B&B Thursday Update 3/23/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/23/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Everyone who went on the Australia trip is on a boat in Sydney Harbor enjoying themselves. They all have their hands in the air and a few have their phones out.

Steffy runs out on to a beach and she welcomes them all to Shelly beach. Aboriginals are playing music and dancing. They all join them in this dance. They all start to clap and cheer over this. Ivy thinks that was incredible. Steffy thanks them so much. Steffy thinks that was just a warm up and they can grab a drink. Steffy walks over to a buffet of food and Thomas and Sally walk over. Steffy meant everyone who was actually invited. Thomas tells Steffy that Sally was invited. Sally is going to wait over there. She walks off. Steffy thought that was a good idea. Thomas wants her to chill out. This is supposed to be fun. Steffy wants Thomas to keep her away from her. Thomas walks over to Sally. Sally suggests she leave. Thomas thinks that she should stay. Thomas kisses Sally. Sally guesses they can stay.

Katie asks Bill how he is doing. She wonders if he is thinking about Brooke marrying Ridge. Bill was just thinking that the lobster looks pretty tasty.

Brooke informs Ridge that tomorrow they will be married too. Ridge cannot wait for Brooke to be his wife. Eric looks at them and tells Quinn that they look cute. Quinn thinks they look happy. Eric feels that everyone is happy. He tells her to look at Thomas as he has a date. Quinn tells him that her name is Sally Spectra. Eric thinks that she has to be kidding. Eric guesses that is something they should keep an eye on. Not today though. Today is a celebration. It is a great day for the Forrester family. Steffy and Liam are finally married. Then Ridge and Brooke. Eric feels that he and Quinn are forever and ever.

A singing group are performing a song for the group. They are all sitting coupled up minus Katie and Bill. Steffy and Liam hold each other. They all clap for the group. Ivy hugs them. She will see them soon. Ivy guesses that they have a lot to do. The one thing that they haven’t done yet is toast the happy couple. Liam actually wants to pull rank and go first. Liam thinks that Steffy is an incomparable woman. When she first told him that their wedding would be a surprise he thought that… He actually didn’t know what she thought. She does this over and over again. He cannot wait to spend his life with her. Brooke thought it was a touching ceremony. She feels that if anyone deserves happiness it is the two of them. Bill feels that all of this is their reward. Katie thinks that their love for one another is truly inspiring and she cannot wait to see what is next. Quinn wants to wish them both the joy and bliss she has found with Eric as nothing else compares. Thomas says fashion icon and co-CEO’s. The whole world knows their name but only one person can call her little sister. Eric wishes them all the joy they can possibly have. They all toast. Steffy thinks it is outstanding to have them all here. She is grateful to have them all with them. She wants them to all party.

Eric finds Quinn sitting at a table. He asks how Quinn is doing. Quinn tells him to look at her. She is married to the kindest most amazing man in the world. Eric guesses that is what it means to be married to a Forrester. Quinn needs him to realize that she will make mistakes but she doesn’t want him to doubt her love for him. Eric wants her to go down and take a walk on the beach. He will meet her there. He wants a kiss though. Eric wants her to kiss him like it is the last time. Quinn tells him not to say that. Their love will last forever.

Brooke tells Ridge that Steffy was a beautiful bride. Tomorrow it will be their turn. Brooke asks if he has any second thoughts. Ridge doesn’t think so. He was made for her. He doesn’t ever want her to doubt that. Brooke doesn’t. She loves him too. Brooke sees Eric alone. She wants to go talk to him. Ridge is going to go explore.

Sally walks around and looks at her phone. She starts to think of Shirley telling her to post the pictures. Thomas walks up to her and tells her that she looks great half dressed. Sally thinks that he does too. Thomas asks if she is flirting with him. Sally wonders if he is flirting with her. Thomas is just getting started. He wants them to get a drink. Sally thinks she will go. She thinks he has the wrong picture of her. Thomas doesn’t want her to leave even if Steffy doesn’t want her here. He does want her here. Sally wasn’t sure if he would welcome her or turn her away. She is to bold and brash. She doesn’t fit in here. It is a matter of time before he figures that out. Thomas likes what he sees. He is going to come back with the drink. Sally thinks it is official. She is a sucker for that smile of his. Thomas will be right back. Sally deletes the photo. She smiles.

Quinn walks out near the ocean. Ridge walks over and finds her. The two smile at each other.

Someone spots Sally and tells her that she saw her with Steffy Forrester. Sally guesses that this is her lucky today. Sally thinks she has heard enough after the woman claims that she is sponging off the Forrester’s. Shirley calls. She wants to know what is going on. Sally thinks it is beautiful here. Shirley wants to know about the exclusive photos from Steffy’s wedding. Sally decided not to. It felt wrong. Shirley doesn’t know what her problem is right now but she cannot get attached. They are stealing from the Forrester’s. Sally can deal with that. It was a private ceremony. Shirley wonders if she has fallen for Thomas. Sally has to go. Steffy walks over. Sally never had a chance to congratulate her. Steffy informs her that she knows she shouldn’t be here. Sally explains that Thomas invited her. Steffy thinks the only reason he invited her was because Thomas isn’t happy she is running the company with Ridge. She better not ruin, this day for her and her family.

Quinn thinks that Ridge must be a very proud father. Ridge is. Ridge liked her toast. Quinn really is grateful to this family. She feels lucky to be his father’s wife.

Eric hands Brooke a glass. They sit down on the beach. Eric asks if she can believe how long it has been. Brooke changed the whole Forrester family forever. Thirty years ago. Brooke cannot believe all they have been through. Eric wouldn’t change a minute of it. Even the big conflicts. It brought them here today. Their family’s all united. Brooke notes the Forrester’s and the Logan’s. Eric adds the Spencer’s and the Avant’s and the Spectra’s. All the happiness and joy. All the hardships but they are still here. Brooke and Eric toast to them. We see scenes from the past from Brooke and Eric’s relationship over the years. We see the first fashion show the show ever featured, when Eric called Brooke the first lady of fashion. We see Eric and Stephanie dance together and one of Eric and Stephanie’s marriages. Brooke’s wedding where she was on horse. When Ridge came back from Paris and reunited with Brooke. Eric thinks that there are so many memories. Brooke thinks they have been bold. Eric adds that they have been beautiful.

Happy 30th Anniversary to “The Bold and the Beautiful!”

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