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Ridge thinks that justice has to be served RJ. RJ realizes that Spectra stole their designs. Steffy reminds him it was their entire collection. RJ wants them to go after Spectra then. Steffy reminds him that is what they are doing. RJ feels that they want Coco to rat out her sister. Ridge and Steffy want her to tell the truth. If she is who she says she is then she will do it. RJ feels that Coco sending her sister to prison for fifteen years is a little harsh.

Coco shows up at Sally’s office. Coco wonders if Sally has another knock off. Sally says that this is a part of the next collection. The real collection. Coco assumes the one she didn’t steal. Sally is so happy to see her. She asks what she has been up to. Coco has been applying for jobs. Cleaning dishes and anything they ask of her. Except stealing.

Zende tells Nicole that he was thinking they could check out the new Korean place. It won’t be as good as what they had the other night seeing he made it. Zende thinks she is being too quiet. Nicole is just thinking about Coco. She met up with her earlier. Zende doesn’t think it changes the fact that she is a Spectra and stole from them. Nicole hopes that Zende realizes that Coco was set up by her sister. Zende knows that is the story she is using. Zende thinks the whole concept of a Spectra working for them is ridicules to him. Nicole believes that this has been really hard for Nicole. She lost her job at Forrester and won’t work at Spectra. She saw her apply for a job at a restaurant. Zende hopes she gets it. Nicole feels she is a good person and she feels bad for her.

Sally is shocked that Coco is dishwashing. Coco thinks it is honorable work. Sally did it and even liked it but Coco worked in fashion. Coco doubts that Forrester will ever hire her back. Sally thinks they need her here. Coco isn’t going to lie and steal for them. She doesn’t think so. Sally is going legit. She means it. The next collection will be in house. Coco wonders about the Forrester’s. She stole from them with zero accountability.

Ridge thinks it is up to a judge to decide and not their concern. Steffy feels the point is, is that they broke the law. They really hurt them. There are fall outs. RJ asks what Coco has to do. Ridge needs her to sign a statement. Ridge needs her to prove that she isn’t like the rest of her family. Ridge assumes that is what he wants. If he wants to give Coco the benefit of the doubt then this is the way to do it. Steffy believes that if Coco is the person he claims then she should prove it. She wants RJ to come here and tell the truth about Sally. RJ thinks that there has to be another way. Steffy reminds RJ that Sally betrayed Coco. Ridge knows that this is hard for RJ. If he wants Spectra to pay for what they did then Coco needs to step up. RJ asks if Ridge would rehire her. Ridge wants him to give her a call and do the right thing.

Sally will make it up to Coco and the Forrester’s. Coco asks how she is going to do that. Saul and Shirley are out there shipping orders. She betrayed Thomas, RJ, and her. Sally gets a call from RJ. Sally wants her to answer it. He cares about her. Sally does. RJ thanks her for answering. She wants to know why he is calling. RJ doesn’t think it is her fault. Coco doesn’t want him to do this. He has caused so much drama for his family. He is ashamed but there isn’t anything she can do to make it up to them. RJ wants her to meet her at Forrester. Coco knows that Ridge will never let her in the building. RJ knows that he will because he is with Ridge now. Coco will. She will head over now.

RJ informs them that she is on her way.

Coco tells Sally that RJ wants her to go to Forrester. Sally thinks that is a good sign maybe. Coco doesn’t think that it was ever about forgiveness. RJ never thought that she was involved. Sally knows that this will work out for her. Coco guesses that she doesn’t get it. She could never go back to RJ. His family would never accept them and it was stupid to ever think they could. Sally thinks they will always see them as cheats. Sally isn’t proud of what she has done. She betrayed her. Coco asks how she could do that to her. She never thought she could be capable of this. Sally was thinking of her when she was doing this. She was worried about everyone. It isn’t an excuse but Shirley got in her head. She swears she will never do it again. She learned her lesson. They are family and that is what is important. Sally knows she is thinking what kind of person would do that to her sister. She will make it up to her. She will not let this tear them a part.

RJ guesses that Coco was used by her sister and now they are going to let use Coco to get to her sister. Ridge needs Coco to prove that Sally stole from them. That’s it. Steffy believes that if she feels as badly as she says she does then RJ will be able to get through to him. RJ doubts he will be able to convince her to put her sister in prison.

Shirley asks if Coco is on her way to Forrester. Sally confirms she is. Shirley tells her that everything turned out. Shirley has to assumes that RJ convinced Ridge that she was innocent. Shirley guesses it is a win for everyone. Sally thinks a win except for the Forrester’s who they stole from. Shirley executed a business plan. Sally thinks at the expense of the Forrester’s. Sally has to wonder if there isn’t going to be a price to pay.

Zende asks Ridge if Carter really has a case against Spectra. Ridge confirms that he kept digging and he has a better case than he thought. Baker agrees. Steffy needs them to keep all their original designs. Nicole wonders if Carter has filed yet. Ridge says no. It is a tough thing to prove. They need to get someone on the inside of Spectra. Nicole wonders who would do that for them. Steffy is hoping they can convince Coco. Nicole asks if they want Coco to turn in her sister.

Coco is in the Forrester hallway Pam shows up and knows she is here to see RJ. Coco is. Pam says that he is waiting for her in Rick’s office. Coco walks in. She asks if he wanted to see her. RJ thanks her for coming. Coco was shocked when he called. She didn’t know what it meant. RJ missed her. He sent her messages and texts. RJ asks why she didn’t respond. Coco didn’t want to be the cause of more trouble for his family. RJ knows she is innocent. Coco asks how things are going around here. She is sorry about the mess her family made of his life. RJ isn’t going to lie. It is a real blow. What happened is not right. RJ doesn’t think she was a part of that. Coco wishes that there was a way to prove that she is sorry. RJ thinks that there is a way she can help. RJ says that she can tell the whole family that what she thinks they did was wrong. Coco will tell the whole family wrong. RJ asks if she would tell a judge and make Spectra pay for what they have done.

Zende asks what happens if Sally is proven guilty. Ridge explains she will be sentenced to up to fifteen years. Steffy thinks that she deserves it. Nicole agrees that they do but to put Coco in the middle of this is a little crazy. Steffy is asking her to do the right thing. This is a criminal act. They lost millions of dollars. Everything, they had. Ridge tells them that RJ is talking to her right now.

Shirley feels that guilt is for those who don’t take an opportunity to their advantage. She wants Sally to sort the invoices. Sally doesn’t know how she could betray Coco that way. Shirley thinks that if she didn’t do something then they would be out on the street. Sally wishes she could do something for Coco. Shirley suggests she buy her something with all the money they have coming in. Sally is going to fix this. Shirley is sure that Coco will get over this. Sally knows they share a bond and nothing can break this.

Coco isn’t sure what RJ is asking her to do. RJ assumes she wants to help rectify this. Coco thinks that what Sally did was wrong. RJ explains that his family is starting to come around. He has been preaching non-stop. Coco thanks him. He knows that she wouldn’t do anything to hurt him or his family. RJ explains that Carter and Ridge talked to a police officer. They told them that they might have a strong case against Spectra. If they want it to work then they need someone to confess. Coco asks what she has to do. RJ needs her to sign a court document. Sally assumes they are suing for damages. RJ confirms yes. Coco guesses that her sisters dream to bring Spectra back is down the drain. She will do it. She thinks it is the right thing. It might even help her with Thomas. RJ explains that there is more. There is a lawsuit involving criminal charges. Sally could go to prison. Coco asks for how long. RJ tells her up to fifteen years. Coco would do anything for him and she really wants to make this right but to go against her sister and to put her own sister behind bars, she asks if that is what he wants her to do.

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