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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/28/17


Written By Anthony

Thomas sits in the CEO office and thinks about the time he spent with Sally in Australia. He gets a phone call. It is from Sally. He stands up and picks it up. He wonders if there is a point to this. Sally sees he answered. Thomas only did so because he is busy and doesn’t need her distraction and she knows why. Sally wants to make things right if he lets her. Thomas would like to know how he is supposed to do that. She is passing off his, Ridge, and Eric’s work as hers and she is making a killing at it. Sally knows she is wrong. She lost faith in it. Sally will prove to him… Thomas doubts there is anything she can do. He hangs up on her.

RJ knows that it seems like a lot to ask. Coco knows he is only asking her to tell the truth but it is her sister. Coco asks what would be the point of giving the police a statement if it wasn’t. Coco needs to tell Sally so she knows that it is coming. She needs to hear this from her. RJ hugs her.

Steffy walks into her office and reminds Thomas the sketch isn’t going to finish itself. Steffy asks if he has bad news. Thomas admits that Sally called. Steffy assumes it was her begging not to go through with it. Thomas wonders what she means. Steffy means filing criminal charges. Thomas thought that Carter said they wouldn’t be able to go through with any of that. Steffy says that with Coco’s testimony they can.

Zende takes photos of Maya in the studio. Maya wonders who these designs are for. Nicole explains for Steffy. Rick notes they need the designs are going to be pushed out quickly. Maya wants to hold Lizzie. Rick doesn’t want her spitting up on the dress. Maya reminds her that the baby wants her. Nicole points out that she is a Forrester and an Avant. She wants a set of golf clubs and a personal stylist. Rick thinks she is either hungry or sleepy. Maya suggests it is time for her nap. Nicole wants to put her to sleep. Zende asks if he can do it. Maya guesses he can. Zende holds the baby. Maya reminds him that he is holding the most important person in the world. Zende never thought he could look at himself as a father but the next baby that will be in the family will be their own.

Thomas wonders why they don’t just take a civil suit for damages. Steffy believes that will come next. They need a conviction first and then it will be a slam dunk. Thomas reminds her that Sally could go to prison for this. Steffy assumed that was what he wanted, after the way she used her. RJ walks in. He talked to her. She said she will testify against Sally.

Sally is sitting in her office. Coco walks in. Sally wonders how it went. Coco doesn’t think the way she expected. Sally asks if they believe her story. Coco doesn’t think it is a story. The Forrester’s believe her which is very kind of them. She only saw RJ. He is the same as ever. Very loving and trusting. Very honest. Sally assumes he is on her side then. She wonders if the topic came up of her getting her job back. Coco confirms that it did. Sally asks when she goes back.

Maya looks at Lizzie. Zende asks why they are not talking. Rick doesn’t know. She always stays asleep. Maya wants him to hush. She likes watching her sleep. The interns keep offering to watch her but she doesn’t want to miss anything. Zende asks which interns. Maya says Charlotte. Zende hates to have Lizzie’s nape be privilege of the Spectra spy cameras. Nicole doubts that Coco would ever in danger Lizzie. Zende thinks that Coco has a way to fix the damage. Maya asks how so. Nicole notes that if Coco makes a statement they can press charges. She doesn’t know how anyone could send their sister to jail.

Thomas asks if they really want to be responsible for sending Sally and her grandmother to jail. Steffy wonders why Sally isn’t responsible for it herself. Thomas doesn’t think they are criminal masterminds. Steffy reminds him that they stole their latest designs and are making profit of this. RJ would like to know what they get out of it. Steffy thinks satisfaction. RJ thinks that is what they do in old movies. Steffy believes that this is the way to get cash damages. Steffy gets that she is heartless but Thomas feels she is harmless. Thomas cannot help but feel bad for Sally. Pam comes in and tells her that Baker is here to see her. Baker walks in with Carter. Baker asks what kind of mustard Pam put on his hotdog. Pam says it is homemade. Baker likes it. Carter asks if RJ spoke to Coco. RJ did. Carter asks how much she was willing to admit. RJ says she is willing to make a statement.

Sally wants to know who Coco can speak to if it isn’t her. Coco believes someone who will not lie to her or trick her or make a joke of her. They were all sitting here making a joke of her. Coco loves Sally but she doesn’t want to be like her. Sally doesn’t want to be like herself either but she keeps waking up the same person every morning. Sally doesn’t think that there is anything selfish about wanting her internship back. There is nothing selfish about this. It is obvious she has something with RJ worth getting back. She wants to know why the Forrester’s don’t want her back. Coco explains they will if she does what they want. Sally guesses that is the definition of a job. She wonders why she hasn’t said yes. Coco did. It is just harder for her to turn against her than the other way around.

Rick thought that Carter said they didn’t have a case against them. Nicole states they didn’t. He spoke with some other lawyers and he changed his mind. Maya thought that Spectra could get away with it for changing minor things. Zende notes that if they have actual testimony then that changes everything. Nicole just feels bad for the spot they are putting Coco in. Rick asks about the spot that Forrester is in. All the months down the drain. Nicole believes that it is still a hard place to be in. Nicole likes Coco. She thinks she is a good person. She honestly believes it was all the grandmother and she wonders if they really want to send her grandmother to jail. Nicole is just saying that if someone wanted her to say bad things about Maya she couldn’t do it.

Baker asks where he can find the younger miss Spectra. Thomas asks if they can have a minute. Steffy tells Thomas no. Eric wants this, she and Ridge and it. They have already laid the ground work down for it. Thomas believes that this should be a family choice. Steffy suggests that just because he isn’t on board doesn’t mean that it isn’t. RJ believes what Sally did to Coco wasn’t right. He cannot defend that. RJ tells Baker that she will be here shortly. She just wanted to tell Sally that she was giving a signed statement. Baker isn’t so sure that was a good idea. Carter agrees. RJ says she will be back and he is sure about it.

Coco has to go. Sally asks where she needs to go. Coco thought that things would be better if she spoke to her first but it isn’t going to do anything. Sally knows that she said turn against her but she asks when she has turned against her. Coco said no to her. Sally reminds her that she cannot take no for answer but turn against her… She never would do that. She is her sister. She was more of her parent then their parents her. Coco thinks she could go to jail. All their hard work. All the hard work for nothing. She could have had a future there. Sally knows and she wants those things. Sally wants her to tell the truth then. Coco needs to do it to the police and to the court. Sally doesn’t think they can prove it. Coco is just being asked to tell the truth. That is what she has been asked to do her entire life. Sally asks if they know any lawyers. She realizes they don’t. Coco explains it would be larceny and industrial spying. They could get her for fifteen years plus damages. Sally guesses this would all be gone and so would she. Sally imagines in fifteen years Coco will probably be a soccer mom. Either that or she will rebel. Coco thought they would be the Spectra’s who did it on their own. She turned this into a crime scene. She would do anything for her. Sally thinks not because she said no. Coco loves her. She thought they were on the same side. She guesses she will have to love herself a little more. She doesn’t want to be ashamed that she has to move from place to place. This might seem childish to her but this is all she has. Sally asks if Coco remembers when the bird flew into the window at Shirley’s. She made her help her burry it. This feels like that. Coco doesn’t think telling the truth is wrong. The Forrester’s had every right to ask. Coco is going to do it. Sally doesn’t want her to do it. She will take care of it.

Zende asks if Nicole is mad. Nicole isn’t and wonders if he is. Zende isn’t. He just hopes that Coco deserves her loyalty. Nicole knows they will disagree about a lot of things before they die. She won’t hold it against him that he will always be wrong.

Baker has to get back to the station. Steffy hopes he can talk to her before she changes her mind. Thomas suggests she already has. Pam doesn’t know how these two got through security. Coco walks in. Sally walks in with her. She assumes one of them must be the police. Baker assumes that she is Sally. He needs a word with her sister. Sally doesn’t think he will need to do that. Sally admits everything. Baker wonders if she understands what she is saying. Sally did this. Steffy doesn’t want a confession that will be thrown out in court. Sally offers to be read her rights. Baker gives her the right to be remained silent. She has the right to be given an attorney. He asks if she understands the way he has explained it.

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