B&B Wednesday Update 3/15/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/15/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam and Steffy are served breakfast on their flight. Liam asks if she got much sleep last night. Steffy sort of did but she couldn’t keep thinking about the wedding. Liam agrees he couldn’t either. She knows it will not be long until she is Misses Liam Spencer. Liam cannot wait.

Brooke and Ridge are joking around while they eat. Bill can overhear this. Katie assumes it isn’t easy for him. Brooke tells Ridge that before they left RJ sent her an email. It said happy eloping and watch out for the kangaroos. She thinks he is thrilled that his parents are marrying again. Ridge doesn’t think he is the only one.

Eric loves Quinn’s smile. She thinks that there is a lot to smile about. She never imagined this. She never thought she would be part of a Forrester family wedding trip. She finally feels like she belongs.

Sally ends up on a flight with a middle seat. She starts to think about talking with Thomas and him inviting her as his date. Sally asks if they have any other seats. The attendant tells her it is a sold-out flight. She might get lucky and have a couple. They always like to sit together. All of a sudden Kieran and Matt (the couple Quinn sat with on a flight) show up. They try to store their bags but the attendant tells them that all the bins are full. They will have to store them under their seats. Sally will just scooch over. Matt tells her that Kieran needs her window seat. Sally guesses she can sit on the end then. Kieran explains that Matt needs the aisle. That is the way they always book their tickets. Matt explains that you have to do it months in advance. That is the way to do it. Sally is now in the middle of them. They are trying to shove things in between Sally. Kieran and Matt ask if they can store some things under her seat. Kieran offers her a bag of peanuts. Sally says sure. Matt introduces himself. Kieran thinks this will be a pleasant flight.

Katie wants them to bring something nice back for Will. Bill suggests a stuffed koala bear. Katie is shocked he wants to get something so cheap. He is dollar Bill Spencer. Bill thinks she is right. They agree. Katie thinks they have been doing that a lot lately. Bill guesses marriage is overrated. Bill wants her to tell that to Brooke.

Brooke asks for more tea. The attendant goes to get her some. Ridge reminds her on the flight back she will be Misses Forrester. Brooke knows she will. Eric walks over and tells them that there are other people on this flight. He wants Ridge to swap seats with him for a minute. Ridge agrees. Eric sits down. Brooke asks how the flight is treating him and Quinn. Eric thinks it is beautiful. Brooke cannot believe there are two weddings happening. Eric couldn’t be happier for her or Ridge. Brooke knows it has been a long time coming. Eric doesn’t think there is anyone better for Ridge than Brooke.

Quinn tells Ridge that he looks refreshed. Ridge slept well. Quinn doesn’t think there is anything more fun than them all being together. Katie is standing up and sees them. Quinn thinks that she and Eric love being around for the ride. Ridge thinks that Steffy and Liam’s wedding is exciting. Quinn doesn’t think that is all that is happening. He is about to be a married man.

Liam and Steffy click glasses. He realizes the next time they do this they will be husband and wife. Steffy realizes it will be their third and final wedding. Liam guesses no more practice runs. They will get it right this time. Steffy agrees. Plus, it is a family trip. Liam is so glad everyone could be here this time. Steffy likes that they are all together. She just wishes they had invited more people. Liam will make sure that they take lots of pictures. Steffy is glad that one person isn’t here. Liam asks who. Steffy means Sally Spectra. Liam asks why Sally would be in Australia. Liam thinks it be a stretch for Sally to show up in Australia just to shove her face in another cake. Steffy knows but she can tell that Thomas likes her but Sally is such a headache.

Kieran is trying to stay moisturized and Matt asks if he could get a little spray. She reaches over Sally and gets a tiny spray. Kieran asks if Sally wants one. She sprays her without even a response. Matt asks if Sally is into fashion. Sally is a designer. Kieran asks if it is clothes like the celebrity’s wear. Sally guesses sort of. Matt is telling her if she needs a model then Kieran is her girl. She was county fair queen. Sally asks the flight attendant what the Wi-Fi password is. She is informed there is no internet on this plane. Sally asks if she could have a bloody Mary then. She is told it will be fifteen dollars and cash only. Sally thinks that is fine. Anything to get her through this. Matt and Kieran joke that Sally must be a drunk with hand gestures.

Eric has always been Brooke’s biggest supporter. Brooke knows he has always been there for her throughout the years. She cannot tell him how much she admires his friendship. Eric admires her. He admires so much that she handles it with integrity.

Ridge thinks they are doing what is best for them. Just Brooke and him. Quinn thinks it is a shame she will not be there to witness it. Ridge knows she will be there for Steffy’s. Quinn promises that she will not crash his wedding. Ridge hopes that Bill doesn’t either. Quinn cannot speak for him. She wants to thank him though for making her feel accepted. She finally feels like a member of this family. It is an honor and she owes so much of it to him.

Steffy tells Thomas that she has Ivy to thank for everything. She helped her plan the entire trip. Thomas thinks that Ivy seemed really happy to help. Steffy cannot wait for everyone to see what she has planned. Even Liam is in the dark. Thomas takes a selfie but doesn’t want her in it. Steffy thinks that he would get more likes that way. Thomas isn’t posting it to social media. He is sending it to someone. Steffy asks who he is sending it to. Thomas doesn’t think it is any of her business. It didn’t go through. Steffy walks away.

Sally has earbuds in and is drinking. Matt takes one of them out and asks if she likes the sauce. He thinks it looks tasty. Sally has no internet or in-flight movie. She is treating herself to one cocktail. Kieran explains that Matt and her don’t drink. Matt used to drink back in the day. Matt loves a six pack. Sally asks if they have any more pillows. The attendant just sold her last one. Matt offers Sally his. Sally says she is ok. Kieran doesn’t think Matt needs it. Matt thinks it is time for another snack for him anyway. He wants her to take it and get cozy. He always gets so hot on these flights. Kieran gives her some of her blanket. Matt feeds her a bite of his burger.

Steffy hopes that Liam packed a bathing suit. Liam is sure that he did. He asks if that is a clue. Steffy wonders if he wants it to be. Liam thinks he is so mysterious. Steffy has to keep him guessing. Liam thinks that they are almost married.

Bill cannot believe that Brooke is really marrying that poser and there is nothing he can do to stop it. Katie watches as Quinn gets up. Ridge follows her. Katie continues to watch.

Eric needs to get back to his seat. Brooke is glad they had a chance to talk. Eric is too. He is so proud of Ridge. He meant what he said. The changes that Ridge made in his life he is really beginning to trust him again. Brooke knows he is loyal to Eric. Eric knows and Brooke’s as well.

Quinn tells Ridge that she never wants to lose Eric. Ridge doesn’t think she will lose anything. He will not either. Katie keeps watching. The two are holding hands.

Matt is practicing an Australian accent and Kieran starts one up as well. She tells Sally that they have been watching that movie about the guy with the crocodile. Matt starts to sneeze. He continues to do so. He is so sorry. Kieran hopes that he doesn’t have what she has. Matt wonders what brings Sally to Australia. Kieran asks if she won a radio contest as well. Matt bets it has to do with a handsome guy. Sally says it does. Kieran thinks that is so romantic. Sally hopes so. He doesn’t know she is coming. She is surprising him.

The Forrester’s have arrived in Australia. Ivy welcomes them. They are at the Opera house with the bridge in the background. Liam asks Steffy is this is where they are tying the knot. Steffy tells him it is somewhere around here. Steffy is keeping them in suspense. Steffy tells him it is up in the air. Ridge asks Thomas if they are already posting pictures. Thomas is trying to but it isn’t going through. Steffy tells Liam that they made it. Eric thinks there is stunning architecture. Quinn is sure that Ivy is happy to be back at her home land. Ivy thinks the beach that Ridge and Brooke are getting married at is beautiful. Katie suggests to Brooke they go check out the view. Katie takes Brooke aside. She saw something on the plane. It cannot wait. Brooke asks what it is. Katie saw Ridge and Quinn together. Brooke knows that Eric and asked Ridge to switch seats. Katie tells her they were holding hands. Brooke is not going to let Katie do this again. Katie thinks something is going on. She is not crazy or blind. Brooke thinks she has struggled for thirty years. They are getting married. There is no way that he will hurt all of that for Quinn. Katie wants Brooke to talk to him before it is too late. Brooke looks at Ridge who is next to Quinn.

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