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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Katie knows that Brooke is so happy and about to get married but she knows what she saw. Ridge and Quinn standing very close to each other. Brooke asks if it was Quinn or the necklace. Katie thought that the necklace felt like a prop. An excuse to be near each other. This isn’t the first time she has seen them together. She wishes she didn’t have to say anything. Brooke tells her to go ahead. She wants her to get it off her check. Katie thinks something is going on between Ridge and Quinn.

Quinn asks if they both agree that there is nothing to worry about. Ridge agrees. They are designers and even Katie would understand. Quinn knows they have a big photoshoot coming up. Ridge wanted to see the necklace on her. Eric walks in. He asks if he should have made an appointment. Quinn doesn’t think so. She just knows that he doesn’t come to the office very much these days. She and Ridge were going over things for the Australian photoshoot. Eric sees the necklace. He thinks it is beautiful. Quinn admits it is one of their favorites. Eric wanted to talk to Ridge alone.

Brooke cannot believe that Katie is saying these things. Katie just thinks that if something is going on she should know about them before she gets married. Brooke asks if she is basking this off speculation involving the two of them and a necklace. Katie thinks if she would have seen it… Brooke knows that Ridge and Quinn would not want to destroy their relationship with Eric. For her to say so is ridicules. Especially, to say it to her.

Ridge tells Eric it is good to see him around here. Eric spent a lot of good years in this office. Ridge asks if he misses it. Eric actually doesn’t. He thinks that working from home suits him. It is all about the work and not about the politics. When he first came in and saw him and Quinn working so close he couldn’t have been more proud.

Quinn storms back into Rick’s office. Ivy asks who shot her out of a cabin. Quinn doesn’t want her to ask and wonders how the piece is going. She asks what Quinn thinks. Quinn thinks it is beautiful. She doesn’t want her to change anything. It is good work. Ivy thanks her. She asks what is with the scary mood. Quinn is not scary. She is not like that anymore. She wishes she didn’t have to keep saying it.

Katie knew that Brooke would be upset. She doesn’t want Brooke’s whole life torn apart. She thinks that this is scandalous. Katie doesn’t want to hurt her. She wouldn’t have come to her with this if she didn’t think that something could be going on. Brooke knows that Ridge is being nice. That is what Eric wanted. She doesn’t need Katie coming up with stuff like this days before her wedding. She is so disappointed in her. Brooke asks if Katie is still upset about Bill. Katie isn’t. Brooke assumes she has been trying to drive a wedge between Eric and Quinn. Katie doesn’t have a thing for Eric. Even if she did then she wouldn’t spread lies. She knows her better than that. Brooke isn’t even sure why she is doing this. Brooke wonders if she has a thing for Ridge again. She thinks it is better that Katie doesn’t come with them after all. Katie doesn’t want her going into a marriage that could be destructive. Brooke is days from brining her family back together. This is everything they wanted and waited for. She doesn’t need Katie to make accusations. She asks why Katie has to rip her down all the time. Katie is sorry.

Ivy thinks it has been nuts around here. She hasn’t had time to breathe or even sleep. It is a good kind of tired. Everything should be amazing. Ivy asks if she has ever been. Quinn asks where. Ivy asks if she is even listening. Quinn knows she said she is tired. She admits she hasn’t been listening. Quinn thinks some people get on her nerves. She thinks that if a door is a bit open then consider it closed. Ivy asks why she is getting a strange feeling about this. Ivy asks if something happened again.

Eric has so much respect for the way Ridge has turned out. He is principled and loyal. Ridge wants Eric to understand that everything good in him he gets from Eric. Sometimes he falls short though. Eric thinks that he stands up for himself. He is happy that Ridge and Quinn are working together. Brooke is outside and listens in. Ridge wants Eric to have someone who can make him happy. If Quinn can do that then he has his vote. Eric hugs Ridge. He spots Brooke. Eric sees the blushing bride. She asks if it is a bad time. Ridge was just having a moment. Brooke can see that. It makes her see that everything is good in their world.

Quinn assumes Ivy is asking if something physical is happening between her and Ridge. Ivy is. Quinn told her that nothing is going on. She isn’t betraying her husband. She didn’t kiss Ridge. Katie is always lurking. She is the nosy neighbor that is always popping by when she feels like it for the flimsiest of reasons. No one listens to her though because she is precious Katie Logan. Everyone’s pet. She just learned that Katie is joining them in Australia. Katie walks in. She asks if she is all set for Australia. Ivy is but she has a meeting with Rick. She leaves. Quinn asks if Katie got the pictures of Brooke’s wedding dress. Katie did. She thinks they are beautiful. Quinn asks if she has something on her mind. Katie is thinking about Australia. Quinn is sure that she is excited that she gets to go now. Katie is. She wouldn’t miss it. Now that her sister is finally marrying the man she has always been in love with. She thinks it is will be a very special day. Quinn hopes that it does. She asks what this has to do with her.

Brooke tells Eric that incase no one has told him yet today. He looks fabulous. Eric thinks that when Stephanie died he didn’t think he would ever be happy again. Then now he has Quinn and it is like opening a new gift every day. He feels like he won the lottery. He is so happy these days. It is all because of Ridge. He thanks him for that. He made it possible for everyone to follow his lead. Brooke knows that Katie saw him and Quinn discussing jewelry. She saw Quinn wearing a piece. Ridge tells her that Quinn put it on to show what it looks like. She is talented. Eric thinks it is lovely that they can be friends. Ridge doesn’t think they are friends. He can be stubborn sometimes. Brooke guesses that he can admit it. Ridge thought that Quinn was genuine. He isn’t going to be at the wrong side of love. Eric thanks him. Ridge doesn’t want anything to come between them again. Eric doesn’t think anything will. They are father and son. Nothing will change whether they like it or not. Brooke is so happy to be a part of this whacky and wonderful family. She is so grateful. Eric doesn’t remember when she wasn’t a part of this family. Brooke thinks this is the golden era. They are all getting along. Brooke never thought that he and Quinn would get along. Brooke wants them to pull together as a family. Eric wants no more guilt about what happened with Quinn. It is all behind them now.

Quinn asks why Brooke’s wedding would have anything to do with her. Katie knows she has caused a lot of trouble for her family. Quinn doesn’t do that anymore. Katie thinks that she and Ridge have been getting along awfully well. Quinn thinks they are a work in progress. Quinn asks if she has a problem she can help with. Quinn wants to hear what Katie has to say. Katie thinks she got really lucky landing Eric as a husband. Quinn knows. She has Katie next door. She thinks that Katie wants Eric all to herself. She isn’t even subtle about it. She comes over even after she told her that it was inappropriate. She didn't listen though and yet here she is lurking about and making insinuations. She asks what Katie’s end game is. She asks if she is trying to make something up so she can have him all to herself. She is warning her not to. Katie thinks that is interesting. Quinn has a place for herself in Eric’s family. She will not have that taken away from her. She will regret making any more trouble for her. Katie walks out. Quinn starts to breathe heavily again.

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