B&B Monday Update 3/20/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/20/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie insists that something is going on between Quinn and Ridge. Ivy tells Katie and Brooke to come with them. They are going to go and get comfy at the hotel. Katie insists that Brooke needs to deal with this. Brooke whispers that they will talk about this at the hotel. Ridge walks over. He asks if Brooke is ready to go. Brooke and Ridge walk away.

Sally is sitting in between the couple and Kieran and Matt are singing to each other. The attendant walks over and asks if they want to join their frequent travelers program. Matt and Kieran are already members. Sally is good. She is going to go and stretch her legs. Matt suggests they pull them for her. Kieran laughs at this and thinks that Matt is hilarious. Matt knows that the little lady married him for his sense of humor. Kieran married him for his millions. Sally asks if they are millionaires. Kieran laughs and tells her that Matt is a stitch. She blows him a kiss and he catches it. Matt wonders if Sally is really a designer. Sally is actually just starting out. Kieran is sure that her man she is flying out for is proud of her. She asks if he is in the business too. Sally confirms that he is but he isn’t her guy. They actually haven’t had their first date yet. Matt assumes that she is kind of stalking him like fatal attraction. Kieran wonders what Sally thinks about bunny rabbits. Sally rolls her eyes.

Quinn and Eric are in their suite. Quinn wants to know where her makeup bag is. She asks if she left her makeup bag on the plane. Eric tells her that her makeup bag is right there. Quinn thinks that her being at a Forrester family wedding without makeup would be a disaster. Eric thinks that the crisis is averted. Quinn thinks that Eric is her hero. Eric only wants that in this life. Eric remembers the last time they were in a hotel room together. They were in Monte Carlo and she couldn’t be seen. He thinks have changed since then. Quinn thinks it is because of him and his belief in her. Everyone thought she was going to hurt him but everyone has changed their mind. Eric knows that Ridge most of all but he has changed a lot. He couldn’t be more grateful for that. Since his change of heart everyone else has had one as well.

Ridge wonders if Brooke wants him to order room service. Brooke is somewhere else in her thoughts. She was thinking of something that Katie said. Ridge asks if she is rethinking being here. Brooke promises that it isn’t that. Ridge wonders what the problem is then. Brooke isn’t sure that there is one. Ridge thinks that is what talking in circles. Brooke suggests that they don’t talk at all. The two kiss each other. Ridge asks if she is sure she is alright. Brooke is about to marry the man she has loved practically her entire life. She asks why she wouldn’t be.

Kieran is sure that Sally is too young to have seen the movie. Sally thinks that her life is a move and way better than anything Hollywood would cook up. Matt wants her to hold that thought. He takes out popcorn. He tells her to do tell. Sally thinks for starters her parents were carnies, her great aunt loves to hang out with cabana boys, and her grandmother thinks that she is a southern fried Mata Hari and she cannot even get herself started on Darlita and Saul. Sally thinks she needs to stretch her legs. Kieran wants to hear about the guy who isn’t her guy but she really wants him to be her guy. She asks how she plans to surprise him. Sally tells them that he is in Sydney for a wedding and said that she should come as his date. The catch is that his sister the bride hates her with good reason.

On a balcony Steffy tells Thomas that the view here is fantastic. Thomas wonders if she will ever tell him where she and Liam are going to get married. Steffy thinks that a girl has to have her secrets. Thomas assumes Ivy is helping her. Steffy thinks they are co-conspirators. Steffy isn’t going to say anything. Thomas asks if she ever plans to do anything like anyone else. Steffy hates predictability. She should have that tattooed somewhere on her. Thomas doesn’t think that is a good idea after her last one. Steffy is glad he is here. She didn’t think he would come. Thomas knows they have had a lot of problems but this is her happily ever after. He wouldn’t have missed it. Steffy loves him. Thomas does too.

The attendant tells them that they will be landing soon and she hopes they fly discount airlines again. Matt thinks that the peanuts alone are worth the price of the ticket. Kieran thinks that he is so adorable. She hopes that Sally finds someone someday. Matt thinks that she already has. Sally isn’t so sure because his sister hates her. Matt wonders why. Sally guesses that she has a thing against red heads. Kieran thinks that they should start a support group for ginger discrimination. There are bullies at their son Rusty’s school. Sally can hold her own against her. It is just that she doesn’t want to do anything to upset Thomas.

Steffy has to give Ivy her props for suggesting Australia. This is going to be so sweet. Thomas asks if it will be better than a mountain top wedding in Aspen. Steffy thought that was just a dress rehearsal. Steffy suggests he could have a wedding in Australia. Thomas thinks that he couldn’t even get a date. That is pathetic. Steffy rolls her eyes at this.

Quinn asks where it is. Her scar with all the pretty flowers. She wants to wear it. Eric asks where they are going. Quinn wants to take him some place special. Eric tells her to get her scare then. Quinn doesn’t think it matters. She just wants him to come with her. The two leave the hotel room.

Katie is in her hotel room. She starts to think about all the times she has seen Ridge and Quinn close together. Someone knocks on her door.

Ridge tells Brooke that that front desk just delivered a dress to Katie’s room. Brooke better go check on it. Ridge asks if she is sure that everything is ok between her and Katie.

Quinn and Eric are walking near the harbor. Quinn asks if it is. Eric wonders what. Quinn means is the water the same shade as blue as her eyes.

Ivy and Steffy are going over things on her tablet. Liam is playing with a fruit basket. Steffy thinks that this is all great but she cannot reveal their secrets to Liam. Liam asks if they are not going to tell anyone anything. Liam thinks that he is in trouble then. The first time she just appeared on top of a mountain. The second time she showed up in a black number on her motor cycle. He doesn’t think she will top it. He suggests she just go tradition if not normal. Steffy asks if he really thinks that. Liam guesses she can do whatever she wants.

Matt and Kieran have Sally take a picture for them. The attendant tells them that they are blocking the aisle. Matt needs a quick one. The two take the picture. Matt thanks her. Kieran hopes things work out for her and her man. Matt suggests they crash the wedding. They are just kidding. Kieran thinks that they are rooting for her and Thomas. Sally thinks that she and her both are.

Thomas orders room service. He sits in his room. He looks at his phone and tries to send the text message again. He smiles.

Sally gets a text message and looks at it from Thomas. She walks off the plane.

Brooke doesn’t want Ridge to worry about her and Katie. They are fine. Ridge knows that if he asked Katie that she would say the same thing. Brooke suggests that he come with her and ask for himself. Ridge wants her to go to her room quickly and do it herself. That way they can get back to this and start the honeymoon early. Brooke walks out of the room.

Quinn will never forget when he said that to her in Monaco. Her heart just about leapt from her chest. Eric thinks that she took his breath away and she still does. She is Misses Eric Forrester. Quinn still cannot believe that everything she hoped has happened. His family no longer sees her as the wicked witch. They are finally accepting and think that she might actually be good for him. She knows that he never answered her question. She asks if they are the same shade of blue. Eric thinks that the ocean is a beautiful blue but Quinn’s eyes are better. He cannot imagine his life without her. The two kiss each other.

Brooke walks into Katie’s room. Katie tells her that they brought her dress up a little while ago. Brooke is going to tell her this one more time. She doesn’t know why she keeps bringing things up about Ridge and Quinn. Especially now. It needs to stop now. She doesn’t want to hear one more word against Ridge.

Steffy tells Liam that he needs to stop asking questions. He can torture her all he wants but he is not doing it. He smells a challenge. He tickles her. Steffy tells him that there will be a family party with champagne. She deserves the right for privacy. She thinks that this wedding day will be a day that nobody forgets. The two kiss each other.

Thomas gets a call from Sally. She is speaking with a fake Australian dialect. Thomas wonders who this is. Sally tells him that it is a certain saucy red head that should remain nameless. Thomas assumes Emma Stone. He assumes it is Susan Sarandon. He then realizes it is Sally Spectra. Sally got his photo and text. She asks if he is trying to rub it in that he is in that he is sunny Australia. Thomas assumes that it is raining in LA. Sally wouldn’t know. Thomas asks why she wouldn’t know. Sally isn’t there. Thomas asks where she is calling from. Sally asks if he meant what he said. Thomas wonders what he said. He says a lot of things. Sally means the thing where he said he would take her to princess Steffy’s wedding if she was there. Thomas tells her to hang on one second. He thinks his room service is there. He opens the door and finds Sally standing there. Sally tells him that she is here. Thomas quickly walks her in and starts to kiss her. He is wearing nothing but a towel.

Katie knows that she is upset with her. Brooke wonders if she didn’t think she would be given what she is doing. Katie isn’t doing anything. She just thought she should know. Brooke doesn’t have to worry. She has known Ridge most of her life. He isn’t that kind of man. He wouldn’t do what she is saying. Katie just saw something. Brooke asks if she thinks they are having an affair. Brooke doesn’t even think they could be in the same room together a month ago. She doesn’t need her little sister putting doubts in her mind about the man she is going to marry. Brooke needs Katie to admit that the things she is seeing are misinterpretations. She doesn’t want to hear one more thing about her fiancé. If she continues this then she will have to take the next plane back to LA. Nothing and she means nothing is happening between Ridge and Quinn.

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