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In her office, Nicole and Zende ask Steffy how the honeymoon was. Steffy thought it was really romantic. She thanks Ivy so much because she wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. Ivy thinks that it was a thrill of a lifetime. Thomas thinks that it is too bad that things didn’t work out that way for Ridge and Brooke. Steffy agrees. Steffy tells RJ that she is really sorry. RJ is too. Nicole cannot believe that they didn’t get married. RJ points out that they are all still family so nothing has changed. Thomas asks if they heard about his date. Steffy assumes he means Sally. Nicole heard she ended up in the water. Steffy confirms that she did.

Coco tells Sally that she has been working nonstop since she got back from Australia. Sally is trying to keep this company up float. Shirley wants Sally to take a break. Shirley wants Sally to take a break. Sally isn’t going to let one bad review crush her confidence. Coco doesn’t think that pushing themselves is going to get the creative juices flowing. Shirley thinks that Coco is learning a lot at Forrester. Coco has to get going. Shirley wonders if that is what Coco is wearing. Coco asks what is wrong with it. Shirley thinks she needs to spruce it up a little bit. She gives Coco a broach. She needs to wear a serious piece of jewelry. Steffy thinks that this is enough about her wedding and Sally. Apparently, Ridge is throwing himself back into his work. She has his latest design. She feels it is the best he has ever done. Ridge wants to use it for the showstopper. Zende doesn’t think there is any question. Steffy doesn’t want anyone seeing it. She knows she shouldn’t have to remind them but with a Spectra present… Thomas thinks they get it and it is fine. Zende can have Charlie put it in the security safe. RJ is heading there now. It isn’t a big deal. Zende thinks that RJ has a lot of responsibility around here now. He needs to be careful with work and with his friends.

Coco looks at the broach. Shirley doesn’t want her to fiddle with it. Coco asks if it looks alright. Shirley thinks it looks like a million bucks. Saul thinks it might be the piece that brings it all together. Shirley wonders if she is learning a lot at Forrester and RJ is showing her around. Coco gets to see the entire process of putting together a sketch. Sally thinks the Forrester men are real gentlemen. Shirley wants Coco to pay attention to her work. Coco leaves. Sally thinks that Coco has a crush. Saul thinks that they both think about the Forrester’s too much. Shirley agrees. She seems to forget who she is. The Forrester’s haven’t though. Sally asks if she thinks it is crazy that a guy like Thomas could care for her.

Nicole finds Zende in the fashion studio. She asks if she has to work to get her husband’s attention. Zende guesses that they will work then. Nicole wonders what he was thinking about. Zende was thinking about RJ. Nicole knows he really wanted Brooke and Ridge to get married. Zende knows that while they were gone RJ got pretty close to one intern in particular. Nicole thinks it is kind of cute. Zende guesses if her name wasn’t Spectra. He does think that she seems eager and motivated but she isn’t the only Spectra that they have to worry about. Sally was at Steffy’s wedding. He wasn’t even at Steffy’s wedding. She went all the way to Australia because Thomas wanted her to be there. Zende is familiar of the history of the Spectra family. Zende doesn’t want them to take advantage. Especially not of RJ.

RJ walks into Rick’s office. He grabs an envelope and Coco bumps into him. Coco was hoping to run into him. Not literally. She asks how things were with his parents the other day. RJ guesses she hasn’t heard. They didn’t get married. RJ was shocked. He thought that was what they wanted. RJ guesses that Brooke said no. Something happened and they will not tell him what. Coco asks if he is ok. RJ is even better now that she is here.

Ivy thinks that Thomas must have known that bringing Sally Spectra along was going to cause some problems. Steffy thinks that bringing Sally was an issue. Thomas wants to know how. She didn’t take any pictures or use it for publicity. She respected the fact that it was a private ceremony. Steffy wants to know how he doesn’t get this. Thomas guesses she is right. He didn’t bring her to mess with Steffy though. Steffy knows. She knows that he wouldn’t have brought her along if he didn’t like her.

Shirley feels that Sally should be setting an example for her sister. Sally reminds her of the work ethic. Shirley guesses that it is a lot better than this pie in the sky romance with prince charming. Sally asks why she cannot have both. Shirley doesn’t think it is in the cards for her. Her parents left her and so has every rotten boyfriend she has ever had. Shirley thinks that they cannot be together. It would lead to disaster. Shirley is trying to prevent disaster. Shirley thinks that Sally’s designs are unique but they cannot compare to these. Sally thinks that they are beautiful and divine. Sally wants to know where she got these. Shirley thinks that she knows where they got them. They are Forrester originals soon to be Spectra designs.

Nicole understands Zende’s concerns about Coco. Zende finds it all really odd with RJ and Co and Thomas and Sally. It doesn’t hurt to be extra special with so many Spectra’s in the mix.

Steffy feels that she has actual reason to be concerned. Thomas assumes it is because he actually likes Sally. Steffy knows that he is getting in deeper with Sally. Steffy thought that he wasn’t that guy anymore. Thomas isn’t. Steffy needs Thomas to be careful. She is guilty by name and by association.

Shirley knows that Sally didn’t want the Coco spying but they gave it to her anyway. Sally cannot believe that Shirley gave her the broach with a camera. Shirley thinks that Coco goes about her day and they get access to everything. Saul points out that Coco has been all over the building. The cutting rooms and executive offices. Shirley thinks that they need to spruce things up. They have stain glass offices there. Shirley knows that Sally wasn’t big on the plan but Coco is innocent. They are getting back to their Spectra roots.

Coco tells RJ that she should probably get back to work. RJ has to get this in the vault. Coco asks if it is a design. RJ explains that it is Ridge’s latest. It could be their next showstopper. Coco assumes it must be something. RJ probably shouldn’t show her. Coco doesn’t think that he should. RJ thinks that she is here to learn and that is what interns do. RJ shows her the sketch. Coco thinks that it is beautiful.

Sally thinks the dress is beautiful and completely original. Shirley thinks that it is completely original. Shirley wants Saul to get to work in creating the latest Spectra original. Shirley wonders if Sally saw how easy that was. No one is the wiser. Shirley doesn’t want her giving her an attitude. She will not have Sally go soft on her.

Nicole has spent time with Sally. She seems to be alright. Zende isn’t saying she is a bad person. She just hasn’t been here long enough to trust her. Nicole thinks they have better things to do than worry about the Spectra family.

RJ walks back into the office. He tells her the sketch is all locked up. Coco cannot wait to see the finished project. Coco thinks that Ridge is an amazing designer. RJ knows that he is really able to throw himself into his work. Especially when things don’t go his way. RJ is disappointed but wants to know what he can do. He cannot be sad when great things are happening. He knows that they haven’t known each other long but he is happy that they know each other. Coco is too.

Sally thinks that is enough. She asks if Shirley saw the way that RJ looked at her. She will not ruin this for Coco. She isn’t going to steal from the Forrester’s.

Thomas appreciates Steffy’s concerns but he doesn’t share it. Steffy guesses at least they aren’t fighting about it. Thomas guesses not today. Steffy is glad that he came to her wedding. Thomas is too. Thomas knows that she and Liam will be happy together. Sally knows that any woman would be lucky to date Thomas. She just feels that he could do better than Sally.

Shirley thinks that Sally is getting cold feet because of Thomas. Sally thinks that prison is giving cold feet. Shirley thinks that it isn’t stealing. You just deny it. Her sister did it for years. You have your own special line. They will take the Forrester line and bring it to the masses. There is nothing wrong with this. They are giving style to the working forces. Sally thinks that someone else can take the wrap for them. Sally thinks that they have welcomed Coco. Shirley thinks that the bubble needs to burst. Sally was trying to rebuild the legacy. Shirley doesn’t think that the Forrester’s care. They are Beverly Hills elitists. Sally doesn’t think that is true. Brooke Logan started off catering at the Forrester estate and now look where she is. Thomas will never speak to her again if she does this. Shirley should have never sent her to Australia. She came back a love sick puppy. She raised her and Coco to be tougher. Shirley will not be dumped for Thomas now. Saul has the design with a few changes. Shirley thinks that this collection will save them. Sally thinks that people will know they are knocks offs. Shirley doesn’t think if they show them first. Shirley thinks that she will only ever have one grandmother. She looks out for her. They will all go down with the ship unless they do this. Shirley refuses to let this happen. They are taking this ride all the way to the bank.

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