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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/14/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Suzanne

Sally looks out on to the people waiting for the show to begin. Shirley walks over. Sally tells Shirley that this is their first fashion show. Shirley thinks that it is fabulous. They are half way there. They need to get on this. They walk backstage, Shirley wants them to have their shoulders back on the runway. She tells a model named Clair to fix her lipstick. Sally wants to know why the models aren’t dressed. Shirley thinks that it is an extra precaution, because of her sister. Sally reminds Shirley that Coco will see these designs in less than five minutes on the runway. Shirley knows but by then it will be too late. Sally knows that they she will realize that they were stolen from Forrester. Shirley thinks that they will be her designs with a little help from her friends.

Thomas shows RJ a design he made. It features a girl with red hair. RJ thinks that it is almost like something Sally would wear. Thomas thinks that she inspired it. RJ knows that the show will be starting soon.

CJ tells Sally that she got them through the door. He will give her that. Sally thinks that when they walk out that history will have been made. CJ sure hopes so for his sake. Sally doesn’t think that it is just for her sake. They will make his mother proud. CJ informs her that if this goes the other way then this is it. They sell. They are out of options. He wishes her good luck.

Bill thinks that they are going to rejuvenate the neighborhood. Wyatt thinks that is if Spectra’s fashion show doesn’t go well. Bill asks if he has gotten soft. Wyatt has been reading about Spectra Fashions lately. They always managed a comeback. Bill thinks that is because of the old Sally and they didn’t have him around to bring them down. Bill wants him to make sure that the wrecking crew is ready to go. Wyatt wonders if he is sure that he wants to do this. It is going to cost a ton to do this. Bill will own that building by the end of the day and by the end of the day tomorrow it will be rubble.

Shirley informs the models that this is their five-minute call. Sally looks out and sees Coco take a selfie. She frowns at Coco doing this.

RJ asks if Thomas is sure that it is really over. Thomas is sure. He notes that RJ is still in the game though. RJ gets a text. He shows Thomas. Thomas reads the caption which says “I feel like I am prom, but where is my date? Wish you were here.” Thomas thinks that is sweet. Thomas hopes that it goes well. He knows Sally worked hard.

Shirley tells everyone to gather around. The head designer has a few words. Sally tells them that they will rock it today. This day will be a part of fashion history. They are all a part of it. They need to go out there and give it all they have. They are Spectra. They all chant this over and over again. Sally walks out on stage. She welcomes them all and thanks them for coming. She wants them to witness a new and spectacular Spectra fashions. Two models walk out on stage. Sally walks backstage. Shirley wonders how everyone will react. Sally wonders how Coco will react when she realizes what they have done.

Coco smiles as she watches the show. Two models are out on stage. One in a white feathery dress and another in a purple dress with no sides to it. Coco looks at the dresses with Darlita.

Wyatt tells Bill that they are all set. The crew will be out demolishing the building tomorrow. He just hopes that Bill knows what he is doing. He realizes that Bill always does. Bill knows that they are a ragtag bunch of dreamers who spent their last dime on a fashion house that is going to fail. He has Jarret’s review. Wyatt reminds Bill that other press is going to be there. Bill doesn’t think that it matters. Jarret’s review is the only one that counts. Wyatt thinks that is harsh even for his standards. Bill thinks that Sally cannot compete with Forrester.

Thomas wanted to be there to support Sally. RJ suggests that he be there. Thomas asks if he is supposed to sneak into the side door. RJ thinks he should go through the front door. He is Thomas Forrester. They would be privileged to have him there. Thomas reminds RJ that Coco didn’t even want him there. RJ thinks that is different. She works here and they are kind of involved. He knows that Sally will want Thomas there even if she says she doesn’t.

Sally and Saul are getting models ready. Shirley has a model quickly get on stage.

Three models walk out on stage. CJ asks Jarret if he thinks that this is impressive. Jarret finds it interesting. One model walks out in a gold pattern. Coco thinks the gowns are beautiful. Darlita wants to get some food. Coco thinks she can go. She is good. Another model in a yellow flowing dress walks down.

Sally doesn’t think that Coco has figured it out yet. Shirley thinks they have bigger fish to fry. She thinks that they like them.

The models continue to walk. CJ tells Jarret that it is starting to look like Sally came through. Jarret is shocked that these came from Sally. CJ wonders who else. Jarret gets a call. Bill assumes she is bombing. Jarret stats that it is the opposite. Bill asks what she is talking about. Jarret thinks the designs are spectacular. Almost too spectacular. Bill wonders what he is saying. Jarret has a hunch but he will call him later.

Sally stands backstage smiling until she starts to think of Thomas.

Thomas tells RJ that Sally thinks that they have no future and wants nothing to do with him. Thomas is crazy about the girl. RJ asks what is going on with the show. Thomas guesses that Sally is just stressing about the show. He is going to go check it out. RJ wants him to tell Coco he said hi. Thomas wonders if he has to kiss her too. RJ doesn’t think that is funny.

Coco starts to look suspicious.

Shirley thinks that they are going to be having a winner here. Sally thinks that they will see. She hopes they are at the top of the trades tomorrow.

More models walk out. Coco thinks that this is incredible. Coco thinks that this reminds her of something that Ridge, Eric, or Thomas would have done. She didn’t realize that Sally could do this.

Shirley thinks that the buyers love them. Sally guesses they did it. Shirley thinks that she did it.

CJ tells Jarret that this is nothing like he expected. He guesses that Spectra will live to see another day. That is too bad for Bill. Jarret tells himself that Spectra’s latest designs are good. Almost too good. These designs looks, like something that Forrester made. Coco starts to see the designs in her head.

RJ starts to think of Coco.

Shirley tells Sally that they did it. They knocked it out of the ball park. She is a genius designer. Shirley thinks that they are going to meet the new face of fashion. Shirley is so proud of Sally.

Coco sees the designs in her head and starts to look angry. Darlita asks if she wants to get some fresh air. Coco thinks that these designs are to similar. They told her to be a plant but she said no. Coco knows these are stolen.

Shirley announces to the audience that the toast of the town, the one, the only Sally Spectra… Saul tells her to go out there and get some love. This is her day. She needs to go out there. Sally walks on stage. Everyone stands and applauds. The models walk out. Thomas is in the audience. He starts to notice the dresses. Coco looks angry. Thomas’s jaw drops and he turns white. Sally can tell that they are both angry, but puts on an act.

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