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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/24/17


Written By Anthony

Brooke wakes up in bed and Bill is looking at her. He tells her it isn’t a dream. She is back where she belongs. Brooke thinks that all is right in the world. Bill feels that is an understatement. He spent his night with her on top of a bed of cash. He asks how it could be more right than that. Brooke thinks that they need to save some of this cash. They have a wedding to pay for. Bill thinks that they will be alright. Bill suggests Monte Carlo for a wedding. Brooke thinks that is a great idea. Brooke loves it. So many choices to make. Bill thinks that they can all wait for after this.

In Bill’s office Wyatt looks at Bill’s model and he tells Liam that it is on hold again. Liam knows he was so excited to expand down town. Wyatt knows he will but it won’t happen as quickly as he thought. The stolen designs might have bought Spectra some time but they cannot stand for long. Liam feels that is true. Wyatt assumes that Steffy must be livid. Liam confirms that it is true. An entire collection wasted. Wyatt asks if there are any plans to release the collection anyway. Liam says that it is back to the drawing boards for Forrester.

Ridge is on the phone with Thomas while Eric is drawing. Ridge thinks it is a nice design. He wants him to let him know when he is done with the next one. He hangs up. Ridge starts to sketch again. Eric thinks that he is really losing himself into this. Ridge feels that it helps keep his mind off of other things. Eric demands to know why he and Brooke didn’t get married.

At Pam’s desk, she is taking phone calls and Quinn is looking at notes. Katie walks over. She says good morning. Quinn says it is so nice to see her. Katie cannot wait to get to work. Pam is on the phone with Carter. She thought she just transferred him through. She gets another call. Katie really is excited to see what position Quinn thinks of for her. Quinn explains that one position does come to mind. Quinn explains that Pam is getting flustered. She hears that she actually did a better job when she shared he desk. Katie asks if Quinn really wants her to… Pam asks if anyone is hungry and offers them lemon bars.

Wyatt asks if Liam has heard from Bill. Liam hasn’t. Wyatt thinks that it is weird that he isn’t here yet. Liam suggests that Bill might have forgot they had a meeting. Wyatt knows that Allison doesn’t let him forget anything. Liam assumes that he must be wrapped up in something important.

Brooke kisses Bill in bed. He starts to kiss her back. Brooke looks and sees that it is getting late. Bill guesses that time flies when they are having fun. He will get the shower ready. Brooke wants him to let her know when it is hot. Bill will let her know alright.

Quinn thanks Pam. Katie is fine. Pam gets back on the phone. Katie asks if she is really going to come back to Forrester as a secretary. Quinn knows it was good enough for Donna. Katie was CEO. Quinn realizes that. She is just trying to work her in. Katie suggests they see if Eric has any better ideas.

Katie walks into the CEO office. She sees they are hard at work. Quinn agrees which is why they should discuss this later. Eric asks what they should discuss. Quinn explains her possible employment. Katie gets that the two of them are in crisis mode right now with the company. She is just ready and willing to help in any way she can. Eric doesn’t think it is a secret that they could use some extra hands around here. Katie thinks that he is right about that. No secret at all.

Liam explains that Jarrett is seeking an extension. He feels that if they can get this into the next issue that would be good. Bill walks in. Wyatt says that they were just about to leave. Liam explains that the meeting ended an hour ago but they are happy to email him the minutes. Liam sees he is wearing his necklace again. Brooke is wearing her sword as well. Wyatt asks if he means her engagement ring. Bill confirms they are getting married.

Katie knows it is a terrible time for Forrester with everything that happened with Spectra. If there is any way they can use her then please do. Brooke walks in. Brooke says hello. She asks what she is doing here. Katie is working she hopes. It was Quinn’s idea. Brooke thinks that is excellent. Brooke better get back to work. Pam walks in. She says it is line two. It sounds important. Ridge walks out. Eric says damn it. Spectra not only stole from the clothing but also the jewelry line. They are going to need all new pieces for the collection. Quinn doesn’t think they can. Ivy isn’t here. She is in Australia. She told her she could take the time off. Eric is afraid so. Quinn needs new help. Even if Ivy were here she would need help. Eric just figured out where she could fit in. Katie has never designed before but she thinks she has pretty good style. Quinn thinks that it is hard to do jewelry. Eric thinks that it is a great idea but it is up to Quinn. She is here and can help. Katie asks what she says. Katie knows she said she cannot do it all by herself. She thinks that working with her might be in her best interest. Quinn guesses it sounds like it.

Brooke is working on her laptop in Rick’s office and Ridge walks in. Brooke asks what he is doing. He should be sketching right now. Ridge is just taking a break. Brooke is just catching up on a few things here. Ridge knows he made a mistake. Brooke tells him to stop. Ridge looks at her ring.

Eric thinks that this is a great idea. Katie can process pieces and keep an eye on the budget. Anything that can make things easier. Katie cannot wait to work side by side with Quinn. Eric cannot wait to see what they come up with. He leaves. Katie thinks that this will be so much fun. Quinn thinks that Katie can do whatever she would like here except work with her on the jewelry line.

Liam cannot believe he got engaged to Brooke. Bill told them that he would come back on top. Liam and Wyatt are happy for him. Bill admits that technically she asked him. Bill expects both of them to be here. Bill thinks that if you say something loud enough that it will happen. He told Brooke that Ridge would let her down and he would be there when he did. Liam wonders what happened because they were this close to getting married in Australia. Bill doesn’t know but he does want to find out. He is very curious as to how he screwed up and how he will do it again. Liam asks if he really has.

Ridge guesses that was fast. He knows she is disappointed and hurt but he asks what she is doing. Brooke is doing what she should have done a long time ago. Brooke wants RJ to see her finally loved. Ridge can do this. Brooke doesn’t think he can. He never has been able to. Ridge doesn’t have feelings for Quinn. He doesn’t want her to marry Bill because she made a mistake. He wants another chance.

Bill doesn’t give a damn if Ridge is giving up on Brooke. Liam thinks that is he is pursuing her and causing problems… Bill doesn’t think that it matters. She has given up on him. They have nothing to worry about. Wyatt knows how Ridge is. Bill knows too. He is an idiot and messes up every relationship. Even when it is destiny.

Brooke asks how she gives him another chance. He was kissing Eric’s wife the day before they were supposed to marry. She asks if he knows how hurtful that was. Brooke thinks that this is what he does. He has a need to concur women regardless of how she feels. He can forget about his commitments and loyalties. Brooke doesn’t think that Ridge knows. They were kids. That is what has brought them together. She has changed though and grown. She has matured and that isn’t the kind of life she wants for herself. Full or betrayal and hurt. Ridge doesn’t want that either. Brooke thinks that his actions say something different. He will end up with Quinn. She doesn’t know what will happen and she doesn’t care. She is marrying Bill and she will be Misses Bill Spencer. Ridge doesn’t want her to say that. Brooke thinks that Ridge has hurt her for the very last time. Brooke cannot let him access this anymore. Brooke thinks that they had a good run. “The boy from Beverly Hills and the girl from the Valley.” They had these dreams and vision. They wanted a family and be married and happy. That isn’t possible. Ridge calls her Logan. Brooke says no. She walks out.

Katie wants Quinn to try and have an open mind about this. She needs a job and Quinn needs help. Quinn asks how she is supposed to design with her blackmailing her. Katie isn’t doing that. Katie accepted her position. This is a good opportunity for both of them. They are going to celebrate her marriage. Katie gets that she doesn’t like being in control. She likes everyone being afraid of what she is capable of. Katie is in charge now. She knows that she will be loyal to that beautiful man who trusts her. He makes happy. She knows that she isn’t going to hurt him. Katie will only tell him if she forces him to. She keeps telling her there is nothing to say. Quinn asks if that means she needs to stay loyal to Eric. That isn’t going to be a problem. Katie is hoping she will be a decent co-worker she can teach her everything about jewelry. If she feels that it is an unhealthy work environment then she will have to tell Eric. Quinn welcomes her to the jewelry line. Katie thanks her. That wasn’t too hard. Katie thinks that she will need copies of the current designs. Quinn standing behind her and holds a knife while Katie rambles. She cannot wait to teach her. Katie turns her head around and Quinn hides the knife. Quinn will take good care of her. Katie is glad. Quinn does like these designs Very unique.

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