B&B Tuesday Update 4/4/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/4/17


Written By Anthony

Eric doesn’t want to interrogate Brooke but something is wrong. He is concerned about them. So is Quinn. Ridge appreciates that. Eric knows that something happened in Sydney. He thought everyone had a great time and they were going to get married. Brooke knows that was the plan. Eric wants to hear what happened from Brooke.

Rick knows that Brooke and Ridge made all these plans only to call it off. Maya wants to know why they would do that. Charlie and Pam walk in. Pam guesses they caught them. Charlie suggests that they may have caught the two of them instead. Pam asks if they did. Maya was just talking about Brooke and Ridge. Pam asks how that went and where they ended up getting married. Rick says it didn’t. Eric just told them they didn’t get married. Pam asks if they didn’t get married. Charlie asks why not. Rick doesn’t know. They are in a meeting upstairs right now. Charlie thinks that is weird. Rick thinks the whole thing is weird. He knows they will find out what happened.

Eric assumed they made things up. He asks if the marriage has just been postponed. Eric thinks that if there is anything he and Quinn can do then they want to help. Quinn doesn’t want to intrude. Eric tells Quinn that Brooke came to him. He wants to know what it was. She wouldn’t have done this without a good reason. This wedding was important to her and to RJ. He asks if he has been told yet. Brooke says no. Eric has to ask. He wants to know if there is another woman. He thinks they need to talk to RJ before this gets out. Brooke knows he wanted them married but that isn’t going to happen. Eric wants to know what is going on. Brooke doesn’t think anyone else deserves to be hurt by this. Eric is sorry if he is hurting her by asking. Brooke just cannot do this. Eric guesses if they need to do this by themselves then he will back off. Eric promises that they are here for each other. Eric has to go. He will go to this meeting if she will be alright. He leaves. Brooke thinks that if Eric comes back that they should tell him that she couldn’t stay. Quinn thanks her for not saying anything.

Charlie wonders if Rick didn’t see any clues or anything that was ignored. Rick thinks his reservations should have been more prominent. He just wishes he knew what happened. Maya suggests they go to the office and see if Brooke is looking for him. Pam wants Rick to hang in there. This could all be a giant misunderstanding. The two leave. Charlie doesn’t think there is a misunderstanding. He thinks that Ridge is fooling around with Quinn. He was right. That is why the wedding didn’t happen.

Quinn knows that Brooke could have told Eric everything. Brooke thinks that as long as nothing happens between them then she will not. Ridge knows that Katie came to see him and knows what happened. Brooke told Katie to be quiet. She knows it is over. Eric doesn’t need to know. Quinn thanks her. Brooke isn’t doing this for her. Quinn knows she is doing this for Eric. She is grateful for that. This would destroy Eric. It would throw the family into chaos. Brooke doesn’t think that this is doing anything to her life. She will not say anything so long as there is no hint of betrayal. Brooke thinks that Quinn should go. Quinn leaves. Ridge thinks that they have to deal with this. They are home. He thinks that they should talk. Brooke will never understand why he did this on the eve of their wedding. She asks how he could do this. She came back to him because he said this was it. She made promises to their son. She got on the plane because he said she was the only woman for him. Brooke wants to know why he would hurt her. Ridge wants to talk about them. Brooke thinks that Eric has always been good to Ridge. He accepted him as his son. He treated him like gold. Brooke did as well and then he did this with Quinn. Eric trusts him and Quinn. Yet this is what he does. He seduces his wife. Brooke knows she cannot do this. It would take away Eric’s love for them. She is tempted. She doesn’t want to hear him call her Logan. Ridge has no rights anymore. He threw them away. Brooke asks if Quinn was worth it.

Quinn shows up at home. She calls out for Eric. Katie says no. Just her. Quinn wants to know why she is here. Katie was hungry so she came over. Her maid set her up. It is clear that Pam didn’t make these cookies though because they are super dry. She asks if she knows what would go well with these. She thinks tea. Quinn feels she has made it clear that she doesn’t want her setting foot in her home. Katie guesses she has no idea what she has done. Katie thinks that Quinn really messed up this time. Katie thinks that some mistakes are so horrible they cannot be undone. Quinn gets away with everything though. Quinn wants her to leave. Katie had an inkling of what was going on. Brooke said she was crazy though. She couldn’t believe that Ridge would be involved with her. She couldn’t either. She found it more unbelievable that Quinn would be with him. Quinn is not stupid. She has the best man in the world. She is a part of his family. She has redemption. It is because of Eric. His unshakable faith in him. His love was not enough for her. He transformed her. He thought he saw goodness in her. He believed in her loyalty. She learns that people really do not change. Quinn guesses if she wants to blackmail her then she needs to know the truth. She only kissed Ridge. Katie doubts that Eric will just accept that. He will kick her and her portrait to the curb. Her whole life will be done. It is really too bad that these are so dry. She would love Quinn make some tea. She wants mint tea. Now. Quinn goes into the kitchen. Katie looks at the portrait. She smiles.

Brooke cries. Ridge is such an idiot. He is self-involved and self-destructive. He doesn’t know how to make this right. Ridge doesn’t think he can have what they have with anyone else. He has tried. They always end up here. He knows that she deserves something better and he agrees. He thinks that something better doesn’t mean something else. He thinks with their heads together they can do it. Ridge doesn’t know why he did it. It was never meant to mean something. He was planning on waking up one morning. He didn’t want to betray the woman he has loved his whole life. They all make mistakes. He makes sure that everyone involved is as disappointed and hurt as possible. That is who he is. It is always about him and never about her. The truth is though it should be about her. If there is a possibility about them sitting on the beach then he would love for it to be. He wants it to be about them. He wants them to be together. He wants her to marry him. They can go to Vegas, the court house, the beach wherever. They can face anything. He cannot do this alone. Ridge gets on his knee. He loves her and always has. Brooke is sobbing. Ridge wants he to marry him. He holds out the ring.

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