B&B Wednesday Update 4/5/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/5/17


Written By Anthony

Ridge doesn’t know why he does the things he does. The worst part is that he hurts her. He doesn’t mean to do that. Ridge wants to make that up to her. He needs her to forgive him and be his wife. He wants her to marry him.

Quinn comes out of the kitchen carrying a tray of tea. Quinn asks if Katie saw what she did. She didn’t bring a mug and tea bag instead deciding to serve her properly. Katie thinks it is very nice. Quinn will do this one time. Katie doesn’t think that it seems very hot. Quinn guesses that is the one good thing about tea. It tastes good at every temperature. Katie suggests that she might want to be nicer to her. She doesn’t think that Brooke would want to know that she isn’t being nice to her behind her back. Quinn informs Katie that Brooke isn’t the boss of her. Quinn doubts that Katie would go against her wishes. Katie doesn’t want Quinn to be so sure.

RJ hands Coco a piece of paper. Zende is watching this. Nicole asks how Coco likes interning so far. Coco loves her job. Coco knows that Nicole went from being an intern, to marketing guru, to Forrester wife. Nicole is an over achiever. RJ knows that his parents just got married. He hasn’t spoken to them but he will congratulate them in person. Coco thinks that RJ must be so excited. She knows how much he wanted his parents back together. RJ think it took long enough. Coco thinks it is awesome when families get back together. RJ doesn’t think that anyone does marriage better like Forrester men. He is going to go and see his parents. Coco will wait here.

Quinn doesn’t begrudge her for enjoying this moment. She has had the upper hand before. She didn’t particularly like that person. It isn’t that clean though. If he tells Eric about her and Ridge, then she will be destroying the entire family. Eric would never forgive Ridge, Ridge would never forgive Katie, and Brooke would be furious. Katie knows that Brooke would get over it. Quinn doesn’t think that Brooke wants to see the family destroyed. That is why she isn’t telling Eric herself. She thinks that if Quinn sinks she goes down with her. Katie happens to be a very strong swimmer. Eric walks in. He asks if everything is ok. Katie thinks that Eric is just the person she was hoping to see.

Brooke tells Ridge to get up. Ridge assumes he is a little over the top. He still cannot lose her. Brooke guesses he should have thought about that before kissing Quinn. Ridge thinks it was a mistake. Brooke wants to know how you mistakenly kiss someone. Ridge got caught up. He wants to make it up to Brooke. He wants her to take the ring and marry him. RJ walks in. He is glad they finally did it. He congratulates them. Brooke looks at Ridge. RJ wonders why they came home so soon. Brooke thinks that it was time to come home. RJ thinks that is cool. He is so excited. He has his parents back together. He wants to hug. Brooke thinks that they need to tell RJ the truth. Ridge thinks they love each other and have a bright future ahead of themselves. That is the truth. Brooke tells him that they didn’t get married. She knows he wanted them to. She promises that they will always be here for each other but she is not ready to be married.

Eric wonders what is going on. It looks like he walked in on something. Quinn promises that everything is fine. Katie guesses for now. Which is all you can ask. Eric wonders if Katie can believe that Ridge and Brooke didn’t get married. Katie thinks it makes you think that something is going on. Eric is convinced that there is a reason they are not aware of. He and Quinn are both concerned. Quinn thanks Katie for stopping by. She is sure that she has a lot to do today. Katie is actually pretty free. She is not in a hurry unless she isn’t welcome here. Quinn tells her that the doors are always welcome for her. Katie might pop up for dinner. Eric needs to get a few ideas down on paper. He will be in the den. He leaves the room. Katie asks how she can deceive that wonderful man. Quinn didn’t. They never had sex. Katie loves that making out to her isn’t considered crossing the line. Quinn knows it should have never happened and it never will again. She wants to leave this alone. She asks what purpose that will serve. Katie suggests that he might kick Quinn and the fancy portrait out the door. Quinn knows he might and then he would be devastated and resentful for Katie. It isn’t going to give Katie an in if that is what she is thinking. Quinn will not sit by while Katie takes a wrecking ball to her life. She will not be blackmailed in limbo. She will never let her be controlled. Katie thinks that Quinn can take control and tell her husband what she has been doing with his son.

Zende thinks that Coco sure knows a lot about RJ’s feelings with his parents. Coco overheard them talking one day. RJ was happy to see his parents getting remarried. Nicole knows he has been campaigning since he got back from boarding school. Zende assumes they are getting pretty close. Coco appreciates him being able to think that she is an asset. Coco doesn’t mind and she is having fun. Just being able to work with RJ and be his friend. She hopes that he is enjoying his first real family time since the wedding.

RJ saw pictures in Sydney. It looked like a great time. RJ asks what happened. He wonders if they got in a fight. Brooke just isn’t ready. RJ assumes that Bill got in her head. Brooke says no. Ridge promises that it had nothing to do with Bill. RJ asks what then. You don’t just wake up one day and decide not to get married. He knows they are keeping something from him. He wants the truth.

Quinn thinks that they got off on the wrong foot. She felt threatened. She thought she was going to come between her and her husband. She over reacted and Quinn is sorry. Katie thinks that is interesting. Quinn thinks it is better late than never. Quinn doesn’t want her to worry about things. She is offering her a fresh start between them. She thinks they can have a lot of common ground. She could always have a job at Forrester if she wants to get back in the game. That door could be opened for her. Katie thinks that she would do anything for her to keep her dirty secret. Quinn doesn’t even think about this. That is how meaningless it is. She feels terrible that it hurt Ridge and Brooke. She doesn’t want them to end things over a few stupid kisses. She wants Katie to think about what is best for everyone including herself.

Coco asks Nicole if Zende was throwing off some weird vibes. She wonders if he doesn’t like her. Nicole doesn’t want her to be silly. Nicole thinks that Zende is protective of his family. Nicole asks what the story is with her and RJ. Coco thinks they are just friends. She isn’t looking that far ahead. She is taking things one day at a time. He gets to see his family reunited.

RJ thought they were going to come home and be a normal family. He knows that he wants them together but it is their choice. He wishes that they could tell him what was going on. Brooke hasn’t spoken about these things yet. RJ is stunned and disappointed. He didn’t want to lose their family. Brooke doesn’t think that makes him selfish. RJ wants them to stay connected and talk. He doesn’t want to lose them. Ridge promises they will always be a family. As far as the wedding goes he is sorry. He hugs RJ. Ridge tells Brooke he is sorry too.

Quinn feels that Katie has a lot at stake too. It might give her momentary satisfaction but she will not come out clean. She will be a pariah to her own family. Katie thinks she has given her a lot to think about. She will have to wait and see what happens. Katie leaves. Eric walks in. He asks if Katie left. He wonders what is wrong. He thinks that Quinn is shaking. Eric wants to know what is going on. Quinn thinks that they are making progress. Quinn wants to put Ridge and Brooke aside. She wants to focus on them. Quinn kisses Eric. Eric is convinced. Quinn is so grateful to be his wife. She never wants them to end. Eric thinks that is what they promised each other. Quinn has screwed up so many things. Eric wants her to stop worrying. He loves her so much. Quinn never gets tired of hearing that. He loves the sparkle in her eyes. He loves how loyal she is to him. Quinn never wants him to forget or question that. This magical life of theirs is forever. Quinn thinks about kissing Ridge.

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