesn’t think that it took Thomas very long. Maya points out that Thomas paid his dues. He was mentored by Ridge. Nicole hopes that Ridge will do the same for Zende. Maya feels that they are busy right now. Maya isn’t sure they have time to train anyone. Nicole needs this for Zende. Zende craves a connection with his family. Zende is an artist and wants to design. Maya hopes he doesn’t get his hopes up to early.

Steffy and Thomas look at the designs. Steffy feels they are interesting. Zende doesn’t think that is the word he was thinking of. Zende asks if they can work with it. Thomas reminds him of the situation they are in. Zende knows they are desperate. They need help. Steffy doesn’t have time to be training someone new. Thomas points out he has no training. Zende asks if he will ever get a real opportunity here. Steffy doesn’t think that these designs cut it. Zende feels that at least one of these designs could be passed along to Ridge or Eric. Zende wants pointers to modify. Thomas is in crisis mode and needs experience. Zende wonders if that is what Ridge told him when he wanted to design. He knows that Ridge is his father. Thomas thinks that Ridge was hard on him in the beginning. Zende wants to get real. Ridge is their father. The Forrester kids get the break. He wants a break. Thomas feels they are busy. Zende has to wonder if he will ever get a real opportunity here. He knows that he isn’t a real Forrester. He would like to feel like that doesn’t matter but he feels that it does.

Nicole knows how Zende gets when he doesn’t get something. Maya remembers how he wanted her. Nicole knows he wants to be a designer. Maya imagines that Thomas and Steffy have their hands full.

Steffy believes that Zende is as much a Forrester as any of them. He asks if he was ever asked to be a designer. Thomas didn’t even know he wanted to design. He wants to know if he will get his shot. Zende isn’t the same as them. He was adopted. Thomas asks where this is coming from. He takes a risk and he gets shot down. Thomas believes he is off beat right now. Zende knows he is off beat right now. He isn’t really a Forrester. He is proud of that though.

Shirley tells them that CJ is gone. They can get down to business. They are not giving up. They will not throw in the towel. Sally thinks they gave it their all and now they are paying the piper. If they want to pick up and take this dream somewhere else they can but she is still facing jail charges. She lost her sister and the only man she cares about. She lost everything. She needs some time alone. Saul and Darlita walk out and Shirley leaves last.

Steffy wants to know where that came from. She thinks they can talk to Zende when he calms down. Thomas knows he is trying to find where he belongs. It makes him think of Sally. She wanted to be a designer. Steffy doubts that Zende will go down Sally’s path. She doesn’t feel that Sally is worth the heartache. Steffy leaves. He thinks about when he met Sally and when she showed up in Australia.

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