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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/17/17


Written By Anthony

Sally is getting a standing ovation as Thomas and Coco watch. Jarrett is talking to his recorder, stating that he thinks that every single one of these designs came from Forrester Creations. Shirley watches backstage and realizes that Thomas is in the audience. Saul does as well and the two walk on stage. Thomas walks away and Sally attempts to chase after him. Shirley thanks them all so much for coming. They look forward to their reviews. They cannot deny what they saw today. Spectra is back and bigger than ever. Coco informs Shirley that the designs are stolen. Shirley drags Coco backstage. A reporter says that they want to speak to Sally. Saul knows and thanks them for calling.

Shirley tells Darlita backstage to get the champagne flowing. She needs to take care of something. Darlita thought they were waiting for Sally. A model thinks that the designs are incredible. Coco tells her that they are rip offs. Shirley takes her aside and tells her to hush up. Coco wants an answer. She wants to know where she got the designs. She knows she got them from Forrester.

RJ walks into Rick’s office with Brooke. He wants her to be honest with him. Brooke doesn’t think that dissecting what happened with Ridge is going to help them move on. RJ accepts that. He just wants to make sure she is ok. Brooke is. Ridge will always be important to her and they will always be a family. Brooke doesn’t want him to worry about that though. She wants him to focus on what is good in his life. She heard that he has been spending a lot of time with Coco. She heard that is going well. RJ confirms that it is. Brooke didn’t see her at work today. RJ explains that she is at the Spectra fashion show. He wonders how that went.

Saul tells everyone one at a time. There is a price sheet there. Someone wonders if any of these gowns were featured in the preview. Saul explains that it is all completely new. It is reflecting Spectra’s vision. Someone wants to know when they can talk to Sally. Someone needs fifty units of gown number two. Saul says that they can do that. Saul wants to make sure that they can make fashion that people can afford. Someone else asks what the maximum order is. Saul tells them that it is whatever they want. They can make it happen. Another person wants 70 units. Jarrett would like to speak to Saul privately. He has a few questions about the new direction Spectra is taking.

RJ assumes that it has to be over by now. Brooke wonders how many designs they were showing. RJ isn’t sure. Brooke asks if Coco didn’t mention it. RJ explains that Coco isn’t involved in the show. She is just there to support her sister. Brooke imagines that cannot be easy. Keeping their work life separate from their design life. Brooke wonders why he isn’t there. RJ wanted to support Coco but her family said no. RJ doesn’t know why

Coco knows that these aren’t Sally’s designs. She wants to know where they came from. Shirley tells Coco that this is the reason they came to California. Spectra is rising from the ashes. Coco wants to know how they did it. Shirley tells Coco she did it.

Thomas is breathing heavily in a hallway. Sally runs over and wants him to listen to her. Thomas asks if she is going to deny what he just saw with his own eyes. She just betrayed his entire family. That is their entire collection on her runway. She stole from his grandfather and father. She stole from him.

Brooke reminds RJ that he knows how crazy it can get during showings. Coco will text him when she gets a chance. RJ wonders if it is weird that he hopes it went well. He knows that Ridge wasn’t on board at first but he thinks she has proven herself. RJ is going to see if there is an update online. He is curious to see how this all turned out.

Coco knows she wanted her to be a spy but she said no. She cannot pin this on her. Shirley thinks that is good. Coco cares about RJ and his family has been good to her. She had nothing to do with this. Shirley wants her to keep telling that to anyone who asks. Coco is going to walk out there and tell them what is going on if she doesn’t explain what happened. Shirley tells her that she may not have known it but she did it. She asks if she remembers the gifts she got. They had hidden cameras in them.

Jarrett doesn’t think that Saul has answered his question. He wants to know if those designs were created by Sally Spectra.

Thomas wants to know what the hell is going on. She ripped off his designs. He wants to know how she could do this to him. He wonders if she has been playing him this whole time. Sally says no. Thomas stood up to his family for her. He thought she was a good person. Sally tried to be. Thomas guesses she just wanted to stab him in the back. Sally broke up with him for this reason. Thomas asks how she got these designs. Thomas wants to know how she got these. He thinks that she always has something to say so she needs to say it. Sally never meant to hurt him. Thomas is such an idiot. A Forrester and a Spectra. She played a great joke so they should laugh. She has nothing to say.

Saul gave him an exclusive and he trashed them. Jarrett wonders if this is how they respond. By showing a fake collection. Saul thinks that his review nearly broke them but they fixed it. He can write a story on that one. Jarrett will if he tells him how he did it. He already has his headline. “Spectra Fashions turns back to the dark side.” Saul didn’t say that. Jarrett doesn’t have to. He knows a Forrester original when he sees one. Sally has talent but those designs came from a master. Jarrett informs them that these designs might be a great price but they are not authentic. Saul calls for Darlita and Shirley. Jarrett thinks that there is something they need to know about this collection. The audience wants to know when they can get it.

RJ just wants to see how this turned out. Spectra cannot afford another bad show. RJ looks online and says no. He sees Spectra’s collection and those are their designs.

Coco cries. She asks if she was used. Shirley needed help keeping this old ship alive. She came through for them. She should be proud. Coco isn’t proud for that. Shirley doesn’t care how much time she spends with the Forrester’s or RJ. She is a Spectra. She is and will always be one of them. Coco cannot believe she did this to her. Coco asks if Sally knew. Shirley says she did. Coco runs off. Shirley demands she come back.

Thomas asks if any of this was real. Sally feels that he knows it was. Thomas wonders if he does. He remembers when they first met at the bar. All the stunts she pulled. He knew that she was just trying to make a splash. Sally wasn’t setting him up. Thomas saw her first review. She saw how devastated she was. He knows that she didn’t come to LA to rip off his family. Sally didn’t. Thomas thinks she came to be a great designer. Thomas feels that somewhere along the way she lost it. Thomas thinks that she lost faith in her work and them. She was swimming in bills and debt so she panicked. She should have asked him for help. He would have. Thomas wants her to be honest. He asks if Australia was a ploy to steal from him. Sally wanted to be there and she was honored to go to his sister’s wedding. That is where she fell in love with him. Thomas wants to know how she could do this. He wants to know how he could steal the dreams of someone he loves.

Shirley cannot believe she stormed off when she should be here celebrating. Saul guesses that the cat being out of the bag on the hidden cameras isn’t going to be something that Sally likes. Shirley knows that Coco probably ran straight to the Forrester’s.

RJ wants to know how this could happen. Their security was tight. Brooke thinks that they gave it to them. RJ doesn’t know what she means. Brooke reminds him that he said that Coco didn’t want him at the showing. RJ thinks she is saying that it was Coco. Brooke wants to know what else could be the case. It isn’t just one design. It is a whole collection. She thinks it had to have been done from the inside. This is terrible. She has to tell Ridge right away. This is going to be a major problem. Brooke walks out. Coco is at the door.

Thomas knows that she says that she loves him. She knew how much this would hurt him. He wants to know how she could do this. Sally was told by Shirley that this is the way that fashion works. Thomas doesn’t think that this is the way that fashion works. Sally wanted to do it by herself but he saw what happened at his preview. Not everyone has a golden touch. She is a Spectra. The only way to get a break is to make it herself. Thomas wonders if that is her excuse. Sally thinks that it is the truth. Thomas doesn’t think that this is the way that you do things. Sally knows he would have dumped her eventually. He has a baby with Caroline. It was only a matter of time before he found someone better. Thomas thinks she is so wrong. He would have done anything for her. He loved her first. She made a terrible mistake. He will never look at her the same way again. He asks if she wants to know what he sees. He sees a thief. Sally was raised to be tough. She came to LA to revive Spectra and things went wrong. She let everyone done and she gave into her fear. She will burn the dresses and not go through with the orders. It isn’t worth it. The way he is looking at her. Nothing is worth losing him. He is right. She panicked. She should have had more faith in them. She wants one more chance. Thomas holds her hand. Thomas is sorry. He cannot. He walks out. He looks back one more time before closing the door on her.

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