B&B Friday Update 3/31/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/31/17


Written By Anthony

Brooke stands in her hotel room closet and plays with a hanger. She walks out of the closet and sits down. She remembers walking in on Quinn and Ridge and them thinking that Brooke can never find out about San Francisco. She then remembers Katie’s warning about something maybe going on between Ridge and Quinn. She remembers telling Katie to stop bringing this up and then finding Quinn and Ridge together. She starts to cry over the thought of this. She leaves her room.

Ridge walks into the photo studio. He texts Brooke. He wants to know what he is going to tell RJ. Katie walks in. She sees that he is here. Ridge is busy and wonders what she wants. Katie knows he is supposed to be on his honeymoon. He didn’t marry her sister though. Brooke wouldn’t tell her why but she knows. Quinn.

In Rick’s office, Coco hands RJ files that are ready to be put away. RJ thinks that Coco is fast. He asks if she is looking for a raise. Coco just hopes that Ridge never regrets hiring a Spectra intern. RJ thinks that the only thing that Ridge is concerned about right now is his honeymoon. Coco thinks that RJ is really happy for them. RJ asks if that makes him a dork. Coco thinks that it is like what she is like with her family. When they are on their best behavior.

Shirley, Saul, and Sally are looking in on the video. Shirley demands that Coco get back to the good stuff. She needs to get back to the designs. Sally is sure that they put them away. Shirley asks what her sister would say in this moment. They have to go about using the Spectra spirit. Sally doesn’t like going about things this way though. Saul feels they are desperate. Thomas walks in asking who is desperate. Shirley tells him that they are trying to find Saul a date on a dating site. Thomas wonders if he can take a look. He has always wanted to see how those work. Sally thinks that it is super private. She shuts the laptop. Shirley thinks he could probably give him a few pointers though. Saul thinks that is fine. Thomas suggests they all go on a double date sometime with whoever his date ends up being. Sally asks why he stopped by. Thomas was in the neighborhood. Sally knows he couldn’t stay away from her. She thinks he is in luck because she is starved. He can treat her.

RJ feels that she knows a lot about his family but he doesn’t know a lot about hers. Coco points out she is a Spectra. There isn’t much to it. RJ has heard a lot of stories but she isn’t the original Sally. Coco doesn’t think there is much else to tell. She was raised by her grandmother. Her parents were out of the picture early on. She thinks that is why she is so happy his family is reuniting.

Katie tells Ridge that he has a son with Brooke and wonders if he has spoken to him yet. Ridge hasn’t. Katie doesn’t think he will be able to put that off much longer. Every time she saw him and Quinn together she knew something was up. She asks if Quinn and him, were making love. Ridge kissed her and that was it. Katie cannot believe he would do that the day before he was supposed to marry her sister.

Brooke walks outside in Australia alone. She gets a phone call. It is Ridge. She hangs it up. She walks towards the water.

Sally and Thomas are out to lunch. Sally points out that this is where they first met. Sally thinks that if someone had told her back then that she would fly to Sydney to be with Thomas Forrester, she would think they were crazy. Thomas finds it amazing that she did that. Knowing that they would feel the disapproval of his family. He thinks that Sally is one of a kind. Sydney was just the beginning for them.

RJ explains to Coco that Ridge is not intimidated. Coco knows he is a legendary fashion designer. RJ knows he is also a legendary ladies man. He broke a lot of hearts in his day. He is married to Brooke now.

Katie had her suspicions but didn’t want to believe it. Brooke defended him. She was right. Ridge kissed Quinn. That was it. Katie thinks they betrayed everyone. Ridge is going to fix this. Katie asks how. Katie wonders if he thinks that he will contain it. Eric will find out about this. He did this with Eric’s wife. Katie knows it wasn’t so long ago that Eric didn’t trust him and maybe he was right not to. Katie asks how he can be attracted to someone like Quinn. She is a nutcase. Ridge will handle this.

Bill tells Justin he isn’t ready to come home over the phone. He starts to think about Brooke and all the moments they spent together. He starts to walk and finds Brooke looking at the water.

Shirley knows that Saul has a huge crush on Sally. Saul thinks that Thomas is all wrong for her. Shirley agrees. They closer she gets to Thomas the harder it is to get to the designs. That would ruin them. They cannot let this happen.

Sally guesses it just the beginning for them. Thomas thinks so. Unless, she thinks that their families are two different. Sally thinks that she is fearless. Thomas doesn’t know everything about her but he will have a hell of a good time finding out.

Coco wonders if since RJ is Ridge Jr. that he is a playboy like his father. RJ suggests she ask around. RJ loves and respects his father but he is glad this will finally be behind him. RJ believes the drama is in the past.

Katie wouldn’t be shocked if Brooke is over Ridge this time. Ridge wants her to help him. Katie isn’t going to plead his case. He is sorry. Katie asks if he really is. He knew that he was playing with fire. He had to go for Quinn. Ridge thought they were friends. Katie thinks he needs a shrink to explain to him why he would cheat with the woman married to the man who raised him. Ridge knows that. She asks if this is how he pays him. He wastes away thirty years of something to lock lips with a psycho. He guesses they are talking about Ridge though. He needs to feed his ego constantly. She bets he thinks he can bring every woman to his knees. Katie cannot believe he went after Quinn. Brooke deserves better than this. Much better.

Bill walks towards Brooke. Brooke turns around and sees Bill walk up to her. She reluctantly smiles.

RJ smiles at Coco. He asks what that was. Coco was thinking. She is surprised with him. She thinks he is a good kisser. The two kiss again.

Shirley thinks that Sally is falling for Thomas. She knows that they are trying to rob Thomas’s family blind. Saul asks how they get Sally to change back when she is so head over heels.

Thomas asks why they didn’t share a room together in Sydney. Sally kisses him.

Ridge guesses that Katie doesn’t pull any punches. She loves Brooke. She finally thought her life was coming together. Ridge will win her back. Katie knows Brooke has a big heart and Bill is waiting in the wings. Katie suggests that this is his last chapter. Instead of ending up with the woman he claimed to love, he ends up with a woman who is a cheap thrill. Ridge didn’t even like Quinn. Katie thinks he sounds ridicules. Something else has to be going on. Ridge shouldn’t have left her there. Katie explains that Bill is in Sydney. He didn’t want to come back to LA. Ridge thinks he better stay away. Katie feels if they want to be together then they will be.

Bill touches Brooke’s face and then they hug. Brooke smiles and Bill takes a sigh of relief.

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