B&B Wednesday Update 4/12/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/12/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Suzanne

Sally walks into the Spectra showroom.

Thomas starts to think of Sally as he fits a model in an outfit.

Saul walks over to Sally and asks if it is what she thought. Sally thinks it looks great so long as it is all neutral. Saul thinks that it was so cheap. The curtains will probably fall off by tomorrow. At that point, they will have orders rolling in and they will not need money. Saul thinks that they will have so many orders on these knock offs by the end of the week. Sally wants him to stay here. She is going to go get some air.

Thomas assumes that Steffy hates it. Steffy hates to say it is a work of art. Not that his ego needs to hear it or anything. Thomas thinks his ego is in rehab right now. Steffy is going to get some coffee. She asks if he wants anything. Thomas is good. Steffy thinks he really is and wants him to know that. She leaves.

In Rick’s office, Maya gives Coco back her broach. She couldn’t find her yesterday to give it back. Coco doesn’t mind if she keeps wearing it. Maya thinks that it is hers and suits her. Coco still thinks it looks better on her like everything. Maya guesses that is a sweet thing to say. Coco thinks that the models are so calm with the show coming up. She couldn’t even sleep last night. Nicole knows it is part of their jobs but she still isn’t used to it. Maya was shocked to hear that Sally is planning a Spectra show. Coco was as well. Maya wonders why that is. Coco guesses that Sally doesn’t tell her much now that she is working here. Nicole assumes that it could be awkward. Maya wonders if she likes the pieces in the Spectra show. Coco actually hasn’t seen it. Coco asked… Nicole assumes that Sally doesn’t want there to be any conflict of interest. Coco should go bring these orders to RJ. Nicole thinks that Coco is good people. She can tell.

In Darlita’s office, Shirley explains to Darlita that a seating chart is less about pictures of chairs and more about the people sitting in the chairs. She wants names. Darlita wonders why they don’t just call it a naming chart. Saul walks in. Shirley wants to know what is wrong. Saul thinks that here they are in the brink of success and Sally is so unhappy. He thinks that it is because she has lost Thomas. Shirley thinks that someone whines about a problem you say “bless your heart” and then you go about your business. Saul thinks that she is just sad and Coco will be to when RJ finds out how they got those designs.

RJ asks Thomas if Sally gave him reasons. Thomas explains it had something to do with them being from two separate worlds. RJ suggests she could have had a bad day. Thomas thinks that things are either bigger and better with Sally or bigger and worse. She also isn’t returning his calls. He isn’t going to leave it that way.

Sally shows up at the restaurant and finds Sally. She finds a piece of tiramisu. She isn’t going to do that this time. She wants this to be a subtle conversation. She just wanted to say she was sorry.

Maya will try to be more trusting of Coco. Nicole thinks she is lying. Maya really will. She knows that sometimes when people seem nice they really are just nice. Nicole thinks just like her. Maya finds it odd though that Spectra has a huge show tomorrow and Coco hasn’t seen a single design. Nicole suggests that she isn’t interested or maybe she is focused on doing a good job.

RJ and Coco are sitting at the conference table. RJ explains that these are a list of their long term clients. They also have a list of buyers and press. They only want the highlighted people to be emphasized on though. Coco wonders if she is supposed to be seeing this. RJ tells her that they have to create a VIP list. Coco thinks he knows what she is asking. People around here are unsure of her. They might think she will make copies of these and put them in her pocket. RJ reminds her that they are working on this together. Coco is sorry. RJ has her back. RJ doesn’t want her to turn on him like Sally did with Thomas. RJ assumes that Sally told her.

Saul is on the phone with Shirley. He wants the dresses here over night. He doesn’t want them smelling like paint before the runway tomorrow. Darlita thinks that they kind of smelled like that before they even started painting. Saul doesn’t think that there is anything wrong with fake fabrics. Darlita knows. Paint is like the first cousin. Thomas shows up. Saul tells him he isn’t invited. Thomas assumed that this was a place of business and asks if Sally is inside. Saul tells him that Sally doesn’t want to see him right now. Thomas feels that offices are filled with people that others don’t want to see. Shirley walks up carrying all the dresses. Shirley runs away. Saul grabs Thomas and takes him into Sally’s office. Shirley walks back out and tells Darlita to help her find something to cover these outfits up with.

Thomas wants to know why Saul didn’t just tell him that Sally wasn’t here. Saul thinks that there is a thing or two that he needs to understand. Thomas is waiting.

Sally thanks Steffy again. Steffy thinks it is her treat. Sally thinks that is very sweet of her. Steffy asks if she is going to throw it at her. Sally isn’t. This wasn’t planned. This wasn’t a photo-op. She just saw her and wanted to say she was sorry. Sally knows that Steffy would never have thrown food before. Steffy admits that wasn’t her first food fight. Sally asks who won that one. Steffy thinks the dry cleaners. Sally knows that she hated her for coming to her wedding. Steffy thinks that Australia was as much Thomas’s fault as hers. Sally knows he loves to drive her crazy. Steffy admits they just have this thing where they are always one upping each other. Sally knows he adores her. Steffy thinks he is head over heels about her. Sally doesn’t think he really knows her. Steffy knows that she broke it off with him and now he will never know why. Sally is just not like her. For a while in Sydney she felt so different. The Forrester’s are museum quality. Coming back down to earth was hard for her. If that is the reason she left Thomas it isn’t a good one. Sally thinks that they will know soon enough. Sally should be getting back. Steffy knows how hard it can be the day before a show. She assumes that she is feeling good about it though. Sally thinks that they have put all of what they have into this. Steffy wishes her good luck. She thinks she will do great. Steffy isn’t even mad at her anymore. They aren’t even after the same market share. A win for fashion is a win for all of them. Sally asks if her parents taught her that or if she taught herself. Steffy isn’t following. Sally thinks she is showing her that words have to be natural and real. She really wishes they could have been friends. Steffy thinks stranger things could have happened. Sally feels the ship has sailed. If there is anything she remembers about her though. Remember that she means that. Sally leaves.

Saul guesses that women just fall over Thomas regularly. Thomas wonders if she is in the office or not. Saul isn’t at liberty to say. She isn’t though. Thomas wants him to just tell her that he stopped by. Saul informs him that she isn’t interested in him. He is sorry that is so hard for him to accept. Some girls go for the rich and the tall but that isn’t Sally. Sally is looking for something real. Thomas gets that he has a crush on her. He just wants him to tell Sally that he stopped by and wished her good luck. In the hallway, Thomas tries to sneak a peek but Shirley stops him. Saul looks at the letter Thomas left. He cannot stop thinking about her. He opens the gift. It a miniature of the Sydney opera house. He throws it out.

Maya thinks Nicole is right. Putting together this show has made them all paranoid. Maya thinks that Coco seems very nice. Nicole isn’t going to assume that Coco is an evil mastermind.

Coco feels that Thomas must have misunderstood. RJ doesn’t think that is the case. Coco doesn’t understand. They fell for each other hard. She doesn’t think that they will run into each other.

Sally runs into Thomas outside of Spectra. Thomas wanted to find her.

Coco thinks it is so unfair that the name you are born with can make so much of a difference. If Sally did break up with Thomas it is because she thought a Forrester couldn’t end up with a Spectra. Coco thinks it would be interesting. RJ thinks that he wants to know Coco. He has never met someone so warm and honest and good. He kisses her. Coco thinks he is going to get her fired. RJ will be the boss around here one day. Coco bets he will one day. RJ doubts anyone is going to get fired with the future boss around. Coco doubts her internship will last twenty years. RJ promises to take care of her. Coco almost believes him.

Saul feels he is a terrible person. Shirley thinks he was only thinking of Sally. Thomas can afford to buy her expensive things every day. Sally can afford success or love. She cannot have both.

Sally wants to know what Thomas is doing here. Thomas came to see her. Sally told him it is over. It will make sense to him soon enough. He will find out who she is and there is no reason to keep this going. They don’t have a chance. Thomas loves her. he has never felt this way about anyone. Thomas kisses her. Sally cannot do this anymore. It has been nice getting to know him but he needs to leave her alone. He needs to go.

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