B&B Monday Update 4/3/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/3/17


Written By Anthony

In his office, Ridge tells Quinn he hasn’t heard a word. Quinn wonders if he really hasn’t gotten a text or email. Ridge hasn’t heard anything. Quinn asks how they could have let this happen. They are both at fault. All of this is in Brooke’s hands. Quinn asks if they can trust Brooke.

In Rick’s office, Katie asks Brooke when she got back. Brooke got back this morning. Katie talked with Ridge. It didn’t take much for him to tell her what happened. She is very sorry. Brooke thinks that Katie is right. There he is was kissing his father’s wife. Katie assumes she confronted them. Brooke did. Katie guesses she is going to tell Eric.

Eric looks at a dress backstage. Eric wonders if Rick had this made up while he was gone. Rick did based, on his designs. He just got it to this point. Eric sees that he did this all while taking care of business both here and International. Rick did what any CEO would do. Maya knows while the co-CEOs were off getting married. Rick does know how to run the company. He asks how things went. Maya assumes it was super romantic. Eric tells them all about Steffy and Liam’s wedding. He thinks that it was all stunning. Maya thinks it sounds amazing. Rick thinks that with the ziplining it really does. Maya asks if there were any photos of the actual wedding. Eric tells her that Steffy refused to have any photos up for public consumption. Maya sees a photo of him and Quinn and they both think he looks happy there. Maya thinks that he has looked like that since the day he got married. Rick admits that he was wrong about Quinn. He believes in people when they couldn’t or wouldn’t. Eric is the lucky one.

Quinn thinks she deserves for her marriage to be over. She couldn’t live with the pain it would cause Eric. They have to make sure that Brooke doesn’t say anything to anyone. Ridge doesn’t think Brooke is the problem. Katie knows.

Katie thinks that Brooke has to tell Eric. He has to know the truth about his son. Brooke thinks that the whole thing sickens her. Katie agrees it is disgusting but Eric has to be told. She has to agree about that. Brooke promised not to tell Eric so long as they promised to stay away from each other. Katie cannot think she is serious. Brooke was firm about this. They stop what they are doing or she goes straight to Eric. Katie doesn’t think Quinn can stop what she is doing any more than Ridge. Brooke is thinking about Eric and the family. She knows what it will do to him if he were to find out. Katie thinks it is better now than later. Katie thinks that Brooke has to tell him. If she doesn’t then Katie will.

Maya admits she can relate to Quinn. She was an outcast and she has definitely felt that way in her life. She knows that Eric has always made her feel like a proud member of the family and now he has done the same for Quinn. She was afraid that she would let him down. Eric was afraid of the same thing. He was forgiving of Quinn though. Eric has an issue with finding fault in any of them. Eric thinks that women adore him. Eric loves women. That is why he got into the fashion industry. Maya asks how he cannot love this man. Rick thinks that he has a lot of charm. Maya feels it is pretty genetic. Maya also feels he has captured Quinn’s heart. Eric loves that he can trust a woman this way at this point in his life. Rick hopes that Ridge can do the same with Brooke. Maya heard that Ridge was back. She thought they would be taking a long honeymoon. Eric actually wanted to talk to them about that. The wedding didn’t happen. Eric admits that they didn’t get married.

Quinn wants to know how Katie found out. She asks if Brooke told her. Ridge states that she didn’t. Katie assumes Ivy did. Quinn asks if Ridge did. Ridge had no choice because she would drop it. Quinn knows that Katie watches them. She wants her husband and will do anything to ruin her marriage. Ridge explains she has been talking to Brooke. It doesn’t matter what anyone said. Brooke promised that she would keep it from Eric. Quinn knows that Katie will go to Eric with this.

Brooke doesn’t think that it is Katie’s place to go to Eric with this. Katie believes that Eric is a dear friend and he deserves to know. Brooke points out that Eric loves her. This will destroy him. She knows it will not continue. Brooke admits it isn’t easy for her but she made her choice and Katie needs to respect this. Katie wants to know why she is protecting them. Brooke isn’t protecting them. It wasn’t so long ago that Eric had a serious medical condition. He would be furious with them for keeping it from him. She is married to a psychopath. Brooke wants to know what Katie would call Ridge. Katie would call him stupid. She thinks he has been stupid most of his life. He has zero self-control. Especially, when it comes to women. Brooke explains that they know she is watching them. If there is any sort of betrayal again then she will go straight to Eric. Brooke will do it not Katie. Katie thinks they have constant contact with each other. If they could not keep their hands off each other during a wedding reception then she wants to know what could do so behind closed doors. Katie doesn’t think that this is like her. She feels that Brooke is being played for a fool. Katie knows she hasn’t given up on Ridge. She will forgive him.

Maya asks why Ridge and Brooke didn’t get married. Rick knows he mentioned something on the phone. Eric explains that Brooke came to him upset but Ridge came to get her before she could say what was wrong. Maya suggests they are working things out. Eric hopes so. Rick knows they didn’t come home together. Eric believes that Brooke is home now. Maya asks if RJ knows. Eric thinks that is a good question. He wouldn’t bring it up. Rick knows that he will flip out. Eric is going to get to the bottom of this.

Katie doesn’t think that Brooke could possibly be thinking about forgiving them. Brooke isn’t forgiving anyone. She wishes that Katie would just stop. This is a lot for her right now. Katie is sorry. Brooke tells her that Ridge said it was nothing. Katie asks if she really believes that. Brooke didn’t see a simple kiss on the cheek. Ridge tried to explain it. Brooke asks how he could do this this. Katie never trusted her. Brooke gets a text. Eric is in the building. He wants to meet with Quinn, Ridge and her. She assumes that he wants to know what is happening. She isn’t going to tell him. She wants Katie to just leave this alone. Katie is Eric’s friend too. She cannot face Eric knowing what she knows. Brooke will not let her say one word. Not one word.

Quinn guesses Eric wants to talk with them. Ridge says along with Brooke. Katie doesn’t think that this has anything to do with her. Ridge suggests he wants her perspective. Brooke walks in. Ridge doesn’t think that this is worth throwing away their family. This was nothing. Quinn thinks it was a silly infatuation. Brooke can only imagine what Quinn would have done. Eric walks in. He holds Quinn. He assumes they know what he wants to talk about. Ridge doesn’t think he needs to worry. Eric asks if there will be a wedding. Brooke says no. Eric wants to know what happened to change their minds. Eric asks if Brooke wants to tell him.

Rick wonders if this makes any sense. It doesn’t to him. Maya wants to know who called off the wedding. Rick doesn’t think it was Brooke. RJ was counting on the wedding. Maya asks why Ridge would call it off. Rick doesn’t think something adds up. They need to get their act together. Ridge and Quinn need to take a page out of Quinn and Eric’s playbook. Everyone hated Quinn. Maya knows ridge especially. Rick guesses they are like besties. Rick wants to know how long Brooke and Ridge have been doing this dance. Maya thinks it is time for the drama to end.

Eric wants to know what happened. When they were on the plane they were acting like newly weds. Eric asks if Ridge expressed any kind of problem to Quinn. Quinn claims she doesn’t know what he is talking about. Ridge doesn’t think this is for the family to discuss. It is for the two of them. Eric points out he has a grandson who will be very disappointed. Ridge thinks that RJ will be just fine. Brooke knows he will be devastated. Eric cannot believe they are giving up on this so easily. Eric wants them to talk to this out. He allowed them to express their opinions when it came to Quinn. These two have something going on. There is some sort of an issue and he wants to help them with that. They both do. Eric wants to know what it is. He knows that they have always been so close and honest. That is why she came to him in the hotel room. He is convinced that this is huge. It is big enough to cancel the wedding. She is as upset as when she came to his room. Eric will not let them leave this room until they know why Brooke isn’t going to marry his son.

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