B&B Tuesday Update 3/21/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/21/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy and Ivy are posing for a photoshoot outside the Sydney Opera House. Ivy is wearing a mint dress with red leaf’s on it. Steffy is wearing a pink/red gown. A crowed cheer for them.

In Liam’s room, Bill asks if he has spoken to the minister. Liam did that yesterday. Liam thanks him. Bill wonders what he means. Liam means for being here. Bill asks why he has to thank him for going to his wedding. Liam knows that someone else is getting married today and that is hard on him. He asks if he has spoken to Brooke. Bill doesn’t think that this is about him and Brooke. It is about Liam.

Brooke cannot believe that Steffy is doing a photoshoot on her wedding day. Ridge can. Brooke knows that they have been through so many challenges that Steffy would be in total bride mode. Ridge thinks that this is bridge mode for Steffy. Whatever the challenge is, she gets through it. He just wants this to be a special day with no drama.

Sally tells Shirley over the phone that it is so wonderful here. Shirley asks if Sally is getting herself ready for Steffy’s wedding. Sally is. Thomas insisted that she use his suite while he was at the photoshoot. He is actually quite the gentleman when he wants to be. Shirley reminds her what she is there for. Sally is there to be Thomas’s date. Shirley needs her to take some pictures. Something they can take to the bank. They are dying at the vine here. The future of Spectra is at their hands. She needs to come through.

Quinn is searching for jewelry she was going to wear today. She made them specifically for this day. Eric thinks that she is funny and she is hilarious. Quinn just wants to look her best. Eric is sure that she will because she always does.

Bill ties Liam’s bowtie. He thinks he is looking food. Liam thanks him. Bill wants him to relax. This is his wedding day and not a job interview. Liam knows but they have been this close before. Bill doesn’t think anything will happen. Liam reminds him that Steffy will not tell him anything about their wedding day. She is keeping him in suspense. Bill thinks that is why he is marrying her. Liam thinks he is right. Bill thinks that he should know that he is always right. It will be a day that he never forgets.

Shirley tells Sally that she is on a mission. Not a prom date. Sally is here as Thomas’s guest. Shirley reminds her that she is at Steffy Forrester’s private wedding. She needs to get the exclusive and put the pictures out there. Sally has to go. Shirley wants her to make them proud and get those pictures.

The press asks Steffy how they are supposed to keep up with her. Steffy thinks that she just is very fast. Another press person notes that she works in the morning and gets married in the afternoon. Steffy guesses that is just how it goes for her. Another one asks if the press will be invited to the wedding. Ivy tells them that there will be no press or photos. It is strictly family. Thomas thanks them all for coming but Steffy has a wedding to get ready for. A male press member suggests that he skip out on Liam and marry him. He is a great cook. Steffy guesses that they should tell Liam the wedding is off. Ivy doesn’t think on her life. Steffy thanks them all for coming.

Steffy and Ivy are getting ready in Steffy’s room. Steffy asks about Thomas. Ivy assures her that even Thomas has no idea what they have planned. Steffy could have never pulled this off without Ivy. Ivy thinks that is so sweet of her to say. She has had so much fun doing this with her. She really hopes that today is everything she ever dreamed of. She really does mean it regardless of her past with Liam. She was his past and Steffy is his future.

Saul cannot believe that Shirley is encouraging Sally to crash another Forrester wedding. Shirley reminds him that she is an invited guest sort of. Shirley tells him that today is the day. Darlita thought that she said it was tomorrow. Shirley tells her that it is today. Thanks to the time difference though today is tomorrow there. Saul feels that Sally is too good for Thomas. Shirley believes she is there for one reason. Publicity. PR that they so desperately need. A private Forrester wedding with Sally documenting it. They will be the only other fashion house documenting it. Saul asks if Thomas knows she will do this.

Thomas walks back into his hotel room. Sally asks how things went. Thomas thinks great. There is no denying that his sister is a star. He takes off his shirt. Sally wonders if she should go in the other room. Thomas asks if this offends her. Sally doesn’t think so at all. Thomas asks how the flight went for her. Sally thinks pretty good. Thomas thinks it is cool of her to jet out here like that. Sally is sure that Steffy will not think that when she shows up as his date. Thomas tells her that is her problem. He kisses her. Thomas needs her to realize though that this is a private wedding. No photos or videos. He asks if she can handle that.

Steffy continues to get ready as someone knocks on the door. Ride is at the door and asks if she is alone. Steffy explains that Ivy just left for the ceremony. Ridge was just hoping to… Steffy assumes a minute alone with his daughter. Ridge says yes. The two hug. Steffy thinks it is ok. They will get through it. Steffy would be disappointed if there were no tears. Ridge doesn’t think that there will be. He was looking at a picture of her last night when she was a little girl. He wants to make sure she has enough smiles left for her husband. Steffy is sure he will have his fair share. Ridge is just so proud. Ridge is looking forward to working with her. Steffy is as well. Steffy will always be his little girl. The two hug again. They are both crying.

Saul doesn’t like Sally going to this level. Shirley needs her to do this. Darlita doesn’t think that Sally is using Thomas. She actually likes him. Shirley informs Darlita that she is not helping. Shirley thinks that it is all right. Sally is only there to get the publicity that they need. He should think of all the traffic that they will get.

Thomas wants her to think about this as any celebrity wedding. Sometimes they even make you check your phone in at the door. Sally asks if they will do that here. Thomas thinks that they trust all the guests. Thomas hopes that she is trustworthy. Sally guesses that her mother always said she was. Thomas just doesn’t want any photos being leaked online. Steffy would go crazy if that happened.

Brooke helps Katie with her dress. Katie thanks her. Brooke thinks that she looks beautiful. Katie thinks that she looks beautiful as well. Brooke thinks that they will have a fun day. Katie thinks they should go marry Steffy off. Brooke asks if they are having fun. Brooke wants no more talk about Ridge and Quinn.

Quinn walks out in her dress. Eric guesses that she is ready to head out then. Quinn thinks it is another fabulous Forrester wedding. Eric thinks she will get used to it after a while. They have a lot of weddings in this family. Quinn thinks that she dreams when she wakes up in the morning and looks at Eric. She loves Eric and doesn’t want him to ever doubt that. She hugs him.

Liam and Bill are somewhere near the Sydney Opera House. Liam wants Bill to look at that view. He is actually tingling right now. Bill thinks that he sounds like a girl. Liam asks if he is always macho. Bill likes to think so. They are introduced to Reverend Harris. Liam thanks him for doing this. Reverend Harris thinks it was great meeting him and Steffy at the hotel. Liam tells him that Steffy has been mysterious. He asks if Steffy told him anything. Reverend Harris thinks that Steffy is definitely mysterious. Liam guesses that would be his Steffy. Liam guesses the only thing he knows is that he is going to be getting married and it is going to be here. Bill wants to know if he can have a word with the reverend.

Steffy gets a phone call. Liam tells Steffy that he is here at the site and it is incredible. He wonders if she has anything she wants to share. Steffy thinks that he knows her better than that. Liam guesses so long as he ends up her husband. Liam wants her to prove it and show up. Steffy has to get going. Steffy smiles.

Everyone but Steffy has shown up for the wedding. Ivy is talking with someone about the arrangements. Ivy wants to introduce Liam to Noah. He has been helping her out with a lot of the arrangements. Liam thanks him. Ivy thinks that it has been so much help. Noah wants her to go with him for a drink at a pub soon. Liam thought that Steffy was coming with Ivy. Ivy asks if he is worried about Steffy. Ivy isn’t going to give him any information. Liam assumes she knows where Steffy is then. Ivy does know. She reminds him that he is marrying Steffy. Ridge wants to talk to Liam. He knows that Steffy will be his wife. Steffy will always be daddy’s little girl to him. She is strong. She will only get stronger. He wants him to love her the way that he loves him and things should go well. Over on the other side of the area Thomas tells Sally that is where they had the announcement of one of the Forrester lines. Liam walks over and wants to know what she is doing here. Thomas tells him to relax. Steffy said he could bring a date. Liam knows that she said a date. He didn’t say Sally Spectra. Thomas thinks it will be fine. He doesn’t think that there will be any scenes. Sally could go. Liam just doesn’t think that Steffy will be happy about this. Liam guesses this is his funeral then. Ivy announces that this is a strictly family event. As requested no photos or videos. She thanks them. Sally and Thomas sit down. Ivy says that here comes the bride. They all ask where. Thomas spots her in the sky as she zip lines to the ground. She lands over to where Ridge is and he helps her out. Ridge asks what she is doing. Steffy is fine. She thanks him. Ridge takes her hand. Sally takes a quick photo. Ridge takes her down the aisle. Reverend Harris thinks that was an entrance. He asks them to be seated as Liam and Steffy are married.

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