B&B Tuesday Update 4/11/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/11/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Suzanne

Saul holds Sally seniors microphone. Original Sally’s voice is heard telling everyone she wants the entire crew in her office pronto. Sally walks in. He says hi to her. She doesn’t say anything. He explains to her that his grandpa Saul used to tell him about how her great aunt would get on this microphone and rally the troops. Sally used it a couple of times and it broke. Saul fixed it for her. He assumed that since they were ramping up production on things that she would want to use it. Sally thinks that is very sweet of him but she isn’t in the mood. Coco and Darlita walk in. Coco just heard the good news. She asks if they are doing another fashion show. She thinks that is great news. He is a great fashion designer. She cannot wait to see what they have come up with.

In her office, Steffy informs Thomas that he is one of the most eligible bachelors in LA. He can have like any girl he wants and he picks Sally. She doesn’t get it. He isn’t even listening. Thomas is sorry. Steffy suggests that he look at other girls other than Sally. Steffy is serious. Thomas is too. He isn’t dating her anymore. Steffy asks if he broke it off with her. Thomas tells her that she did.

Bill is in his office. He explains that he is giving Brooke some space. He knows that they are going to end up back together though. Wyatt is hoping for them. Bill appreciates that. In the meantime, though he has a business to run. Wyatt wonders what is going on with the expansion program. Bill is still waiting for Spectra to tank. Jarret walks in. He needs to speak with Bill. Bill thinks that it can wait because they are in the middle of something. Jarret feels that it is urgent. Bill says that Wyatt is not going anywhere. Jarret received an invitation for a fashion show at Spectra fashions. Bill asks if they are putting on another show. Jarret confirms that they are. He wanted to inform him that he plans to attend but he will not be going under the same circumstances as last time and his last review. He asks if Bill is certain he wouldn’t prefer to speak in private. Bill asks if he is sure that he wouldn’t want him to stick his foot up his… Wyatt stops him. Bill thinks that he has three seconds to explain what he is talking about. Jarret tells him that Bill wrote the review that trashed the poor girl and her company. Wyatt wants to know why he wrote the review. Bill thought that Jarret’s review wasn’t cold enough and Bill wants his building. Jarret is writing an honest review this time.

Thomas was blindsided. He wasn’t expecting it. Steffy wonders why she would break up with him. Thomas explains that she found out about Douglas. Steffy is shocked he hadn’t told her. Thomas hadn’t yet. He was planning on it. Steffy is shocked he broke up with him because he has a kid. That is real classy. Ridge walks in. He has glad they are bother there. He wanted to show them something. The designs. Thomas has given them a run for their money. Thomas thanks him. He is glad to hear it. Ridge wonders what is wrong with Thomas. Steffy explains that Sally broke up with him.

Coco sees a photo of one of the stolen designs on the table and assumes it is one of their designs. Saul isn’t going to let her see it. Coco thinks that she is her sister. Darlita explains that they are keeping everything on the LD. Coco guesses it is because she is working over at Forrester. Shirley walks in and tells them that the lights are on in the show room. Everything is coming up roses. Sally asks if she sent out the invitations. Shirley will. Coco is glad that she was able to bounce back from such an awful review. Sally admits that they are doing things differently this time. Coco would love to stick around and help but she has to get back to Forrester. Shirley wants her to make sure she gets the broach back. It is a very important family piece. Coco will. Sally is stealing from Thomas and his family. She wants to know what she has done.

Bill asks if Jarret is forgetting who signs his paycheck. Jarret thinks that Sally is raw but a talent. To undermine her efforts. Bill thinks that she is undermining his own efforts to build one the greatest monuments that LA has ever seen. An organic food market, an underground bowling alley. He assumes Jarret likes Cricket. Jarret has his own wicket. Bill imagines he does. Bill wants Jarret to either write a scathing review that Sally will pack up and close up shop or two he can blow off the fashion show all together because he will be fired. Bill wonders if he has noticed the name on the building. It says Spencer Publications. It doesn’t have Jarret’s name on it. He owns this building including his integrity. Bill thinks that this is a step up from their last invitation. Jarret explains that everyone has been invited and they are holding it in their own show room. Bill imagines that no one will be there. Spencer is a joke. Jarret thinks that another showing so soon after the last one has garnered interest. Plus, rumor has it that Spectra is pulling it out all the stops. Bill wants to know how this is possible. Their loan shark isn’t giving them any money. Wyatt assumes they are pulling out every last bit of cash. Bill doesn’t think that Sally’s designs can compete with the Forrester’s. Not on their best day.

Ridge is sorry about Thomas and Sally. Thomas thanks him but he promises it won’t take away from the fashion show next week. He knows they have a lot to accomplish. Ridge is glad. He appreciates both their hard work. These three designs are his favorites. They will be their greatest line ever. They are back stronger than ever. He cannot wait until the world gets a load of this.

Sally and Shirley look at a Forrester design that has been altered. Sally thinks that it is stunning. It is like a work of art. Sally accidently drops of a piece of cloth. Saul is still putting on the finishing touches but he doesn’t think that it will have that Forrester quality to it. Shirley doesn’t think it will have the Forrester price tag either. Sally looks at the sketch. She hands it back after realizing it is a Thomas design. She walks back into her office. Shirley wants her to get out of her head. Sally is stealing from the man she is falling in love with. It is one thing to steal from his father and grandfather but to steal from the man himself. Sally cannot do this. She cares about him too much. Coco will never speak to them again. Shirley is sure that she will speak to them again. She will have something she never had before. Fame and money. Sally asks at what price. Shirley reminds her that she is Sally Spectra. There is no backing up. They are doing this.

Jarret can no longer compromise his principals. Bill has had enough of him. He wants him to go back to his desk and call his mother and think about what he is doing. Jarret leaves. Wyatt thinks that Sally is kind of hot. Bill doesn’t think she is bad. He is glad to see him getting back out in the game but he is going to send her back where she came from. Wyatt knows Sally has been dating Thomas. Bill knows that she does seem pretty into her. Wyatt understands that he is only interested in the skyscraper.

Shirley thinks that they have people who are working their all into this. This is how they do fashion the Spectra way. Sally wishes they could let the Forrester’s do their show first. Shirley thinks that timing is everything. They have to show it before they do. Shirley wonders if she really wants to compete with a socialite. She wants her to come down off the high horse. She is a pretty girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She will never be part of Thomas’s world. It is good that she didn’t sleep with him. Then she can only imagine the feelings she would have caught then. Shirley is sorry but someone has to tell it to her straight. He didn’t over look his child. He is going back to his baby mama. She needs to face it and put it in the past. She needs to forget about Thomas Forrester.

Thomas starts to think about spending time with Sally in Australia.

Sally sits in her office. She looks angry.

Bill wants to know what Sally is up to. The previous Spectra’s knocked off the Forrester’s. Wyatt wonders if he thinks that she is doing that. Bill doesn’t know. The Forrester’s are pretty tight with their security. Bill thinks that Sally is soft and clueless. She is setting herself up for another failure. She came to LA to make it and he squashed that dream quickly. Wyatt suggests that she is ripping a guy off. Not many people could pull that off.

Thomas remembers Sally saying she doesn’t want him anymore. He looks at a photo of her.

Sally gets on the speaker. She says attention please. She would like all hands on deck. She wants everyone in her office pronto. Saul, Shirley, and Darlita need to get in here. Sally promised her great aunt she would save this fashion house. That is exactly what they are going to do. She wants to sound the alarms and yell it from the rooftops because this city and world is going to see what they can do. They are going to save this bundle of bricks even if they have to stay up all night. She is telling them that these designs are hot. They will sizzle. She wants them to mark their words that Spectra is born again. Sally wants the stage to shine. She wants all the fabric steamed. She wants A-game from each of them. Shirley is so proud of her. They all leave. Sally turns around. She doesn’t seem happy.

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