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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/20/17


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Bill asks how the necklace looks on him. Brooke thinks like it always did. Like it belongs there. Bill thinks that is how she looks to him. Close enough to touch. Which is exactly where she belongs.

In the Forrester Mansion, Eric tells Carter that this is unbelievable. These are obviously stolen Forrester designs in the Spectra collection. Carter thinks that it may be obvious to them, but the length is different and the shoulders are different. Carter points out that most running shoes look alike. Those tiny differences keep the courts from claiming trademark infringement. Spectra knows this. Eric thinks that Spectra has been doing this for years. He guesses that some things never change. Carter thinks that all Eric will be doing with a lawsuit is giving them more PR. Ridge walks in. He is sorry he is late. He asks how much they are suing for. Carter thinks that it is up to them. He thinks that they should just table it and get new designs. Eric wants to know why this happened on his watch.

Quinn is in the Forrester kitchen and Katie is standing at the back entrance. She asks if she scared her. Quinn didn’t hear the doorbell. Katie has been in this house countless times over the years and she never knew that there was a side entrance until she looked out the window. Quinn points out that it is the service entrance. She asks if she is delivering something. Katie is here to collect on that job offer. She knows she said that there was a place for her at Forrester. Quinn thinks that Eric has other things on his mind right now in case she hasn’t heard. Katie thinks that she is so good at distracting him. Quinn tells her that he is with Carter right now. Katie can wait.

Ridge thinks that it happened because they are dealing with a ring of thieves. They all thought that Spectra 2.0 would be different but it turned out they are not. Eric asks if that is what they all thought. Ridge thinks that it is. Carter thinks that he should go. He wants them to let him know what they decide. Eric thinks that there is a difference between being pleasant at a party and taking on a job. He took on the other Spectra girl as an intern. Ridge didn’t. Thomas and RJ were in charge of hiring her and when he found out what her name was and let her go. Eric wants to know why she was with them for a whole month then. Ridge thinks that he knows why. There was an incident at the loading dock where RJ almost got hurt. Eric wonders about Steffy. Ridge doesn’t think that Steffy has anything to do with this. It is on him. Eric stepped aside and stepped back because he thought the two of them could manage the day to day operations. He was even considering retiring and seeing the world with Quinn. He asks how he can do that now.

Katie has some Earl Gray at home. She knows that is Eric’s favorite tea. Quinn explains that he has been preferring a different blend lately. Katie wonders if she made short bread cookies. Quinn will talk to Eric when the time is right. Katie asks how Ridge is doing these days. Quinn doesn’t see him. She has no reason to see him. Katie thinks that on second thought she is having a craving for humus and celery sticks. Katie wonders if she has anything like that.

Bill and Brooke kiss. Bill tells her that she better not be getting back to work. Brooke thinks that it is chaos over there. Bill thinks that it is payback for the dressmaker but he cannot be to, happy about it. He doesn’t want disappointment anywhere near her. Brooke thinks that it is only business. Bill hates that phrase, but today he thinks he understands it.

Eric still cannot believe this. Sally flies all the way to Australia to help Thomas celebrate Steffy’s wedding. They welcome her and then she does this. Ridge doesn’t think that this was personal. He thinks that people get desperate. They have never had to do anything like this because they have always had money. Eric doesn’t think that they can show people this collection. They will have to trash it. Ridge wonders what they want to do. Eric thinks that they have to come up with a new collection in record time. Ridge guesses that they better get started. Eric wants to know what happened in Australia. He was supposed to marry Brooke. Eric wants to know what happened.

Bill asks what it was this time. He wants to know how bad it was. Brooke doesn’t want to talk about it. Bill wants to know. She called off the wedding. Brooke did. Bill asks if she really doesn’t want to tell him why. Brooke informs him that it didn’t have anything to do with Bill. It hardly had anything to do with her. Bill just wants to know that she is done with him for sure this time. Brooke knows that people always come back together but the place they always come back to is being done. She has fallen off so many times. She doesn’t want to take that ride anymore.

Quinn thinks that Katie has miscalculated if she thinks that she will allow her to be bullied. She is Eric’s old friend and she is being nice for her sake. Katie doesn’t think that is all. Quinn loves her husband. If telling her that she kissed another man then that is exactly what she will do. Katie thinks that if it were any other man then maybe he would shrug it off. When he finds out that this is the reason that Brooke has called off the wedding, Eric will know it was much more than a few kisses. Quinn points out that Eric’s closest relationships are with her and Ridge. Even, Brooke had the decency to respect that. Katie doesn’t think that Quinn deserves Eric. Katie is going to be watching her. Whether it is in her kitchen or at Forrester Creations.

In the living room Quinn and Katie walk in. Eric wants to know why Ridge will not tell him what happened in Sydney. Katie says hello. She was just chatting with his lovely wife in the kitchen. Quinn didn’t tell her that Ridge was here. Quinn didn’t know. Katie asks if she is interrupting. Eric thinks she is. He has been trying to find someone who will tell him what happened between Ridge and Brooke. He thinks that something obviously went wrong. Eric asks if she knows. Katie does. She asks if Ridge wants to tell him or if she should. Ridge doesn’t think that it is anyone’s business. Katie guesses that he could say that Ridge disappointed her sister. She thinks that he failed her. Eric wonders in what way. Katie thinks in the same way that he failed her over the years. Katie thinks that the answer is looking at them in the face. Eric thinks that Ridge lacks commitment. He deserted Brooke so many times. Quinn suggests that Katie come back another time. Katie was invited for tea but if he would rather she come back another time. Eric thinks that they should have tea. There is nothing he would like better. Katie thanks her. Katie thinks that Quinn forgot the honey. Quinn explains that Eric doesn’t use any. Eric thinks that there is honey in the pantry. Quinn will be right back. Katie asks if Ridge would like some tea. Ridge never touches the stuff.

Bill asks if there is anything she wants to ask him. Brooke does have something. She wonders how he knew in Australia where she was. Bill didn’t. Brooke was crying in the hotel. She just wanted to get the sun in her face. She was drawn to the ocean. She doesn’t know why. Bill thinks that when you don’t know what is out there is a sign. Bill thinks that they are always trying to find out what is next if anything could be. Brooke thinks that just like magic there he was. Bill always will be. Brooke knows that now. She is sorry. Bill doesn’t want any sorry. Brooke just got lost in what she thought she should have. She will never turn her back on him again.

Eric thinks that Ridge used to confide in him. Ridge doesn’t think it is a matter of that. There are some things in a marriage that are private. Katie thinks that Quinn is taking her time to find the honey. Eric wants Ridge to help her find it. Ridge does so.

Ridge walks into the kitchen. Quinn says the hell with her and her honey. She wonders if Katie is gone. Ridge was sent to help her. Ridge gives her the honey.

Brooke thinks that Bill has been very patient. Bill doesn’t think that is the right word. Brooke guesses loving and loyal. She doesn’t usually get that with men so she didn’t really trust it. Bill thinks that she has changed him. He has taught her a thing about there never being enough. He thinks the only thing that he wants more of now is her. He puts her on his desk and tries kissing her. Brooke thinks they need a proper reunion tonight. Brooke wants his keys. Bill will give her his wallet, or even lines of credit. Brooke just wants the keys to his house. She will get there first and then he will get there just after dark. She knows he has made a big investment in her and now it time to cash in. Bill does like that. Brooke knows he will love it.

Quinn asks why Eric has a whole cabinet of expired honey bears. Ridge explains that these are Donna’s. Quinn is so tired of Katie. Quinn cannot lose her husband. Ridge doesn’t want her to. She just cannot push Katie. Quinn cannot go back to the life she had before, the way she was before she met Eric. There was nothing real between her and Ridge. Ridge asks if she remembers what she said on the beach. She found love twice. Quinn was emotional and jet lagged and a little tipsy. She just wishes she didn’t have to see Ridge anymore. That is how she feels. Quinn needs something to put the honey in. She drops honey on him. She tries to wipe it off. She doesn’t want this to happen again. No more stolen kisses. Never again. Ridge understands.

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