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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/19/17


Written By Anthony

Bill remembers giving Brooke his sword necklace. He thinks about this as he looks at himself in the mirror in his office. Bill starts to think of Australia. Wyatt walks in with Jarrett. Wyatt wonders if this is what he does all day. Bill claims he does until he has something better to look at which is neither one of them. Bill asks if they have good news. Jarrett says it is. Jarrett explains that Spectra ripped off the Forrester’s.

Brooke doesn’t think that this is good. RJ thinks that Coco wasn’t aware. Brooke knows that he wants to believe that. Steffy doesn’t think it matters. Months of hard work and Spectra ruined everything. Thomas thinks that there must be something they can do about it. Steffy suggests sending them to prison. Brooke reminds her that Eric and Ridge are meeting with Carter to see their legal options. RJ wonders if that means they can go to jail. Steffy thinks that what they did was unethical. She told them that they were trouble and they didn’t listen. Thomas knows she is right and it was a massive mistake.

Coco walks into Sally’s office. She cannot believe her. She asks how she can use her own sister.

Bill guesses that Spectra got the jump on Forrester again. This time with Sally 2.0. Jarrett thinks that the show was a knock out. Wyatt asks what happens when the buyers find out they bought knock offs. Bill doubts that they will care. Jarrett thinks that all they care about is good fashion at good prices. He doesn’t think that they are going anywhere. Bill thinks that he has a great gift at stating the obvious. Bill cannot believe this. Wyatt assumes that this doesn’t go well for the expansion project.

Brooke saw this happen many times. It happened a lot when Sally’s aunt was in charge. Thomas didn’t expect this from her. Steffy thinks that they are going to have to scrap the entire collection. RJ points out that the designs were slightly different. Steffy thinks that it is basically identical. They will have to cut their losses and go back to the drawing board. They are not going to give them credibility. They will not let Spectra get away with this.

Sally is sorry. Coco points out that she asked her to be a spy and she said no. She wanted nothing to do with that. She made that clear and she used her anyway. Sally wants to explain. Coco thought that she was giving a gift but she wasn’t even thinking about her. Coco never thought her own sister would betray her like this.

Wyatt knows that Bill spent some time with Sally in Sidney. Bill maybe said two works to her at Liam and Steffy’s wedding. Jarrett knows she was there as Thomas’s date. Wyatt doesn’t think that Thomas had something to do with this. Jarrett knows he was at the show. Bill doubts he would steal from his own company. His family… It is Sally. She played him a like a fiddle. She sold her soul so that Spectra could come out on top. Bill knows that this will bite Sally in the ass. Bill is going to have Jarrett write a horrible review. The building is going to go down as planned. He doesn’t Wyatt to even think of canceling the crew. He wants them on sight in the morning. Ready to take the building down. Wyatt knows this isn’t just about his building. It is about Brooke.

Brooke thinks that they cannot do anything until they have had contact with Ridge and Eric. Steffy thinks one thing that is clear is that no one is to have any contact with Coco or Sally. Thomas doesn’t think it will be a problem. Steffy informs RJ that she is serious. RJ wants to know why she is being blamed. She is just as much a victim as they are. Steffy thinks she is the one who got them into this mess. Steffy realizes that this was Sally’s idea, but she used RJ to take them down. She isn’t going to let her get away with this. No one messes with her family. She walks out.

Sally never wanted to use her. Coco knows she did anyway. And Thomas too. She used him. Now she understands why she broke up with him. She felt guilty stealing from his family. She asks if she ever thought about what would happen. Coco has been kicked out of Forrester and they never want to see her again. Sally knows that she didn’t do anything though. She should tell RJ the truth and he will believe her. Coco did. Sally asks what he said. Coco says that he believes her but it doesn’t matter. Coco thought that they had amazing opportunities going on. Sally doesn’t think it matters. They are Spectra’s and would have got dumped eventually. Maybe not her but definitely her. Coco doesn’t think they will ever know what could have been because of her. Sally didn’t know what else to do. She made their aunt a promise and Shirley wouldn’t let up. Not just saving this place but insisting that she would be left but Thomas. Sally is sorry. The thing she regrets the most is hurting her and ruining her dream. Coco thinks she ruined both their dreams. She leaves.

Brooke walks into Bill’s office to see he is busy as ever. Bill has been waiting for her to come by. Bill wanted to give her space. Brooke thanks him. Bill is so glad to see her. He doesn’t know what actually happened but he knew that Ridge would live up to his history. Bill asks if she wants to tell him what happened. Brooke doesn’t. Bill asks why they are talking about him anyway. He assumes she came here for a reason. Brooke came here for something more. She has something for him. She takes the sword necklace out.

RJ cannot believe this happened. It was going so well. Thomas guesses. RJ realizes that Sally had something to do with this. Thomas doesn’t know. RJ thinks that Coco swears she did nothing wrong. Thomas doesn’t care if she is telling the truth or not. Her time here is done. RJ wants to prove it. Thomas doesn’t think it is going to happen. He has to let it go. RJ feels bad. She was manipulated. He knows that Thomas doesn’t believe her. Thomas suggests that he stop seeing Coco. RJ asks if that means he will stop seeing Sally.

Steffy walks into the Spectra office. She looks around. She walks into Sally’s main office and Sally wonders what she owes the pleasure. Steffy wanted to stop by and thank her. Steffy thinks that Thomas finally sees her for who she really is. She wants to give her advice. If she was banking on Spectra being a thorn in Forrester’s side it isn’t going to happen. Not with her in charge. Sally understands. She also explains that Coco had nothing to do with this. Steffy isn’t going to let her back in the building. She made a huge mistake. She ruined her chance with a wonderful guy. Steffy thinks that she had a place in Thomas’s heart. She lied and stole from him. She wants to know why she would resort to stealing.

RJ wants to prove that Coco wasn’t involved. Thomas reminds him that she was literally wearing the cameras. Thomas wants to give her the benefit of the doubt. Thomas thinks the best thing to do right now is to let it go and move on. He needs to do so.

Coco looks at a picture of RJ. She cries.

Sally thinks that Spectra is a knock off shop. It ain't pretty but it puts bread on the table. Steffy guesses she doesn’t care about how many people she hurts. Sally doesn’t expect her to understand. She comes from a platinum world. Sally tried to stay legit but Spencer destroyed any chance of that. Steffy thinks she threw away an incredible opportunity. Sally knows she disappointed her. She is sorry. With grit though Spectra has been reborn and she owes her family. Sally will one day earn their approval and maybe they could be friends like their name sake. She would really like that. Steffy thinks she is trash and doesn’t want her anywhere near her. Any association they had is over. She says goodbye.

Brooke knows that when he gave her this he said it guided her. She thinks he is right. The sword brought her here and she is giving it back to him. She is taking control in her life. Brooke has outgrown the games and this is a symbol of love and respect. To never take him for granted. Her stallion. Bill thinks it is a thoughtful gift. He loves it. Brooke loves him. The two kiss each other.

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