B&B Tuesday Update 5/2/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/2/17


Written By Anthony

In the Forrester living room Eric asks Ridge if Coco really agreed to sign the confession. Ridge confirms she did and she would have if Sally hadn’t confessed. Eric assumes that Sally couldn’t put her sister through that. Ridge knows that no one wanted to put Sally through this but she needed to be punished. Eric knows they have been really busy and he hasn’t had a chance to ask him but he wants to know how things have been going with Brooke.

In Rick’s office, Quinn asks Pam if she is gone. Pam confirms that Sally was hauled off in handcuffs. Ivy thinks that is terrible. Katie reminds Ivy that she stole from her family. She asks if she really feels sorry for her. Ivy just thinks it is an ugly situation. Quinn knows that Forrester has had their fair share of those. Pam knows but usually the police don’t have to get involved. Ivy assumes they are all working together now. Katie is here to help them in any way she can. Quinn explains to Ivy that they didn’t know she was on her way back from Australia when they offered her this job. Quinn asks Katie if she would mind asking Brooke when she wants to shoot the photos for the press kit. She asks her please. Katie says she will be right back. She walks out. Ivy wants to know what Katie is doing here or if she even needs to ask. She knows that Katie knows about her and Ridge.

Brooke is in the CEO office. She tells someone on the phone to refer all questions about this to the legal department. Brooke hangs up. A young boy walks in telling Brooke that he was sent to give this to her. Brooke asks if he is with the Forrester youth program. He says his name is Ginge. Brooke thinks it is nice to meet him. He leaves. Katie walks in. Katie asks if Sally is really going to jail. Brooke guesses that is for the judge to decide. They need to focus on the new collection. Katie tells Brooke that Quinn wants to know when she wants to photograph the new designs for the press kit. Brooke, has it scheduled right here. Katie notices she is wearing Bill’s ring. She assumes she is engaged again.

Quinn believes that Katie is an issue but they are not going to let her slow them down. Ivy assumes that she doesn’t want her here. Quinn suggested that there might be a place for her here at the company. She didn’t think that Eric would give Katie them and Katie jumped at the chance. Ivy thinks it was to keep an eye on her She bets that is it. Ivy knows that Katie was in Sydney. Ivy wants to know what she did.

Eric knows that Ridge and Brooke are working together. That brought them together before. Ridge explains she is wearing Bill’s ring. Eric is shocked he proposed. Ridge agrees it happened pretty quickly. Eric is sorry. Ridge thinks it is ok. They were engaged before and Brooke came back to him. Eric thinks he would be able to help better if he understood why Brooke stopped the wedding. Eric wants to know why he will not tell him what happened in Australia.

Brooke reminds Katie that her relationship with Ridge is over. Katie knows it is because of Quinn. Brooke cannot be with a man she doesn’t trust. Katie asks if she trusts Bill. Brooke says that he said that this would happen. Ridge said that he said it wasn’t an affair. She still thinks it was a betrayal. He betrayed her and Eric. Katie reminds her that Eric still has no idea what happened. He still thinks that Quinn is completely devoted to him. Brooke hopes that she will be. Katie guesses she will know if she isn’t. Brooke thought that Quinn hired her to have a fresh start. Brooke has to ask if Katie is blackmailing Ridge and Quinn.

Ivy asks if Brooke saw her and Ridge on the beach. Quinn doesn’t feel comfortable talking about this. Ivy doesn’t think she has to say anymore. She thanks her for being honest with her. She suspected this. Quinn doesn’t think she had to act that way. Ridge told her it was nothing. He wanted to go through with the wedding. He still does. Ivy can understand why she doesn’t want to. Her fiancé with his father’s wife. Quinn thought that Ridge could get through to her. Quinn thinks that Katie has been threatening her and twisting the knife. Quinn believes that is amazing what a little power will do to someone. If this is the way it will be then she will not live that way.

Eric asks if Ridge has to get back to the office. Ridge does but he appreciates his concern. Ridge has to fix things. Eric knows he has Bill Spencer in the mix now. Ridge needs to get through to Brooke and then it will work out. Ridge can overlook Brooke’s mistake. He isn’t giving up. Eric couldn’t imagine what his life would be like if he gave up on Quinn.

Brooke demands that Katie answer her. She wants to know if she is blackmailing Ridge and Quinn. Brooke asks if that is how she got this job. Katie reminds her she used to run this place and she did a damn good job at it. Brooke thinks she is a lot of help if this is what this is help. Katie asks if Quinn can have ulterior motives but she can’t. Brooke just thinks it is a bit odd that she got this job. She is just asking. Katie doesn’t want to be in Quinn’s head. She has stuff with Will. She did want to take the position. Katie wants to work with all of them. Brooke asks how she hired her. Katie says it was over at her house. Brooke thought she wasn’t allowed over at the house anymore. Katie doesn’t think she is in a position to keep her away Katie isn’t enjoying anything that happened with Quinn and Ridge. She hates what it did to her and what it could do to Eric. Brooke wants her to forget it then. It is done. Eric cannot know about Ridge and Quinn.

Eric wants Ridge to hang on to his belief in a future with Brooke. Ridge is trying. Eric knows that instincts are important to them as artists. He has trusted Quinn from the beginning. If his instincts tell him to be with Brooke then do it. He and Quinn have had some rough patches. They broke up for a while but he has never been happier. Eric thinks if he hadn’t had Quinn in his life then he wouldn’t be alright. Eric feels he can handle anything. He thinks they can bounce back from things. Eric is most especially proud of Ridge and Quinn’s friendship. Eric is happy that Quinn can never let him down. Ridge just wants him to be happy and keep it that way.

Quinn loves Eric and will never betray him ever again.

Eric is sketching something. Pam puts down some lunch for him. He thinks what Sally did was criminal. Eric doesn’t think that she will get away with it. Pam asks how he can be so calm. She stole his entire collection. Eric has Quinn and that makes everything in his life a lot easier to deal with.

Katie cares about Eric just as much as Brooke does. Brooke knows he wants to help Eric but she shouldn’t undermine his relationship. There are so many positions here at Forrester and she doesn’t need to work side by side with Quinn. Quinn and Ivy walk in. Katie notes that it was Eric that wants her working with them. Ivy explains that they are trying to recreate an entire collection and Quinn cannot work if she feels like she is being spied on. Quinn tells her that Ivy knows. Ivy isn’t going to tell Eric. Brooke doesn’t think that anyone is going to tell Eric because nothing is going on. Quinn swears that is the truth. She made a mistake and it will never happen again. She thinks that Brooke needs to be with Ridge. She needs to learn how to forgive him. Quinn asks if she is wearing Bills ring. Brooke confirms she is. Quinn thinks that Ridge still wants a life with her. Brooke thinks that they all need to just focus on work. Brooke does feels that there is a position for Katie here but she cannot tell Eric or threaten Quinn. Katie cannot believe that Quinn just gets away with it. Katie asks what is wrong with her. Brooke called off her marriage and now she is committed to Bill. Ridge walks in and asks what is going on here. Quinn tells him that Katie wants to tell Eric. Ridge doesn’t think she can do that. Eric is happy and it is because of Quinn. He believes in her. The only people who know about this are in this room. They need to put this to rest once and for all.

Eric looks at Quinn’s picture. Pam asks if he is looking for inspiration. Eric is looking for gratitude really. It wasn’t long ago that he was retiring from Forrester then Quinn convinced him to do otherwise. Pam knows that they are all so grateful for that spark. Eric thinks that is great how the entire family has come together to deal with all of this. He asks if she can imagine how this would have played out if it had happened when he was first seeing Quinn. Pam doubts it would have worked. Pam knows that things have changed. Eric knew that things would be better. Especially, with how Ridge came around. Eric feels that he has a very special connection with Ridge. It was broken for a while but now no one supports his relationship to Quinn more than he does.

Ridge wants them to let this go and move on. Quinn thinks it is hard when you are being blackmailed. Katie is sorry she finds her presence so threatening. She works here. Ridge wants to work then. Katie wants to protect Eric. Quinn doesn’t think it is her job to keep everyone in line. Brooke asked her to leave it alone. Quinn thinks she has to stop with this. If this gets out then it will destroy the entire family. Brooke doesn’t think anything will happen so long as nothing happens between them. Quinn has no feelings for Ridge. Ridge thinks that this is over. This mistake isn’t going to ruin the family unless Katie wants it that way. Ridge appreciates Ivy’s silence and asks if they can keep it that way. Ivy says yes. Ridge loves his father very much. He isn’t going to let Katie hurt this. If Katie thinks that he hasn’t paid the price he has with the one thing that means more to him than anything else. Eric isn’t going to pay. Everyone agrees but Katie. Katie supposes that if nothing else happens then she won’t say anything. Quinn wants to get back to work. Katie, Quinn, and Ivy walk out. Brooke tells Bill that Katie means well. Ridge asks if she really does. He wonders if she saw the ring. Ridge asks what they are doing. Ridge feels she can trust him. He cannot lose her. He cannot let this marriage happen. He needs her in his life. Brooke is marrying Bill and is committed to Bill. Ridge will fight for her. She will always be his Logan.

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