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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/1/17


Written By Anthony

Baker arrests Sally for grand larceny and industrial espionage. RJ wonders if this really needs to happen. Steffy doesn’t think that they can just let people take from them with no consequence. Thomas needs a minute alone with Sally. He just wants it. Steffy and Carter walk out with Baker, JR, and Coco following. Sally is so sorry.

Shirley walks into Sally’s office to find Saul working on more orders. Saul confirms that they just came in. He thinks that this is success beyond their wildest dreams. Saul could use some help. Shirley knows that Darlita will be in, in a few minutes. Saul points out she is standing right there. Shirley decides to help. He thanks her. He wants her to sort these by design number. Shirley wonders where Sally is. Saul guesses not in the building.

Pam asks what is happening with Sally. Carter tells her that Sally confessed to stealing the designs. Pam guesses that lets Coco off the hook. She wonders what will happen with Sally. RJ wants them to give Thomas and Sally a little bit. They might be able to work something out. Coco asks if that is possible. Steffy reminds them that Sally has committed multiple crimes against them. She knows that this is rough for her but Sally brought this on herself and no needs to pay the price.

Sally has never been sorrier. Thomas guesses that it should have been that she realized this before all this happened. Sally should have listened to what her heart was trying to tell her. Thomas guesses it doesn’t go well with her survival instinct. Sally thought a successful relaunch was the most important thing but she learned she already found something much more valuable.

RJ asks if he missed something. He walks into Rick’s office with Coco. He thought that Coco was going to make a statement to the cops. He wonders how this turned into Sally doing so on her own. Coco went off on her on how disappointed she was instead of sticking to the original plan. Spectra was supposed to come back legit. Then Sally decided to take the Spectra way out and steal. She thinks she was too harsh on her. Coco claimed to testify against her but Sally was stunned. She doesn’t think that Sally realized the charges she was facing. Then it all came to reality and she said she would take care of it on her own. He obviously knows the rest. She has to tell Shirley. Shirley picks her phone up. She asks if she is busy. Saul and her could use some help filling out orders. Coco thinks she might as well stop. She and Sally are at Forrester. Sally has turned herself in and admitted everything. She doesn’t know what the next step is but Sally is in trouble. Coco will keep her posted. RJ hugs Coco.

Baker wants to know what they are doing in there. Carter doesn’t think it has been that long. Baker believes it was long enough. Pam thought this might take a minute so she took the liberty to ask one of their interns to bring up another hotdog for him, with the homemade mustard he likes. It is the least she can do for one of LA’s finest. Baker asks if Steffy still wants the woman behind bars. Steffy asks if he doesn’t think she should. Baker doesn’t think it is his call. Steffy doesn’t take pleasure in the thought of Sally in prison. They have to do this though. If they allow Sally to get away with this then it is open season. Sally crossed a legal line and they need to respond properly.

Sally asks if there is any way to make Thomas understand. Not like a lame excuse, because she realizes what she did was horrible. She just wants to give him a reason why. Thomas would love to hear it because he is at a loss. Sally got caught up. He doesn’t know her family. She had so much pressure to get Spectra back. Everyone said that it up to her. Sally wanted to do it right, with original designs. A company rebuilt with her vision. Thomas knows. Sally guesses that Jarrett's review threw her and made her doubt herself. Grams wouldn’t let up. She wanted Saul and Darlita to get a return. Shirley came up with the idea. She just went along with it. Sally had a lot of misgivings. Thomas knows in the end she did exactly what she did. He loved her. He would have been happy to have helped her. He believed in her talent and goals. All she had to do was reach out but she didn’t. Instead, she lied and stole from him and his family. He asks how she could do that.

Saul doesn’t think this could be true. Shirley doesn’t want to believe it either but there is no way around it. Sally just marched over to Forrester and confessed everything. Saul wants Shirley to forget about the orders. He wants to know what will happen to Sally.

Baker thinks that the hotdogs smell delicious. Pam thinks that this is her pleasure. Carter knows that it isn’t easy for Steff to be the boss. Steffy is doing the right thing. Carter agrees from a business standpoint. Coco walks out. She understands if Steffy shuts her down but she has a few things she needs to say. Her sister is a good person. She has been there for her through her whole life. She told Sally that she had to give a statement against her. She decided to confess. She isn’t saying that it erases anything. Coco just thinks that Sally is a good person. She knows she did wrong. It was an awful choice but she can’t send her sister to prison. Steffy thinks it is obvious how much she cares about Sally but she broke the law and there are consequences. Steffy walks into the office. Thomas needs a few more minutes. Steffy closes the door.

Sally guesses that this is it. It was really nice knowing him but she assumes he doesn’t feel that way. Sally let Shirley get to her head. She betrayed the two people she cares about most. She sent her sister in here to steal designs without her knowledge. She wonders what kind of sister she is. Then there is him and what she did to his family. Thomas will never understand why she didn’t trust him enough. Sally thinks that stealing is in her blood. She knows she is a joke. Now she is a criminal headed off to prison. She will stop production and make this go away as much as she possibly can. Sally will make this right. In the meantime, she knows they will always have Australia. She will never forget how they laughed and how he kissed her. Sally knows she didn’t deserve this in the first place. She is no good. She doesn’t want him to walk but run away from her.

Steffy doesn’t think they have a choice but to do this. She thought that her and Sally had a moment or at least she thought so. She was genuine and she finally saw how Thomas was taken by her but this Sally is getting what she asked for. RJ is sorry this is happening. Coco begs Steffy to reconsider. She suggests that Steffy take the money and the building. End Spectra for good but don’t send Sally to prison.

Thomas doesn’t think she can order him to walk away any more than she can order him to stay. Sally knows he cannot stay if she is in jail. Sally will do what it takes to survive. She will come out swinging. Thomas can see that. Sally is going where she belongs to a place with people like her. Sally is ashamed and sorry. They have a big glorious shot and she should go to prison for that lone. She wants to get the ball rolling. She asks him to get Baker in here. Sally starts to cry. She turns around and Thomas hugs her. Baker walks in and asks if they are doing this. Steffy confirms they are pressing charges. Coco hugs Sally. Sally is sorry. She loves her. Coco loves her so much. Baker gets out his handcuffs. He wants Sally to turn around. RJ holds Coco. Baker puts the cuffs on her. She walks out with Baker as they all watch.

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