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Thomas wants Sally to sit down for one minute. He gets that he should have told her about son. He asks if that is really enough to make her want to walk away from this. He knows Sally. They have been building something together. He wants to know what else is going on. Sally believes that it is complicated. Thomas doesn’t think that it has to be. He wants to make whatever it is important to himself. He doesn’t get why she wants to leave but he cannot let her walk away.

Shirley asks Saul what the look he is giving her about. It looks like he is about to give a lecture. Saul wants to know if Sally really needed to end things with Thomas. Shirley thinks that she has to. Shirley wants to back this up. He doesn’t even want her spending time around Thomas any more than she does. Saul doesn’t think that what he wants matters. Sally genuinely likes him. He asks if she really needs to get her heart broken in order of them to succeed.

Darlita screams at the computer screen to not let Coco do this. She doesn’t want Coco to let Rick sweet talk her. Darlita thinks he has that beautiful body though. Coco walks in and Darlita quickly closes the laptop. She asks how she is here. She thought she was at Forrester Creations. Coco was. She had a great day. Darlita wonders if anything exciting happened. Coco wonders what she is talking about. Darlita wonders how Rick is. She assumes that she works with him. Coco works with pretty much everyone over there. Coco knows that she works with Maya as well then. Coco does but she isn’t so sure that she trusts her. She is trying her best with her. She even loaned her, her broach today. Darlita puts it together in her head and thinks that makes so much sense. Darlita hugs Coco. She wants her to trust her that it does.

Saul doesn’t want to admit it but Sally and Thomas have a certain chemistry and are adorable. He even seems to make her happy. Sally guesses he does for the moment. It may even last a week or two but they don’t have time. Men will always let you down in the end. They come and go. It is time for Thomas to go.

Sally wants Saul to trust her. This has to end. Thomas wants to know why this has to end. Sally is thankful that she met a man like him but he needs to be with his son. With his mother. Thomas wants to be with her. He cannot believe that she is ending things because he has a son. He wants to know what she isn’t telling him.

Coco doesn’t want Darlita to take this the wrong way but she wonders if she is sure that it is only soda in her can. Darlita isn’t drunk. She wants her to believe her that she will know when she has been drinking. Coco honestly has no idea what she is talking about with the broach and Rick and Maya. Darlita honestly just doesn’t know why she loaned it to Maya. Darlita realizes that she loaned it to Maya and gets a big smile on her face. Coco thought that is what they have been talking about. She asks if there is a problem. Darlita doesn’t think there is a problem at all.

Rick tells Maya that is a nice broach. Maya explains that it is Coco’s. She let her borrow it. Rick feels it is beautiful. Maya should probably find it and give it back to her. Rick thinks she can do that tomorrow. It is time for them to kiss again.

Saul wants to know why Shirley needs to lump all men together. She doesn’t let women down or come and go. Shirley thinks that obviously, she isn’t talking about him. She is talking about a man that can sweep you off your feet. Sally needs to know what you need to focus on and who you need to trust. She wants him to believe that in this world there is only one thing you can trust. It isn’t men but money. Darlita walks in. She bet’s that they will not believe what she saw. Shirley assumes it was a design. Darlita says that it was Coco but it wasn’t her. Saul doesn’t think that it makes any sense. Darlita was caught off guard in shock. Darlita explains that Coco doesn’t have the roach anymore. Shirley wonders if they have roaches. Saul assumes she means the broach. Darlita says that Coco gave it to Maya. Rick Forrester’s wife. Shirley and Saul look at each other.

Sally thinks that Thomas has some ego. He has never been rejected before. When a girl says that she isn’t feeling it. That means she isn’t feeling it. Thomas thinks she is out right lying to him now. He knows that she is feeling everything he is right now. Sally is feeling pity for his son. That he should go and try to make things work with Caroline. Thomas will always care about Caroline but their relationship was never idea. There is a lot of complicated things that happened. He went out to New York. He went out to try and work with Caroline but it was impossible. Then he met her and all that confusion and disappointment turned into laughter. He thought that he knew what he wanted. He didn’t though. Not until he met her.

Saul asks what happens if Maya finds out that there is a camera in the broach. Darlita was thinking about that too, but she doesn’t think that Maya is really thinking about jewelry right now. Shirley wonders what she is thinking about. Darlita thinks her sexy husband. Shirley wants to know how she could possibly know that. Darlita wants them to see for themselves. Shirley and Saul walk into her office. Darlita wants them to know that they are not exactly being PG. Shirley cannot believe they are looking at more designs.

Maya thinks that the designs are beautiful. Rick thinks that Eric has some skills. The red dress is Ridge’s. He has to admit that he has talent from time to time.

Shirley thinks that Rick is moving too fast. Saul can screen capture them. Shirley thinks that they have hit the motherload. Shirley thinks these designs are soon to be Spectra designs. Saul wonders about Sally. Shirley asks what about her. Saul reminds her about Thomas. Shirley thinks that they are breaking up as they speak. She will be just as excited as they are. At least she better be.

Sally doesn’t think that they would work out. She thinks that they are not in the same crowed. Thomas never fit in as a kid. It made him act out at times. As an adult it is overwhelming. He came back from New York to find his little sister appointed as CEO over him. He was never even thought of. The feeling in his gut came back. He wonders how he fit in. Just as the anger started to happen, the bitterness is back. He doesn’t think that way with her though. He asks why he should worry about that when she brings him so much happiness. Sally did fall for him. She fell for him hard. They had a good run. He needs to go to his son and be with him. Thomas doesn’t want her to be different. He wants her to be her. The crazy and beautiful her. His son is his son and he will always love him but she cannot let him get in the way of this. They have something so special. He cannot let it end.

Saul holds the two designs in his hand. Shirley thinks that this is it. This will keep the company afloat. Saul thinks only if Sally goes along with it. Shirley knows she will. Saul doesn’t think that stealing is Sally’s way. Shirley doesn’t think it is hers either. It is business though. Sally tried doing things legitimately and it was a flop. She tried and now they are just going to have to do things the old fashioned way. Dirty and underhanded. They will tweak the designs, have a runway show, and then be back at the top. She knows Sally will commit. She will put this relationship with Sally in the past.

Sally feels if she knew how to do this she would. She would be with him and be a Spectra. Thomas doesn’t care that she is a Spectra and he doesn’t think he should be with Caroline because she is a Spencer. Sally thinks he will end up regretting it. He could have a classy socialite waiting for him in New York. Thomas wants to take that chance. Sally came to LA to do a job. Get Spectra back on its feet and she has been wasting her time day dreaming about him. She cannot believe she chased in to Australia. Sally cannot be a part of his world. She is Sally Spectra. The one who fights to have a glimmer of what he has. She could never be a part of his world. That is not him. Thomas thinks it could be. Sally will not let herself be dependent on a man. Thomas wants the best for her. Sally asks who you can trust in this world. She wishes things could be different but she promised her grandmother things could be different. Thomas promises not to invite her to any events for the next three months max. She doesn’t need to cut him out in order to succeed. Sally knows it stings but he needs to get over her. He needs to live his life. Sally doesn’t think there is a future here. Sally wants him to go. She doesn’t want him anymore. It was fun while it lasted but fun is all it will ever be. She wants him to leave. Thomas doesn’t believe her. Sally says goodbye. Thomas gets up and leaves. Sally starts to cry and says goodbye again.

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