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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/7/17


Written By Anthony

Sally wants to make it big just as much as Shirley does but these are Forrester designs and she doesn’t feel right using them. Shirley assumes that she doesn’t want to use them because Thomas will kick her to the curb. It will happen anyway. She might as well get it over with. Sally suggests that Thomas could really like her. Shirley suggests that Thomas could just want to get her into bed. Sally doesn’t think that he is that type of guy. Shirley wonders if she wants to know what kind of guy he is. She turns to Saul and wants him to tell her what they found out online. Saul tells her that he has a baby. Sally doesn’t think he does. Shirley informs her that it is with Caroline Spencer. Sally assumes they mean the designer. Shirley confirms it is. That is the kind of woman Thomas is going to end up with. She is just the flavor of the month. They are using these designs and there is no reason for her to feel bad over an imaginary relationship with Thomas.

In the photo studio Coco is laughing over a terrible impression that RJ did. RJ asks if she can do any better. Thomas wonders what is going on. RJ explains that they are taking a break from inventory. Coco should probably get going. Nicole is waiting on an envelope. She leaves. Thomas thinks that the new girl is working out.

Rick doesn’t understand what is going on. He thinks that Nicole looks like herself and sounds like herself but where is Zende. The two of them have been connected at the hip ever since the honeymoon. Nicole thinks that is very funny. Maya thinks it is sweet. They are newlyweds. Nicole points out that they are newlyweds with day jobs so they cannot be together all the time. Maya thinks that is the fun part about working at a family company. Nicole enjoys getting to mingle with the siblings, the parents, the ex-wives. Rick thinks that does tend to happen. Nicole thinks that Zende worries to much like about things he doesn’t need to worry about. Maya wonders what she means. Nicole explains that currently it is RJ and a certain intern. Maya cannot say she blames Zende for that. Rick feels that they all have a reason to keep their guard up. Especially, when anyone has the last name Spectra. Rick guesses so far so good with Coco. He is just saying that she is a Spectra and they have to watch out for her. Maya wants to trust her but be cautious. Nicole guesses they can do that but she is just going to be a mentor and friend. Rick wants her to go ahead and do that. He is going to head down to shipping. He will be back in a few minutes. Coco walks in as Rick leaves. Coco brought the old photos from storage. Coco wants her to let her know if she needs help scanning them. Nicole wonders how she knew she was going to scan. Coco reminds her that she is the one who needed her to always anticipate. Nicole thinks that is good advice.

Thomas asks if there are no regrets hiring Coco. RJ doesn’t have any. She is super sweet and super intelligent. Thomas thinks she is super cute too. RJ guesses if you notice that kind of thing. He guesses they have something in common. Forrester men under the Spectra spell.

Sally doesn’t want them to believe everything they read on the internet. Saul tells her that it wasn’t some random blogger. There is even a Forrester press release about it. Sally doesn’t think that this is true. She knows Thomas. Shirley guesses not well enough.

Coco tells Nicole that Rick doesn’t seem to like her very much. She asks if there is something she did wrong. He just looked at her strangely. Coco asks if there is something she should do differently. Maya knows it isn’t fair or her fault. The fact is though is that she has more to prove than the other interns. Coco asks if it is because she is a Spectra that Rick will not look at her in the hall. Nicole explains that he is very protective of the family and the Spectra’s have a lot of history with the Forrester’s. Coco gets it. She doesn’t blame him or any of them for holding her to a higher standard. She promises that she can live up to it.

Thomas wants RJ to be prepared for some reactions with Coco. RJ isn’t broadcasting it. Thomas thinks he is whether he knows it or not. His instinct tells him to do what he does. He needs to let everything in one ear and out another. RJ assumes he is talking about Sally. RJ wonders if they are not… Thomas is good. He is optimistic about the whole thing. Thomas thinks they have a bright future ahead of them.

Saul walks into Darlita’s office. He thinks that it is just so wrong. Darlita admits that it isn’t her usual color. Saul isn’t referring to her nails. He means Sally. She is about to get her heart broken with Thomas.

Sally reads the article. Shirley doesn’t think that Thomas is even trying to hide this from anyone but Sally. Sally doesn’t think that he would be the first person in the world to have a child with a woman that he doesn’t care about. Shirley doesn’t think just any woman. That is Caroline Spencer. A zillion heir. She asks if Sally can compete. Sally points out that she lives in New York. She isn’t even in his life anymore. Shirley feels that the mother off a man’s child is always in his life. Thomas is just out here having a few flings with whatever catches his eye. It won’t be long before Thomas wants to be in New York. Shirley wants them to make money and be something again. She needs to be loyal to her family. Without them they don’t have a chance. Shifty will be out there demanding payment. They cannot let that happen just for Thomas. She needs to end the relationship today. Shirley needs her to do it. After all she is has done for her, Sally owes her to end the relationship today.

Saul asks Darlita if there are any updates to the feed. Darlita wonders if she was supposed to be feeding someone. She asks if it is like a pet. Saul reminds her that she is supposed to be watching the feed because she said she would keep an eye on it. Darlita completely forgot. She was painting her nails. Darlita has this. She will keep her peppers glued to the string. Saul thinks she means peepers.

Maya doesn’t want to give Coco the wrong impression. No one is routing for her to fail. They want her to succeed. Maya thinks that she is wearing a lovely broach. Coco asks if she would like to try it on. Maya thinks that is fine. Coco wants her to see how it looks. Maya loves it. She tells Nicole that Stephanie was known for her broaches. All of a sudden she feels like a Forrester matriarch. Nicole doesn’t want her to have Quinn hear that. Coco needs to get see if RJ needs her Maya doesn’t want her to forget her broach. Coco will just get it from her later. It looks better on her anyway.

Darlita sits in front of her laptop and eats popcorn. Darlita thinks that Coco is so lucky to get to work with all those Forrester men. She watches as Nicole leaves the room and Rick walks in.

Rick guesses that they are alone. Rick wonders where Coco is. Maya thinks that they should stop worrying about her. About Coco and Sally. About anything Spectra. Rick guesses if she has any ideas how. Maya has a few ideas. Maya tells Rick to lock the door.

Darlita watches as Rick locks the door and he takes his jacket off. She sees him kissing who she assumes to be Coco. Darlita asks what she thinks she is doing.

Shirley asks Saul if there is anything new from the camera. Saul explains that Darlita only just started to remember to start watching. He thinks that it is fine because she is doing it now. Shirley doesn’t think she is the sharpest tool but she can keep her eyes on a computer screen. Saul thinks that Sally is the one he is worrying about. Shirley doesn’t think he has to be after today. She is cutting that Forrester meat lose.

Sally is sitting at a restaurant and Thomas shows up. Thomas gives her a kiss before sitting down. Thomas asks if this is strictly business. Sally knows that they are from competing fashion houses. Thomas asks what she is referring to. Sally learned something today, something she thought would come up in conversation. Thomas wonders what is bothering her. Sally asks if she should be bothered that she just found out he has a kid. It isn’t a big deal she just thought he would have mentioned it. Caroline Spencer… Thomas should have said something. He guesses he was just waiting for the right moment. Thomas isn’t exactly comfortable talking about it but with her… Sally doesn’t think that there is anything serious going on with them. They both know that Caroline is the type of person he wants to be with. Whatever this is needs to end.

Darlita screams that Coco cannot do this as Rick starts to undress. Darlita needs to help her. She goes for her phone. She calls up Coco. She tells her to stop. Darlita wants to know how she is even talking to her right now. Coco reminds her that she is the one who called her and wonders what is going on. Darlita has no idea. Coco will call her back later. Darlita guesses she can multitask.

RJ asks Coco if she is ok. Coco says she just had the weirdest conversation with Darlita. RJ wonders who that is. Coco explains she is the receptionist at Spectra. RJ thinks he will have to put a stop to her calling Spectra on the clock at Forrester. He starts to kiss her.

Shirley thinks this is beautiful. Saul hopes that Sally stays loyal and doesn’t go with Thomas. Shirley thinks that Sally better be ending their relationship and nothing about the designs. Sally needs to end things with Thomas.

Thomas wasn’t purposely hiding Douglas from her. She would have met him by now if he lived in LA. He should have told her about him and Caroline. He will if she lets him. He doesn’t want to hear about her trying to end things when they are getting started. Sally guesses they can walk away then with no hard feelings. Thomas thinks that Sally will love Douglas. He wants her to be a part of his life and Thomas’s. He looks forward to what they can do together and suddenly she wants to walk away from that. Thomas cares about Sally too much to let her walk away. Sally gets up and starts crying. Thomas tells Sally that he loves her. He starts to kiss her.

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