B&B Tuesday Update 3/14/17

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/14/17


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam and Steffy are kissing on the couch in their living room. Steffy tells him no more. They aren’t finished packing and the car is coming soon. Liam is shocked they are taking a car. Steffy tells Liam that the flight won’t wait for them. They don’t want to miss the flight to their own wedding.

In the Forrester living room, Quinn asks Eric if they have the tickets and passports. Eric has all of these. Quinn needs a pillow. She cannot sleep without a pillow. Eric promises her that they will have a pillow on the plane. Everything, has been taken care of. They just have to relax and enjoy the flight.

In the CEO office, Brooke asks if RJ really doesn’t mind them going to Australia without him. RJ is fine so long as they come home Mister and Misses he doesn’t care. He will stay here and hold down the fort. Brooke knows he will get to spend some time with his new friend Coco. RJ smiles.

Darlita puts bolts on Sally’s desk. Sally asks what she just put on her desk. Darlita is holding a wrench. She knows that she asked her to get four bolts from the table in the hall. Sally meant bolts of fabric. She wants her to put them back. Thomas walks in. Darlita informs her that Thomas is here. Sally can see him. Thomas tells her that he is on his way to the airport. Sally assumes he has a business trip. Thomas has Steffy’s wedding. He thinks it is too bad that she isn’t going to be there. He would have taken her as his date. Sally asks if he would have really taken her to his sister’s glamorous destination wedding. Thomas would if he could. Sally wonders why. She asks if he is trying to stick it to Steffy. Thomas actually thinks that they have a lot of fun together. Plus, she is gorgeous. Sally cannot argue with that. Thomas doesn’t think it will be the same without her. Sally asks what happens if she shows up. Thomas hopes she does.

Liam wheels out two more bags. He tells Steffy he has them Steffy tells him not to rush the bride. Liam thinks she is talking like they are married already. They kiss again. Bill walks in and tells them to hurry up because the car is waiting. Bill wonders if they are ready. Liam isn’t but he wanted to thank Bill for coming. He hugs Bill. Liam asks where Bill’s necklace is. Bill is just taking a break from it.

Brooke wants RJ to be good. Ridge doesn’t want him to have any parties at the house. No fooling around at the office. RJ guesses no fun while they are gone. Katie walks in and asks if they are already to go. RJ asks if Katie can do him a favor. Katie thinks she can seeing is he is going to help Donna out with Will. RJ wants her to make sure that they get married. Katie can do it. Brooke promises that nothing will stand in their way this time. RJ is glad to hear that they are finally grown up. He is happy that Ridge finally came to his senses and realized that Brooke is the only woman for him.

Quinn looks at her portrait. Eric asks if she is ok. Quinn is just marveling at her life. She is about to attend Steffy’s wedding as Eric’s wife. An accepted member of this family. Eric thinks it is pretty amazing. He isn’t really shocked though the way things have been going. Quinn is not shocked at anything anymore.

Shirley tells Saul they cannot use high end fabric on knock off’s. He is going to have to sell it. Shirley asks Darlita where the invoice is. Darlita is staring off in space. Saul asks what is with her. Darlita admits that the dreamy Thomas Forrester was here again. Saul wonders if he is in there now. Saul walks into Sally’s office. Shirley wonders why Thomas was here. Saul asks if they are on to them. Sally tells them that Thomas is going to a wedding and said goodbye. It is his sister’s wedding in Australia. Saul tells her that crashing one Forrester wedding is enough. Sally informs him that she was invited as Thomas’s date. She isn’t going of course but it would be something if Steffy saw her. Saul wants Thomas to ruin his sister’s wedding all by himself. Shirley is sure it wasn’t a serious offer. Sally thinks it was. Shirley wonders if Thomas said that he would really take her to the ceremony. Sally confirms if she was in Sidney he would. They would have a really good time. She thinks he likes her. Shirley thinks in that case she has to do it. She has to go.

In an airplane, everyone is getting ready to leave. Thomas helps Ivy put her bag away. She thanks him. She thinks this is so exciting. Thomas cannot wait to see what Steffy has in store for them. Bill asks how fast someone can get him a scotch around here. Katie asks if she will regret sitting next to him on the plane. Bill thinks that she could have gotten a seat up front next to her sister. Katie thinks it is ok. This seat is just fine.

A flight attendant welcomes Steffy and Liam aboard. Someone will be by with champagne after they take off. Steffy and Liam thank her. Steffy thinks this is so exciting. Liam knows. He thinks that everyone traveling together makes it a party. Steffy thanks them all for coming.

Eric and Quinn sit down. Quinn thinks that this is definitely different than the last time she flew over seas. Eric promises that she will never have to worry about that again. Quinn knows that with him she will never have to worry about anything ever again.

Ridge tells Brooke that in a short little trip they will be married. Brooke cannot wait. Ridge asks if she needs anything. Brooke could use another pillow. She asks if he can get one from the attendant. Ridge will go and get one. Ridge gets up and asks the flight attendant for one. Katie watches from her seat. Ridge sees Quinn. Quinn thinks this trip will be great. Ridge goes back to his seat.

Bill asks Brooke if she is ready for the trip. Brooke is. Bill is told to take his seat. Bill wants her to have a good flight.

Sally is on the phone with Shifty. She tells him that if he wants an update he can read the trade papers like anyone else. Sally wants them to stop whispering. She knows they are talking about her. Saul tells her she cannot go to this wedding. He thinks that if Thomas really wanted her to go then he would have gotten her a ticket. Shirley thinks that if Sally just happened to be there. Sally reminds them that she can’t even afford a bus pass right now. Shirley is sure that she will manage a way to swing it. She has to go. She needs to think of the publicity and photos. Sally might actually like this guy. She is already using Coco to get their designs which she is still not a fan of. Shirley thinks they would get a million hits if they posted this. Saul doesn’t think that Sally wants to go. Sally does. Shirley tells Darlita to book Sally a ticket. Saul thinks that chasing Thomas is a terrible idea. He is a playboy. He will love and leave her. Shirley thinks that Thomas inviting her to Steffy’s wedding might never happen again. Sally wants her to book a flight for tonight. She needs it to be cheap. The cheapest and fastest plane she can find.

Thomas asks Ivy if she is excited to be going home. Ivy thinks that LA is amazing but she is excited to be going to Australia. She has organized a bunch of things for them to do. Ivy is shocked he didn’t bring a date along. Thomas thought about it.

Steffy thinks it is going to be amazing. All of them here to celebrate their relationship. Liam is shocked that Bill came along. Steffy will make sure that he has a good time. Liam thinks that Bill is doing alright so far.

Bill asks Katie how Will is doing. Katie thinks he is happy as a clam. He gets to be spoiled by his aunt Donna. She is sure that a part of him wishes he could be there with him. Bill does but he is glad to be here for Liam and Steffy. Katie is sure that they appreciate it. Katie wonders where his necklace is. Bill isn’t wearing it.

Eric tells Brooke and Ridge that he and Quinn are on their way to the longue. He asks if they want to join them. Brooke is going to change into her pajamas and get to sleep. Eric asks if Brooke and him, have decided what they will say to each other. Their vows. Brooke doesn’t think it will be difficult putting their feelings together. Eric guesses that they will catch up with them later. Quinn tells Ridge goodnight. Katie is watching.

Thomas gets into bed and starts to hear Sally tell him that she doesn’t get to have her moment.

Saul feels this is a mistake. Shirley doesn’t think so. Sally is finally showing some gumption. Saul asks if she is really going to Australia. Sally will if Darlita can get her a flight. Darlita couldn’t get her on the Forrester flight it already left. Saul doesn’t think that she will get the respect of the fashion world for marrying rich. Darlita found something. Shirley doesn’t think it is that bad. It is called Discount Airlines. Shirley doesn’t think that anyone would ever accuse Thomas’s girlfriend of stealing if she was using this airline. Sally isn’t Thomas’s girlfriend. She also isn’t going to get her face shoved into another cake. Thomas invited her as a date. She will behave like a lady. Sally wants Darlita to book her the flight.

Steffy tells Liam that it is time for them to say goodnight. Liam suggests they cuddle up right here. Steffy doesn’t think they would get much sleep in here. Liam thinks that is the point.

Brooke asks if Ridge got RJ’s text. Ridge did. He is very excited for them. Brooke is as well. They have been heading in that direction for a very long time. Ridge feels like they have a thousand more miles to go. Quinn stands up and sees the two of them kissing. She frowns. Katie watches this. Bill asks if she was saying something about Will. Bill thinks that she keeps looking over at Quinn. Bill asks if they will really get married. Katie thinks that Ridge and Brooke were always meant to be. Bill feels that history says otherwise. He was so sure that Ridge would do something to screw her over again.

Eric walks over to Quinn. He thinks this is a good look for her. Eric is so glad that they are together. He is so blessed right now. He has a wonderful family and Steffy is so happy. This is a great feeling. Eric loves her so much. They hug.

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