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RJ wouldn’t be asking Coco this if it wasn’t important. Coco admits that RJ’s family has every right to be upset. She just thinks that what he is asking of her to turn in her own sister… RJ just wants her to be honest. Coco points out that if she is then Sally goes to prison. RJ thinks that could maybe not even happen. Coco still thinks that it is crazy to think of Sally in a jail cell. Coco wants to make things right but she isn’t sure that she can do this.

Ridge tells Brooke in her kitchen that Sally stole from them and now she should pay for it. Brooke agrees that they should file a civil suit. She thinks that fifteen years in prison is extreme. Ridge believes that a judge would decide what would happen and how much she would pay them. Brooke wonders if Baker actually thinks that there is enough to go through with charges. Ridge feels that if there is sworn statement then yes. Brooke assumes that is why Ridge has RJ speaking to Coco. Ridge confirms it is. He is trying to convince her to cooperate.

Wyatt tells Bill that his girlfriend the skyscraper looks a little neglected. He wonders if Bill has forgotten about her. Bill will never do that. One day she will be his. Wyatt wants Bill to remember the other woman he is engaged to. Bill hasn’t. Brooke has him for the rest of his life. She deserves a man who will give her a hundred and ten percent. He still wants to know what Ridge did. Wyatt guesses he isn’t going to let this go. Bill wants him to think about this. It would have been pretty significant to call the wedding off the day before. Wyatt is sure that something happened. Bill is going to find out what it was.

RJ understands that he is putting her in an impossible situation. RJ reminds Coco that Sally committed the crime and she is in a lot of trouble. There is no excuse for what she did. Coco wonders what he would do if he were her. RJ knows that it would be tough but he would tell the truth. She needs to look out for her future. For their future. His family needs to know she is loyal.

Bill may need to change his nickname. He predict that bone headed clod would trip to his feet. Wyatt knows he wants to know what happened but Brooke doesn’t want him getting involved. Bill knows that he doesn’t want her to knock him out. Wyatt reminds him that they share a kid together. Bill isn’t going to slap whatever he did all over the cover of his magazines. He knows how to be discrete. Wyatt asks since when. Bill thinks since right now. He would be crazy not to use something like this. It would be very useful.

Brooke feels bad for Coco. It is obvious that her sister is using her. Ridge asks if they are really shocked. Brooke isn’t shocked by anything the Spectra’s do. Ridge guesses she is wearing the ring. Brooke asks why she wouldn’t be. Ridge thinks that he would find out eventually that she is engaged. Brooke knows he has his own life now. She is sure that he will understand. Brooke believes that this love is about respect. She deserves better. Ridge agrees she is right. He messed up. Brooke is through playing these games. He isn’t though. Brooke needs a man who will be loyal to her. Ridge wonders if that man will really be Bill Spencer. Brooke thinks so.

RJ knows that this is ripping Coco up inside. He is sorry. Coco doesn’t blame RJ. He is just doing what his family asked. RJ does think that it is the right call. Coco knows that it is for her but it isn’t for her sister. She is basically signing her future away. If she agrees then it will ruin Sally’s life. Spectra will go under and she goes to jail. RJ points out that she could just pay a fine. Coco asks with what money. It could be worse than that. RJ thinks that it is Coco’s choice. He will support her regardless. He will make sure that she can come back. They can work together and be together. There is nothing he wants more than to be together.

Wyatt hates to say it but he has to wonder if what happened between Ridge and Brooke is because of Caroline. Bill is way ahead of him. He already called her in New York and she hasn’t spoken to him in months. Wyatt thinks that he is deep into this. Wyatt hopes that he didn’t hire a private investigator. Bill hasn’t yet. Wyatt doesn’t want him going to a dark place. Bill doesn’t think that this has to do with a dark place. This is about Ridge’s dark track record. There has to be. Wyatt suggests that a model could have been flirting with him. Bill thinks it had to have hurt Brooke to her core. Wyatt wonders who else works at Forrester, beside Steffy, Brooke, and Pam. Wyatt suggests Maya who is married, Ivy would be weird, and Nicole is newly married. That is pretty much it. Then there is Quinn but that is just weird. Bill knows that the two of them hate each other.

Brooke doesn’t want to talk about Bill. Not with Ridge. Ridge doesn’t think they have to talk about it. She is engaged to the guy. Brooke sees that Katie really is working at Forrester. Ridge confirms that she is. Brooke asks how that works. Brooke asks if Eric isn’t curious as to why Katie would hire her. Ridge explains that Spectra copied the collection, Ivy is in Australia, so it all made sense. Brooke doesn’t want him to get her wrong. She is excited for Katie. She thinks it is a wonderful opportunity for her and for the company. She just isn’t sure how she feels about everything else. Ridge appreciates that Brooke hasn’t said anything. Brooke hopes she made the right choice. Ridge thinks she did. He hasn’t done anything else with Quinn. Brooke wants to believe that is the truth. Ridge promises they are done. Brooke hopes he means that. Brooke really does think that Quinn loves Eric and is good for him. Ridge agrees that Quinn loves Eric and is good for him. It was reckless and it was over. Brooke believes that he learned his lesson. Ridge won’t. He wonders if Brooke can believe him then why can she not forgive him. Ridge wants her to forget about Bill and have one more chance.

RJ thinks that Coco could have a real future at Forrester. Coco admits that working here has been the best experience of her life. Meeting him has made it even better. RJ wants her to be here and there is no reason she shouldn’t be. Coco’s family took advantage of her and it isn’t fair. Coco thinks that what Sally did was wrong but she isn’t sure she would be able to live with herself. Sally isn’t a terrible person. She looked out for her, her entire life. Then she makes one bad mistake. RJ reminds her that she betrayed her. Coco doesn’t think that she will ever forgive her but the thought of her in jail is too much pressure. Coco wants things to be the way they used to be but if she testifies against her… She starts to cry.

Wyatt wonders who the single women are at Forrester. Bill reminds him Ivy and Katie. Wyatt suggests Katie. She was involved with Ridge at some time. Bill doubts they were involved. Brooke and Katie are in a really good place and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that. Wyatt suggests that it could have been someone random like a fan or a waitress or another guest at the hotel. He will never know so it is best to let it go. Bill doubts it was someone at the hotel. For some reason she agreed to marry him. He can get his life the way he wants it. Bill needs to have an ace in the hole. He needs leverage. Wyatt needs Bill to drop it. Wyatt thinks he should leave it alone.

Ridge wants Brooke to think of all they have been through before Spencer was around. Ridge is guilty of having an ego and flirting with disaster. He is in love with Brooke and only her. He touches her hand. Brooke smiles and starts to cry.

Coco thinks it feels really good to have RJ in her arms. She just feels like an enemy walking in here. Everyone is nice but she sees them looking at her and she doesn’t know what she is doing. She cannot change who she is. She is a Spectra and that will always be a part of her. RJ likes her the way she is. Coco has no one. Shirley won’t walk to her. RJ doesn’t want her to do what she doesn’t want. They will do the right thing. He knows she knows that.

Ridge wants one more chance. He doesn’t want her to marry Bill. Bill walks in asking what they have here. He is begging Brooke not to marry him. Bill wonders if he has any self-respect at all. He asks what Ridge did. Brooke would marry him one day not the next. Bill thinks it must have been something huge. He will find out. Bill wants to know what she did. Ridge isn’t telling him anything. Bill imagines that Brooke must have been horrified. Brooke needs to make a business call. She needs Ridge to leave. Bill thinks they will be fine. Ridge thinks he has some nerve. What happened isn’t his business. Bill will find out. He will expose his dirty secret.

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