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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/30/17


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In the CEO office Rick tells everyone that Rick wants them to look for new runway models. RJ will help with that. Nicole knows he will. Maya asks if RJ has heard from his parents about their wedding. RJ hasn’t heard anything yet. Nicole hopes they send photos so they can post it. Rick wouldn’t count on it. They like things pretty private. Rick asks what the interns are working on. RJ says that Charlotte is helping out with marketing. Zende asks about Coco. He knows that she is working in the cutting room. RJ says occasionally. Zende isn’t so sure that is wise. She is a Spectra.

Shirley gets a call from Shifty. He has her on speed dial. Saul knows the guy wants his money. Shirley reminds him that they don’t have the money. Saul tells Shirley that Coco isn’t wearing the necklace with the secret camera. Shirley will put it on her today. Coco walks in and asks if anyone has seen Darlita. She borrowed her charger. Saul tells her that Darlita is out getting her nails done. Shirley thinks that Sally will be back any minute. Coco knows but she has to get over to Forrester. Shirley likes her outfit. Coco thanks her. Shirley thinks something is missing. Coco will put lipstick on. Shirley wants her to wear the necklace that Sally gave her. Coco was saving it for a special occasion. Shirley thinks that every time she walks into Forrester is a special occasion. She wants her to give it a try. Saul thinks it looks better.

Rick was thinking the same thing. They need to be a little more careful with the Spectra’s running around the building. RJ doesn’t think she is like her family. Maya doesn’t think they know her very well. RJ does know her and is getting to know her every day. Zende thinks they still need to be more careful. RJ thinks that this is a fashion house. Their designs are everywhere and so is Coco. He doesn’t care if her last name is Spectra. He wants them to give her a chance. She can be trusted.

Shirley thinks it looks smashing on her. Shirley thinks it is one of a kind. Saul thinks it is perfect for Forrester. Coco guesses she will wear it today. She cannot wait to hear about Sally’s trip. She leaves.

Maya knows that Coco is sweet. Thomas walks in. Rick asks how Australia was. Thomas thought it was awesome. He had a great time. Rick knows that he brought Sally to Sydney.

Shirley is so happy that Sally is home. Saul welcomes her back. Sally hugs him. They break the hug awkwardly. Saul asks how the trip was. Sally thought it was beautiful. Shirley asks if she got any pictures. She hopes that she came through for them.

Thomas didn’t actually think that Sally would come. Maya knows he is glad that he did. Thomas is impressed that she flew down. Rick thinks that it is shocking. Zende reminds him that Sally crashed his wedding and started a food fight. Thomas asks if they have checked her accounts lately. She didn’t post anything. Nothing that her fault anyway. She slipped into the harbor though because of Steffy. They need to move on from the past. It is over and done. Zende doesn’t think that Sally is the only issue. They have Coco walking around. Zende doesn’t want them to let their guard down.

Sally asks if they have any more coffee. Shirley wants a yes or no. She wants to know if Sally got photos of Steffy’s wedding. Sally did. Shirley asks why she hasn’t posted them. Sally went as Thomas’s date. Shirley asks how they are supposed to restart the fashion house. Saul points out they have no collection. Shirley is getting calls from Shifty non-stop. Sally thought that Thomas was a gentlemen. She is rethinking all of this. Shirley thinks that is to bad. Coco’s filming starts today.

Sally walks backstage. She is sorry that she was late. RJ thinks that is ok. She hands him an envelope. RJ reads it. It says confidential. He guesses the family isn’t messing around. Coco thinks one day that she will not freak out when she walks into the Forrester show room. RJ does a little too. RJ thinks that her necklace is nice. Coco explains that Sally made it and gave it to her. RJ wants to show her some of Ridge’s latest designs. He was supposed to put them in the vault but he wants to show her first. Coco doesn’t think that would be a good idea. People don’t trust her as it is. RJ trusts her and that I all that matters. Zende is watching from behind a mirror. RJ thinks that Coco has a lot of things going for her. He doesn’t think it is fair that she gets treated differently because she is a Spectra.

Rick feels that Zende made a good point. They need to be more careful with their designs. Thomas asks if he is seriously concerned about security. Rick has Coco walking around the building, and him seeing a Spectra on the side. Thomas thinks he is exaggerating. Maya reminds him she has already done a lot online. Thomas doesn’t think that Sally will steal those designs.

Sally cannot believe they got Coco to wear the necklace. Saul reminds her that was the idea all along. Sally knows but that was because she got to know Thomas and the Forrester’s. Shirley guesses they can have them over for some Ramen noodles. Sally cannot use Coco like this. Shirley wants her to remember who she is. She cannot hang with the Forrester’s. She is a flavor of the month. She will never be on their level. Her sister tried for years and never earned their respect. Sally thinks she is wrong. Her great-aunt did earn their respect and Eric said as much. Yes she likes to stir the pot but she isn’t a criminal. Shirley doesn’t think they are stealing. Saul asks if he will end up in county for this. Shirley doubts they will ever go to jail. Coco is there in. They are all counting on Sally to come through. She will not let Sally back down on this.

Nicole is working in Rick’s office, Zende walks in. He just saw RJ and Coco backstage. He wasn’t spying but he thinks that RJ likes her. Nicole guesses she is a pretty girl. Zende just hopes that she isn’t using him to her advantage. Zende thinks it is weird having the Spectra’s around all of a sudden. Nicole does find it odd that Sally would fly to Australia just for a wedding. Zende thinks that Spectra is broke. Yet somehow she is still in the building trying to get the company off the ground. Nicole assumes it costs a lot of money. Zende asks if they are all working for free over there. Nicole thinks that they are desperate. Zende thinks that desperate people do desperate things.

Sally really doesn’t want to do this. Shirley wonders if she has any other plans. She doesn’t answer. Shirley guesses they should get up and running. Saul is almost ready with the camera. He just needs to log on. Sally wants one more day. A plan. Just anything but this. Shirley doesn’t want her to fight this. They have to borrow from the Forrester’s. Saul says they are ready. Shirley sees RJ on the camera. He is holding something.

RJ says that his dad’s latest designs are here. They are top secret.

Shirley tells RJ to stop talking and open the folder up. Thomas calls Sally. He just wanted to see how she was doing after the flight. Sally thinks it is a bit crazy going back home. She wishes they were there longer. Thomas does too. Sally thought it was amazing getting to hang out with him. Thomas thought she was the best part of the whole trip. Sally has to get back to reality but she thanks him for checking in. She hangs up. Saul demands that RJ open it already.

RJ hands Coco a sketch. She thinks it looks beautiful.

Saul thinks that they have a Ridge Forrester original. Shirley thinks that he is a genius. Shirley feels that this is how they get CJ and Shifty off their back. They are a knock off house and will make her sister proud. It is either now or never. RJ continues to show Sally dresses.

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