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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 3/24/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke doesn’t know if she would have believed it. If thirty years ago, Eric would have told her that she would be here in Australia with him. Eric adds that she is also marrying his son. Brooke definitely wouldn’t have believed that part. She would have fantasized about that part. Eric thinks that they both got lucky and ended up marrying their fantasies. Brooke really thought that Quinn would end up hurting him or worse. She knows that he saw something the rest of them didn’t. He believed in her and she guesses they are all starting to understand it.

Quinn thought it was a beautiful wedding. It was uniquely Steffy. Ridge agrees. He thanks her again for her kind words. Quinn meant them. She asks what he is doing out here anyway. She assumes that he should be out there with everyone else. Ridge thinks that today is Steffy’s day. Tomorrow is his. Quinn assumes that this is where he and Brooke are getting married. Ridge didn’t know that they were going to have the reception here. So, it is a little weird. Quinn assumes it will be a beautiful day. The beginning of their lives together. Ridge agrees and the end of his foolishness with Quinn.

Liam walks over to Bill and asks if he is alright. Bill thinks that they have a great day and Liam just married the woman of his dreams. He asks how he couldn’t be alright. Liam just knows that a certain other wedding is happening tomorrow. Bill doesn’t think that matters. He is father of the groom and that is really all that matters.

Sally asks why she would cause trouble at her wedding reception. She asks who she thinks she is. Sally admits she has caused trouble in the past but she comes in peace. Steffy wants to know why she would come at all. Sally already told her. She came because Thomas invited her. Steffy thinks that her wedding was supposed to be for people she cares about and Sally is definitely not someone she cares about.

Someone at a bar gives Thomas a drink. Thomas thanks him. The bartender asks if he is with the wedding reception on the beach. Thomas confirms that he is. Ivy walks over. The bartender claims that the pretty lady said it was open bar for them. Ivy explains that the bride insisted. Thomas guesses the price is right. Thomas wonders if Liam is still mad at him. Ivy doesn’t think that it was his greatest idea to invite Sally Spectra along. Thomas reminds her that Steffy said he could bring a date. Ivy doesn’t think that she said he could bring someone she hates. Thomas guesses that Steffy should have been more specific.

Steffy knows that Sally thinks that crashing her wedding would give her another opportunity for a publicity stunt. Sally didn’t crash this joint and she didn’t come for a publicity stunt. She traveled a great distance to be here and wishes that she wouldn’t be treated like a second-class citizen. She wonders if Steffy wants to start over. She holds out her hand.

Eric knows that Ridge had the same doubts that she had about Quinn, but she needs to look at them now. They actually seem to care about each other. He asks if she doesn’t believe that. Quinn thinks they made huge improvements but she just is thinking about something Katie said. Eric wants to know what it is. Brooke doesn’t want him to think about it. He should just forget she said it.


Quinn feels that any foolishness between them is over. She hopes that he is as happy with Brooke as she is with Eric. Ridge thinks that they will be. He thinks that Eric is lucky. He finally sees that.

The bartender pours Bill a drink and wonders what has him down. He assumes that weddings are happy occasions. Bill doesn’t think they are going to do this. The bartender understands and walks away. Katie walks over. Bill asks where she has been. Katie was just on the beach. She asks if he is drinking alone. Bill doesn’t think that anyone else is here. Katie wonders where Ridge and Quinn are.

Eric isn’t worried about anything that Katie has said. She will come around like everyone else has. Brooke doubted Quinn and they all did. They were wrong though. That big smile on his face proves it. Eric knows that he and Quinn haven’t been together as long as everyone else but they have made a lot of memories. Brooke thinks that she and Ridge have a thirty year start on them. Eric knows that she is finally getting her happily ever after. The Logan’s and Forrester’s together again. Brooke hopes that this is her last wedding. Eric thinks that they are finally ready for a committed relationship. Brooke agrees. Eric thinks it is what he has with Quinn.

Quinn should get back to Eric. She wishes him good luck tomorrow. She is wishing him and Brooke the best. Ridge thanks her. Quinn walks away but then turns back. Quinn thinks that something powerful happened between them. She thinks that they will always have the memory. When they see each other and he sees a little glint in her eye he needs to know that they have this. She thinks they should treasure this.

Steffy doesn’t want to start over. They never even started in the first place. She has no intention of being friends with her. Thomas walks over. Steffy tells her to look who it is. Her date. Her first and last. Steffy knows she has no intentions of being friends with her. All she wants is to use them. Steffy asks where the cameras are. She knows she is here to leech on to her success. She knows she is here to try to gain followers. Steffy thinks she is leaving. Sally asks if she wants her to leave her reception. She grabs her hand but Sally screams to get off her. Sally falls into the water. Steffy starts laughing.

Thomas swims in after her and asks if she is ok. Sally is. Sally wishes Steffy fell in because that picture would have been so good. Thomas assumes it would have gone viral. Sally thinks that of course it had to be her. It is always her. It is the story of her life. She gets out of the water. Sally thought she would come around. She knew that wouldn’t really happen. Thomas thinks it was a seven point five. Sally will give him a four point five. They start to kiss. She thanks him for saving her.

Brooke walks back over to the bar and Bill asks if she has seen Ridge. Bill has never heard of him. Brooke asks if he has heard of the no-good dressmaker. Bill assumes she means the poser. Bill thinks that he wandered off that way. Bill really was sure he would screw her over and yet here they are. Bill was wondering what he would do now. he really did believe that this was about power and destiny. He suggests it still could be. He will be there for her always. Even if she is not his.

Quinn is sorry. Ridge doesn’t want her to say sorry. They both know what could have happened as much as they hate each other. There was a connection. It was very strange and special. It is over though. Quinn wants to tell him something. She really wants to say it. She fell hard for Eric. He was the first healthy relationship she ever had. She spent her whole life believing she was awful and a witch and didn’t deserve anything until Eric. He made her realize that she was decent and deserved happiness. She spent her entire life waiting to feel this way. She has found love. Not once but twice. Ridge touches her cheek.

Steffy and Liam are on the beach. They are Mr. and Mrs. Spencer. Liam thinks finally. Liam agrees forever. They play in the water together. They kiss one another.

Katie walks over to the bar and finds Eric. Eric wonders if there is boating and if she is interested. Katie might just follow the shoreline for a mile or so. Eric reminds her that they are Metric. Eric was just holding the fort down for a while. She asks if Brooke and Ridge are around or Quinn. Eric guesses they took off exploring.

Quinn doesn’t need Ridge to say anything. She doesn’t need anything from him at all. There was just a part of her that was never able to be accessed. Until she met his father she was not able to love another man. She doesn’t want him to marry Brooke. He is marrying her tomorrow and she thinks that is wonderful. There is just something they need to acknowledge. Eric opened her heart and she was able to appreciate him. She was actually able to let Ridge see what she was hiding. No one will know about them. There is too much at stake. She is so grateful for what they had.

Brooke walks near them and sees Quinn touching Ridge’s arms. She wishes him and Brooke nothing but the best. Quinn gives Ridge a kiss. Ridge pulls her in closer and kisses her more passionately. Brooke is in shock in her expression. He walks away, leaving Quinn alone. She turns around and Brooke is standing behind her. Quinn is in shock.

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